How does the waning crescent affect us


  • Leaving the past behind
  • Making peace with darkness
  • Good time to make space for yourself mind, body and soul
  • Personal reflection/ contemplation
  • Deep realisations
  • Tying up unfinished business
  • Mindfulness
  • Surrender
  • Giving up control
  • Transition
  • rebuilding
  • purity
  • self-care to avoid/ recover from suffering and exhaustion
  • also known as the dead Moon, last 3 days
  • uncovering deep soul longings
  • good time to listen and connect with your inner self
  • solitude may reap vast benefits
  • psychic visions or messages
  • increase in tiredness and lack of energy
  • good time to turn into your feminine energy and connect with the divine feminine
  • time to shed the old to get ready to give birth to the new
  • increase faith and higher wisdom and depth
  • letting go
  • the dark night of the soul, the storm before the dawn
  • integration of your higher and lower self can occur- mystical insights/ entering the mystery of the unknown
  • wanting to be still, increased awareness
  • cleansing of mind, body and soul
  • making peace with the themes of death, endings, rebirth and transformation

How does the waning crescent affect us
Is waning crescent moon same as balsamic Moon?

The balsamic moon phase is when the Moon is 315 -260 degrees ahead of the sun, the Moon is a sliver, the Moon is between the earth and the sun; during this waning crescent phase, the Moon rises after midnight, transits after sunrise and sets afternoon.

Eventually, the sliver of light gets smaller and smaller, turning dark until turning into the new Moon.

The waning crescent moon, or balsamic- dark Moon, as some call it, is a good time for some time out, to spend time alone in solitude in your free time.

How does a black moon affect us?  Simply it is telling us to release and let go, to chill out with those who know how to relax; you may shy away from the hectic; this is a rejuvenating phase for the coming new Moon, during the black moon transit.

Throughout the balsamic moon phase transit, you might find yourself contemplating the past and thinking about the future during this phase without much focus on the now; you may find yourself having a deeper connection with your inner voice, intuition, imagination and dream life.

When the Moon is in the balsamic, dark, waning crescent transit phase, You may find yourself asking questions like, what do I need to change to be who I want to be?

What is stopping me? What patterns of my past do I keep repeating? What steps do I need to take to create the future I want? What do I need to give up to be able to move forward?

At the time of the waning crescent, dark, balsamic moon transit phase, You may found yourself drawn to nature, listening to soft, healing music such as the tones of mike Rowland.

You may be inclined to be sensual, maybe take a nice bath or have a massage or something else which gets you in tune with your inner self.

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Waning Crescen- balsamic t or Dark Moon natal astrology

What happens during a waning crescent?

  • visionary
  • steady thinker
  • selective of the company- discerning
  • interested in the mystical, not the surface
  • solitary
  • good social engineers
  • transformative
  • gift of prophecy
  • very astute and together
  • multifaceted
  • reserved – introverted
  • • influential
  • • excellent- in fact, superior organiser
  • • deep understanding
  • • high intuition
  • • disseminator and sharer of higher truths


“The Moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The Moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.”
― Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Born during the dark Moon, balsamic, waning crescent moon phase


When you are born in this waning crescent – dark moon period, you may have an inner feeling of being guided by a higher power more significant than yourself or an inner sense of being here on earth for a purpose, which drives you to reach your goals.

As a child, you may have been highly self-sufficient and misunderstood; this may have caused some deep wounds, which must be healed for you to uncover your innate wisdom.

 As time goes on, you get used to being the odd one out, and you may separate from your birth family because of this being estranged from them or preferring to limit contact with them.

You may be someone who, even when in a group, can have their own inner world, and at times you can be a bit of a recluse; the key themes of this life for those born with natal balsamic Moon are conclusion- endings.

You may experience many encounters with people from your past life and karma and fate; you may have many brief, yet intense meetings with friends and lovers from past lives, or you recent past, with who you have unfinished business, this is a lifetime of endings.

Those born under the balsamic phase of the Moon, can be loners and deeply mystical or spiritual, who prefer the quality of friendships over quantity; they usually choose their friends very wisely.

You tend to like the intense and maybe not for the faint of heart, and as you age, you realise this and decide to be selective; you have a lot of subconscious energy and thoughts and work out a lot of karma within and in a dream state.

 You are best suited to those who are also highly imaginative and as weird and wonderful as you.

What does it mean if you were born under a balsamic moon?

You can delve deep and understand how to access things like the akashic records and know-how to navigate the occult and invisible very well;.

You can be that person who makes a success of their life in their twilight years, taking your time to ponder, plan and reflect.

When you are born under the waning crescent moon / balsamic Moon, you can be A natural mystic, in tune with the subtle vibrations which whisper knowledge to all those who wish to hear, and your very alert to this energy.

Depending on all of your natal chart, you may be learning to transit to higher planes of existence than earth.

Your connection with the higher gives you the self-assurance needed to move forward with your goals despite your life adversities and others opinions.


When you are born during the waxing crescent- dark moon phase transit, the very last moon phase, you are aligned with ancient wisdom many others have forgotten.

You may be naturally psychic without even knowing thinking; everyone else thinks the way you do and often are bewildered at the mistakes other people make, but when you come into your deep awaken.

As all souls, even old ones must go through life trails to be at one with their inner knowing, you will reflect on how your dreams, imaginations and intuition has always been guiding you home.

Once you rely on your insights, you will see your way to success more clearly; as we are on this dense planet, we must overcome the many things which can cloud us before we come into our own.

As you cannot see your inner thoughts, like you can say see a tree, a car, etc. we know our thoughts are there, but they are hidden in darkness out of sight, you come to see that create your world within gives you fertile ground for seeds to turn into full blooms.

You may succeed in social organisations and bringing people together; to others, you live in another dimension due to your interest, opinions, and behaviours.

 When you are born under the balsamic, dark, waning crescent moon transit phase your simply one of a kind.

One of a kind

Which can be eccentric; only those who see past the wall you can put up get to uncover the wealth of wisdom you have to offer.

This is a lifetime of letting go and seeking closure, even if you have to do it alone and don’t get to say the words to the people you wish to cement endings with.

Know it’s not your fault; sometimes, people are not ready to forgive and forget, but when you have a natal dark moon, waning crescent/ balsamic Moon, you are learning to let go.

Moon Opposite Neptune

Summary of the waning natal crescent, balsamic moon/ dark Moon its important you heal childhood wounds and drop any mask you learned to wear because of this.

 People often fear and hurt what they do not understand, it’s not your fault, and you have all you need to overcome.

Your soul has experienced and learned through many incarnations; many souls on earth are young or have not learned their lessons, lifetime after lifetime.

You have the capacity to synthesis complex information into terms everyone can understand, you can develop keen self-awareness, and you can be an outstanding judge of situations and character.

 Healing your pest, consciously taking steps to heal will allow you to move forward; you become very committed to your path as you age, learning to ignore distractions.


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