Moon Quincunx Neptune :Reading between the lines

Moon Quincunx Neptune – Reading and Divining between the lines

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Keywords and thoughts

  • Keep on telling them stories, jackanory, but temper your enthusiasm when speaking; slow, steady speech usually does the job more than empathic rages, like the wise fisherman of the mystical Galilee implied, reel them in slowly, like you would a fish.
  • It’s good to be out there, but make sure you are still recognisable
  • Trust your intuition and be sceptical about what you hear and feel, increase your logic, be subjective and objective, temper empathy with common sense and a bit of tough love, especially yourself.
  • Lifelong Emotional and psychological management needed
  • Don’t let others abuse your good nature, so you don’t become disillusioned with mankind
  • Be mindful of and limit your narcotic intake
  • Resist becoming paranoid about your own or others intentions, learn to trust yourself and others, observe others actions, and you will know all you need to know about their character, act accordingly
  • Learn to give your emotions unconditionally without expectation, but don’t let others use you; sometimes, we have to care and love others from a distance.
  • Don’t become a sacrificial lamb; you cannot or nor do you have to help everybody
  • Health difficulties caused by self-indulgence, be careful of what you take into your body as the things you consume affection, limit sugary and processed foods and drinks.
  • Pick your lovers carefully as dodgy relationships can affect your overall productivity and well being, be careful of the friends you make, especially in the workplace or via business partnerships.
  • Be careful of idleness and laziness; lifestyle needs to be managed to make sure you meet your life’s practical day-to-day responsibilities.
  • You may choose to work in hospitals or some other large structured organisation
  • Depending on other aspects in your chart, poor self-management could lead you to be institutionalised in psychological and prison establishments.
Sun Quincunx Neptune

Natal moon quincunx neptune

Oh Romeo, oh Romina, oh non-binary person of my affections, moon quincunx Neptune can make you a bit of a romantic and idealist.

You must make sure you remain objective, especially about your own emotional states and behaviours, as you can delude yourself about the nature of reality, the people in it and what they expect from you.

When you have moon quincunx Neptune, you don’t have to please everyone; everyone does not want to or needs to please you.

No, not everyone loves you; some want to use you, no you don’t have to help everyone, just because you feel their pain, no, things even affection,  given because of guilty or shameful feelings do not bring about inner peace.

Moon quincunx Neptune person, If you want inner peace, learn to love, understand, and accept yourself and others, warts and all, and get realistic about how much you can give and do for others. Your only living this lifetime once, after all, unless you have lots of retrogrades in your chart, lol.

Oh yeah, be realistic about your expectations about people in general; I mean this with the best of intentions; after all, we all get by with a bit of help from our friends, don’t we moon quincunx Neptune.

Moon Quincunx Neptune

Moon Quincunx Neptune – Reading and Divining between the lines, continued

You may become extremely sensitive to your environment and its people because of Moon quincunx Neptune in your natal chart.

You can resemble a wifi hotspot when it comes to the way you pick up on the feelings of those surrounding you; it is like people instantly connect to your hub, download their often overly negative emotions into your router and hard drive. Without even giving you and funds or thanks for it!!! Oh dear

There might be problems because of this; learning to protect your energy is essential due to an inability to control your intuition and the psychic impressions you receive.

Find a healthy coping mechanism


Moon quincunx Neptune can make it hard for you to cope with your emotions and feelings; you may find it best to keep voice notes or a journal about them.

But resist over listening to them, which could increase your paranoia; get help via counselling or an alternative healer to manage your emotional states, if need be.

So it is crucial when you have natal moon quincunx Neptune to take part in activities such as meditation, relaxation, get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, and live a balanced lifestyle, one that promotes logical as well as intuitive thinking.

Making sure you do your best to temper your desires and stay grounded, learning the trivium methodology will also help you, watch this videos and research more on learning to think and make your own decisions based on critical thinking.

Natal, Moon Quincunx Neptune can produce oversensitivity to your environment and others, which may cause a lack of trust in your personal instincts and confusion.

Once things go beyond your control, you might try physical isolation, or you can use alcohol and drugs to dull your senses.


Avoid too much loony juice


You can use stimulants, toxic habits and relationships, online streaming services, movies, audiobooks, and your vivid dream life and imagination to escape reality and any confusing emotions you might have.

You can also feel your sensitivity as a form of emotional tension or stress, leading other people to believe you are volatile and always an edge of one breakdown or outburst or the other.

Due to your behaviours and words, people may think you are a  bit weird (aint all humans a bit yano- cuckoo, me included), or even neurotic.

Be yourself, but refinement in self-expressions is needed when you have moon quincunx Neptune,  but get more grounded. Because your emotional, spiritual and psychological health imbalances fuelled by your excessive sensitivity to your surroundings, can cause hard to explain physical and psychological illnesses or worsen detectable health conditions.

The secret to the aspect is striking that perfect balance between sharing and protecting your emotions and increasing trust in yourself and the forces. Which are trying to lead you to balance, learning to understand their language and balance yourself expression, executing your insights with precision, increasing your faith in yourself and the processes of life.

What does it mean to have Sun in Scorpio?

Its all in the balance

You need a balance between sacrificing your emotional requirements and helping other people, between being seen as a disgrace and a bit of a wacky-woo or becoming respected for your penetrating and before their time emotional, societal or mystical insights.

Making a choice between becoming an alcoholic and enjoying leisurely drinks and other stimulants in moderation. Basically, your choice is to manage all of your personality traits to become wise and visionary, often beyond your years, or be seen as a bit of an intoxicated, escape madcap escape artist, come part-time lunatic, no disrespect intended.  The choice is yours.


Song for moon quincunx Neptune

Moon Quincunx Neptune

Moon Quincunx Neptune in Transit

Transiting Moon quincunx Neptune can make you much more emotionally responsive than usual, so do all your best to not blow things out of proportion, as you may not be thinking stably.

Yes, feel the emotions and the love, but do not get carried away, as you may get more than you bargained for when the moon quincunx Neptune transit passes.

Painful past or current life memories may surface now, causing emotional mayhem, people may go back on their words.

You may become a victim of or partake in gossip that comes back to bite you in the bum or hurts you deeply during the moon quincunx Neptune transit.

It may be challenging, but try not to take in personally if lies are revealed, or even if you’re the one who has lied, try and forgive all involved, and make plans to live through it, learning from the experience, rather than drowning in the repercussions of it.

An influx of emotional and psychic impressions.


The influx of different and conflicting emotions might result in increased stress and bewilderment; this is a time to relax, release any pent up emotion. Like punching a boxing bag, listening to a bit of Bjork, love you, just in case your reading this, I mean, don’t wanna invoke a triple + Scorpio, now do we.

So yes, when the moon quincunx Neptune is transiting, be it briefly, any problems in life, especially in your relationships, may reach a point of no return, right now, try and count to ten, and walk away from any conflict anyone brings to your door, especially if you cannot handle it rationally.

Which is unlikely during the moon quincunx Neptune transit, you might reach that crucial point wherein you might just explode, break down or feel the need to escape.

You may also reach a crossroads in your life due to over intoxication, emotional outbursts, shocking revelations that cause psychological or emotional instability.

They may be an increase in suspicious behaviour, which can be actual or a trick of the mind; fact-checking is essential, as is taking time out to relax and smell the roses. Listening to some soothing music or some heavy metal to let them rageful emotions out, spend time in solitude to gain perspective, rather than lash out.

Try and keep calm and carry on

Tap into the mystical, psychic energies in safe ways as they will offer a way out; meditation may bring deep awareness and clarity if you’re capable of doing so. But try not to overthink or drudge the past up as it may do more harm than good in this phase; leave it to a better time if need be.

If all else fails, as it could do during this transit of moon quincunx Neptune, be prepared to clean up the emotional and psychological debris after this transit has passed.

References – Francis sakoian and Louis s Acker.

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