Moon Transit Cancer : Transiting Cancer Moon

The transiting cancer moon

  • Need of solitude-stillness and comfort
  • Mutual exchanges of affection
  • Taking care of domestic matters
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Self-healing
  • Deep emotional insights/ revelation’s
  • Romance
  • Emotional control/ manipulations- guilt or shame trips
  • Stand your ground- or walk away
  • Observe your surroundings and the people in them
  • Increase sensitivity and mood swings.
  • High emotion- be careful or enjoy
  • Last 2.5 days

All about home, your inner and outer

When the Moon is transiting cancer, this is the time to focus on your home, either your actual one or your inner home; you may find yourself delving deep into or avoiding emotions.

This is a good time to do a monthly spring clean, make a nice meal, tell those close to you how you feel about them, for good or bad, lol, but if you have to have stern words try and do it as constructively and calmly as possible.

Nurturing and comfort zones are key words when the Moon transits cancer; you may focus more on self-care and soothing, or you may find yourself caring for someone who really needs cheering up right now.

This is a good time for spas, gentle meditation or dance, holistic self-reflection; you may find yourself being malleable and kind-hearted than usual when the Moon is transiting cancer.

Less energy


You may feel less energetic than usual while the Moon transits cancer, business deals may move slower, and an increase in sentiment and nostalgia is in the air.

You may reflect on life and death, but do not drown in these thoughts; the past is gone, your future is up to you; look back, yes, but don’t let what you find fuel regret and create more problems.

Emotional instability is high during this time, so be mindful of this to avoid getting overly hurt; patience, fortitude and determination will win the day whilst the moon transit cancer.

Transit Moon in cancer can even make the most stoic of hearts reciting Shakespeare’s sonnets; proposals may happen, some of them may be indecent.

Some of you may start home repairs during this time; ensuring your external and internal foundations are secure may be a big focus for many of you during this transit.

If you have been avoiding any psychological or emotional issues, they may become more prominent during this cancer moon transit. Remember to be gentle with yourself; we are all only human after all; seek help from someone qualified or a good friend or family member if you feel you need it.

You may enjoy a nice family meal, play games, watch a film together, or some other activity that unifies your family unit; cancer is ruled by the ever-changing Moon, so anything is possible during this transit.

Be watchful of high emotions in yourself and others, and think before you act or react to any situation or person, as cancer is a cardinal water sign.

Transit Moon in cancer, continued


 You may find yourself drawn to visit a large body of water or have a nice long bath or shower; you may find yourself drink more water or crying healing tears during the moon transit cancer phase.

Letting go or expressing and releasing emotions can be easier right now during the transiting cancer moon. But watch for quick changes in mood, and try and have compassion instead of contempt for those who appear more emotional during this phase.

Moon Opposite Neptune

Transiting Moon in cancer continued,

You may find yourself feeling more withdrawn and needing solitude and a break from your regular routine. If you typically put of your emotional and psychological needs, emotions may flow out in a raw manner, and you will not be able to contain them.

This can all be refreshing, as your emotional uncovering or expression may reap many beneficial healing rewards with yourself or your loved one(s).

When the Moon is in cancer, it is an excellent time to rejuvenate and loosen up a little and take care of your psychological, physical and emotional health.

Watch out for any tendency to manipulate others, and be aware that others may use emotions to control you; it is best to observe during this phase. Rather than take direct action to manipulations, unless you feel you can handle the repercussions of any fallout.

Set your boundaries

When the moon transit cancer, it is an excellent time to look at and set personal boundaries and not fall victim to anyone else’s blame games; it’s crucial to not play such games yourself.

Emotional and psychological mastery can be achieved during this phase, be mindful and do not act or react in a hasty manner; you may feel more confident after this phase due to your emotional encounters.

Activities that require a slower pace are highly favourable now; home- real estate, law and antiques could provide some extra income right now.

Think before you borrow or lend any money, resist over splurging, you may feel more sensual than usual, show those you care about just how much they mean to you and show yourself via self-care how much you mean to yourself too.

Any form of personal development, especially reprogramming your subconscious mind via listening to inspirational speakers, will do the world of good now; this is an excellent time to find the courage to heal and strengthen your inner resolve and outer resilience.

Moon Transit Taurus

Health, nutrition and gardening

While the Moon is in cancer, it is good to look after your liver, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, chest and stomach, eat foods and exercise areas that promote the health of these organs and bodily functions.

This is a good time for a detox, limit your intoxicating substances intake, and also avoid process and overly rich foods; although you may want them more, moderation is key.

 Do activities that lower your blood pressure and stress levels, reduce caffeine intake, avoid it all together if you can.

When the Moon is in cancer, it is an excellent time to plant leafy vegetables, spinach, romaine lettuce, microgreens, and cabbage, kale and beet greens.

This is a good time to water crops and plants as the roots can recover quickly and replant/ transplant crops and plants.

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