Moon Transit Taurus : Transiting Moon in Taurus

Transiting moon in Taurus – Solid plans

What does moon in Taurus mean?

  • Increase wilfulness- resistance to any change suggested
  • Need to increase material or spiritual possessions
  • Wanting things your own way
  • Time of high energy
  • Time of sensuality
  • Harmony, oneness with the simple things in life
  • Wanting to break routine and slow down
  • Practical action favoured
  • Watch out for Overindulgence and wastefulness
  • Time to listen to music, dance, host, be social, create and be in harmony
  • Enjoyable time out in nature
  • Good time to handle domestic matters, pay bills, clean house, make home improvements
  • Long term investments

When the moon is transiting Taurus, you may find yourself seeking stillness, a change of routine, reflecting on how secure you feel in your life based on your possessions or inner values.

You may find yourself thinking of ways you can feel more materially secure, for those of you into deeper meanings and spirituality, you may when the moon is transiting Taurus, wanting to deepen your connection by deepening your spiritual practice.

Overindulgence in food, alcohol or anything else your partial to can happen when the moon transits Taurus; relaxation and doing things that bring comfort may be a priority.

 You may host a dinner party or seek entertainment in some other way, streaming movies, TV shows, and gaming, anything else which brings you a sense of enjoyment.

Some of you may feel more fruity and sensual than usual when the moon transits Taurus and may find yourself just wanting to relax or make love more, taking time out just to feel happy.

You may be drawn to spend time in nature, go to a garden centre, look at the moon, trees or other natural scenery.

When the moon is in Taurus, they may resist any change suggested, more reckless spending and food and resource waste, practical matters are also favoured when the moon transits Taurus.

So hands-on action should reap the rewards, especially in business, finance, and hard labour such as gardening, building.


Yet, those who write poetry, plays, scripts, music and the likes could also see favourable results in their ventures.

Taking care of domestic matters such as cleaning, rearranging your home furnishing layout, paying bills, seeking funds for home or life improvement. Building a new home, starting a new long-lasting relationship, can also happen whilst the moon transits Taurus.

Moon Transit Taurus

The shadow of the transiting Taurus moon

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Guard against bullheadedness and become obsessive and possessive, the things you own, money, and any of other resources and your family, partner(s) and friends.

Also, watch for wastefulness during the transiting Taurus moon; take only what you need.

You could get angry or feel dissatisfied with the quality of your relationships, the amount of money and things you own in general, your career or anything else you think you lack.

When the moon is transiting Taurus, you or others may become unhinged, jealous due to your inner disturbances. You may express jealousy or discontentment outwardly; other peoples displays of wealth can trigger you to feel insecure about your own possessions and status.

Know that real self-confidence comes from within, by being happy with what you have, not by chasing what you think you should have; Taurus governs our material possessions, finances as well as inner/ spiritual values in astrology.


What you value may be highlighted and call into question when the moon transit Taurus; it’s essential to make goals to get what you feel you need.

If you need to learn new or update skills, change jobs, ask for a promotion, make a plan and how to get what you need to feel more secure, and know it may take time, but you will get there if you make a plan of every step you need to take to achieve your ultimate aims.

Have gratitude for what you have now, as there’s always someone worse off than you; also, know people are not possessions, and just like you’re an individual.

be mindful of your actions and surroundings


Other people are and deserve to be their own person too; trying to cling too much and arguing for argument’s sake is not favourable during this transit of moon in Taurus, as you may lose what you wish to keep.

In summary, the moon transit Taurus a good time for well thought out speculation; an increase in material and financial resources can happen.

During the transiting Taurus moon, it’s a good time to be social, but watch out for strong words, let things go, if situations become heated, as tensions may flare up to breaking point, causing unnecessary conflict.

Spiritual, artistic and decorative pursuits are also favourable during the transit Taurus moon, watch out for too much laziness, but rest and relax if you need it.

Moon Transit Taurus

Moon in Taurus health, nutrition and gardening

It’s an excellent time to look after your teeth, mouth in general and your circulation/ blood system, endocrine and respiratory system, it’s also a good time for a head massage, and to eat foods which promote good blood and bone health.

Although you will want to overindulge in food and drink, it’s best to temper these urges; this is a time for a balanced diet, not extremes when it comes to gardening when the moon transit Taurus, is an excellent time to harvest your crop.

Planting seeds and shrubs is favourable now; manipulation of roots crops, onions, sweet potatoes, turnips, fennel, ginger beets, radishes, including planting and transplanting them, will reap good rewards.

When the moon is in Taurus, it is an abundant period of water from above or under the earth, well organised, planting and sowing will reap excellent future rewards. Planting leafy plants and vegetables is beneficial when the moon transits Taurus.


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