Moon Square Neptune : What does Moon square Neptune mean?

Moon Square Neptune – let's face the music and dance

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The short version


Moon square Neptune, in the birth chart, You may have to literally redefine who you are or have allowed yourself to become with this placemen; a practice of hands-on personal development, introspection and depth psychology may be needed.

Turn your negative personality traits into positive ones by channelling them into some form of creativity, avoid cults and cult-like people, learn to trust and believe in yourself, avoid escapism.

Keywords and thoughts

    • Channel your need for drama into writing, singing, making films, drawing or some other art form
    • Resist escaping and immersing yourself in a fantasy world, causing you to lose track of reality
    • Suppose you have many squares in your natal chart or other adverse placements. In that case, you must approach the spiritual and mystical in grounded ways, do not join cults, and vet all philosophies and spiritual practitioners before you follow them.
    • avoid using alcohol or any other substances to connect with the Otherside; grounding and learning protection are essential with this placement.
    • Take care of day to day matters like keep your environment orderly and clean
    • Resistance overindulgence in every form, especially emotional extravagance
    • Open your heart again to the newness of life; I know it may be problematic.
    • Clear emotional expression in all areas of your life- to avoid emotional confusion
    • Avoid altering your consciousness
    • Avoid scandals and the scandalous
    • Share your profound insights and talents
    • Acceptance of your depths
    • Balance the objective with the subjective
    • Avoid/ manage addictive behaviour and substances
    • Learn to manage your psychic impressions, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by them, I know it’s tempting to drown them out with drugs or alcohol, but this just causes more problems.
    • Resist becoming overly suspicious and paranoid
    • Value your compassion and intuition
    • Know your empathy can help heal others, heal you first, though
    • Your emotional warmth draws people to you, so don’t hide it
    • Open up to the right people, as the wrong people can reinforce your thoughts that no one cares
    • I repeat, be creative, sing, dance, draw, create in some way to help ease and manage your emotional tensions
    • Avoid becoming only a social chameleon, find who you are, find security in expressing it, develop inner strength to withstand criticism for being you, as yano humans like to put others down, especially those who are unique.

The presence of Moon sextile Neptune in the natal chart can make you more empathic than most people; you must protect your energy levels, sleep and protect yourself well from your environment.

 A practice of self-awareness and resilience-building would be beneficial when you have a natal Moon sextile Neptune.

 You may be in touch with your emotions and your dream life; keeping a dream or emotion journal will help you decipher the symbols and meanings of your often guidance laden thoughts and dreams.

Keeping track of your thoughts will help you break down any inner defences and barriers to your own intuitions and promptings; you must train yourself not to fear your impressions.

At its highest natal moon sextile, Neptune can make you sensitive to the needs of others, and if you learn to take care of your own emotions, you be able to share this gift with others who may see you as nurturing and compassionate.

At adverse natal moon sextile Neptune can make it hard for you to handle life’s stress and challenges, making you prone to addiction or escapism, but more about this later.

The long version

A natal chart with the Moon square Neptune can make you more responsive, think skinned or compassionate than the average person. You will benefit and tend to function best amidst an open environment that encourages fantasies and dreams; however, most of us hardly get the optimal childhood for our development if we do fair play.

However, if you did not, this could have created internal instability. Hence, as you age, it’s a good idea to first seek help to deal with your psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds caused by early life and young adulthood experiences when you have natal Neptune square moon. Your early experiences of nurturing or lack of it will impact your everyday life.

This placement works out two ways, too much or too little emotions; I will deal with too much emotion first; you can be hard to reach when you have moon square Neptune escaping into a dream world, ill discuss this more later.

You may have a hard time committing to any one direction, and dislike talking about unpleasant topics, so you throw yourself into logic and the materialistic world, ignore your intuition and psychic impressions, its all nonsense after all?

Well, to hear you talk, it could be, as you repress the core of who you are, and yes, your childhood was really idyllic, was it not?

 Again for some of you with natal moon square Neptune, your childhood may have been heavenly, but for some of you, it was hellish.

But there was bound to be either a lack of emotion or there may have been an overabundance of emotional happenings in your upbringing that has left you at odds with your feelings.

Count your blessing and know you have the power to overcome adversity

Now for those who have been blessed to have a fortunate childhood, who may also have inherited wealth, you mustn’t get out of touch with reality by forgetting that others have not or do not have it as easy as you.

Be careful with any inheritance you get and do not squander it as you can fall into poverty; however, moon square Neptune can draw people to you who will look after you financially.

Be mindful of accusing others of what you are actually doing, as you could receive many emotional backlashes; people don’t like being manipulated or misquoted.

You can do this when you are out of touch with reality due to creating a fantasy world or overindulging in intoxicating substances.

Check your facts and recall of a situation before making accusations.

Learn to protect your psychic and intuitive energies

After all, you can be a bit of a psychic mop, so it’s essential to learn how to manage this with grounding, meditation, keeping away from energy drainers until you know to listen to others woes but do not take them on as your own. As you can help many people with your emotional insights after you healed your problems with your feelings.

Also, make sure you choose the right lovers to be in love with, as you may become disillusioned after your experiences with those who cannot give you what you need.

Due to them being addicted to drugs, alcohol or some other activity that cause a rift between you, or simply they are not emotionally present enough for you.

Which makes you repress your emotional needs more, avoid strange relationships, is my advice, especially as you age, as when you are feeling down on yourself, you attract psychic vampire types more.

Especially if you refuse to accept or manage your own emotional states, they say our world can be a mirror to ourselves and our inner thoughts and expectations after all.

Love yourself

Moon square Neptune could lead you to be disappointed and disillusion with life, leading you to show an egotistical or overly critical/ dishevelled persona.

You can sometimes flip from overly optimistic to pessimistic; you must find a midpoint.

Overindulging in intoxicating substances, such as drugs or alcohol, or repeating self-destructive relationship habits can keep you in a loop of dissatisfaction. You come to believe that only the negative in life is reality, especially when your plans for advancement do not work out.

On the other hand, some of you with moon square Neptune may over-commit; at times, you can become an emotional ambulance chaser, getting addicted to the highs of love and life, trying to avoid the lows by any form of escapism.

You can avoid painful present or past life memories at all costs, which in the long run stunts your growth, repeating experiences that back up your adverse worldview.

Find equilibrium

Alcohol and drugs leave you wide open to the lower astral realms and attract low vibrational physical and ethereal energies to you. You can also develop delusion of opulence and superiority due to half-truth psychic information you can receive.

If you have other adverse aspects in your natal chart, especially other squares at the very worse you disconnection with reality can cause you to be intutionalised in some way, or you may drop out of society in one way or another.

Look after your health, eat good, think positive thoughts to attract higher vibrational forces to you on all planes, and avoid getting lost in your own version of how things are, guided by intoxicating substance fuelled spiritual connections.

Make realistic plans, weighing up the pros and cons, and know it takes perseverance, self-discipline, and resilience, which your childhood may have instilled in you, its important to have courage and build your staying power.

Your dreams and psychic impressions can come true if you work hard for them; if you don’t, they will remain pipe dreams; on our culture, we become too used to the overnight success stories, but the truth is, success often takes years if failures and getting back up after each fall.

It is safe to emote

Keeping an emotional journal can help you keep track of them, work through your feelings rather than repress or ignore them by throwing yourself into unproductive experiences.

Especially avoid toxic relationships and do all you can to break your poisonous thought patterns when you have natal Moon square Neptune.

Get help with this if need be, as the correct help will speed up this process and help bring the much needed emotional stability, don’t be ashamed to seek help and support but make sure it is from those who can offer objective and productive assistance.

What you really want is unconditional love, but it is only you who can give it to you this lifetime; yes, someone may be able to love you deeply, but first, you must give this to yourself; first, we forget that often in life we cannot get what we are not willing or able to receive.

Relationships with your mother, females in general and the feminine energy may have been extremely pleasant or unpleasant, yet both extremes will need you to view women and the feminine energy more objectively to achieve balance with your own emotions and expectations of women in general.

You may expect too much or too little from females or over-identify with your masculine energy due to negative experiences in your past. So it’s best to get help and work through any issues you have with not viewing the feminine principle objectively/ factually.

Moon square Neptune can make you profoundly compassionate and empathetic, but do not make this one trait overrun your whole personality or let others abuse your openness. Your relationship with the feminine energy will affect your social skills and psychological, spiritual and emotional health, so you must learn to heal, understand and manage it.

Align with your inner feminine energy

In general, your relationship with females has left you more in tune than others with body language, subtle vibrations and emotional and psychic energy.

 You can be very in tune with the things people do not say and decipher information simply by listening to peoples words and observing their behaviour.

Suppose you had harmful childhood experiences such as bullying, rejection or neglect; you can be prone to addictive and self-destructive behaviour.

 In that case, you may have experienced abuse by one or both parents, or your father or mother could have been abusive to one another, or one parent dominated the other or the whole household.

Leading you quite unsettled within, regardless of what you display without, you may have got your escapist tendencies from childhood where you had no physical way to escape, so you would create a living dream world where everything was perfect.

When you have natal moon square Neptune as a child,  you may have created imaginary friends or repressed your reality in other ways like escaping into stimulants, television, music, gaming or art, to gain some sense of normality and emotional or psychological control.

Be kind to yourself

This placement can make you inhibited, scared of showing your true self; maybe you were rejected due to your emotive and compassionate nature when you were a child.

In your birth chart, Moon square Neptune indicates that somehow your faith in others was tested in a big way and nurturing and love may have been inconsistent in some way.

Leading you to be suspicious of the motives of others; until you fix this, you may push away the very people and experiences you are trying to attract.

You have to be clear with your words, actions, self-expression, and above all, your intentions because you might end up misinterpreting the words and actions of others, or you might be the one who will be misunderstood.

Causing many uncertainties in your life and misunderstandings, especially with matters of the heart, direct, honest communication is needed because when you say one thing, but you mean another, problems may happen and keep repeating until you learn to say what you mean and mean what you say.

 It is also best to judge people on their actions as yano, us humans love to paint a pretty picture with our words which are easier to say, than a carrying out actions, which always confirms if our words were lies or not.

It will be better if you escape and enjoy a good film or two, especially when it can be challenging to distinguish between truth and false.

Express yourself

The ability to express your emotions clearly and directly is imperative when you have a natal Moon square Neptune.

Once you deal with all you need to deal with, and no, it will not all go, but you will learn to manage yourself, so you can reach your highest wishes and potential. Make others earn your trust rather than simply give it away to avoid the push and pull between trust and mistrust; learn to love yourself first.

Suppose you have become lacking in confidence due to your childhood experiences. In that case, role-play alone may help you find and express your innate talents; what was it you loved doing when you were younger singing, drawing, pretending to be an actor or actress.

You can also use role-play and envisioning to heal any wounds you have if you feel ashamed to visit a professional for help. Acting out your negative experiences and changing the outcomes of them into beneficial ones may help immensely with your self-healing.

Remember the things you were good at in your childhood or early adulthood or the things you wish you could do, and start learning them. Reconnecting with your artistic and creative nature as an adult will help you deal with any adverse effects of the natal moon square Neptune.

Moon Square Neptune in Transit

  • Emotional confusion- being thrown off balance
  • Subconscious impulses
  • Childhood wounds may come up or family-related issues
  • Relationship problems may affect work
  • Getting lost in the past and neglecting the present
  • Issues with the feminine energy
  • Taking things out of context, losing touch with reality
  • Making the small stuff, big problems
  • Excessive spending, blowing caution to the wind, may regret it later
  • Avoid lending or borrowing resources you cannot afford to lose
  • Distorted or weird moods
  • Be aware that what you hear or see maybe deceptive right now; proceed with caution

When the moon square Neptune is in transit, this can create some strange experiences or feelings that might make you question reality.

There is a chance that you don’t perceive things correctly. Your enemies might deceive you, or you may also delude yourself. It is advised to avoid any severe reactions in the first place and stay away from using first impressions when you make any critical decision.

Being hurt now is easier since you are very sensitive in terms of your emotions. You also become more prone to deception and people who will take advantage of you since deceitful people can easily recognize your confused state.

It is not the perfect time for you to get psychic readings. You also need to avoid reading too much into superstitions or dreams. If you are a drug user or drinker, you have to be extra careful because you may have a  lower tolerance to intoxicating substances than usual.

You can become healthy and happy at this point by safely escaping reality. Try to write stories, sleep, colour, sing, or watch movies. Look for entertainment or whatever is creative for you to quench your imagination.

You might also feel more empathy for other people at a different level. You might also suffer yourself or be affected by it in one way or another. Try to share your caring and sensitive side openly.

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