Sun Conjunct Neptune | The Sol-Airy and the Fairy

Note one placement does not make the whole chart; you’re the total sum of all our parts.

    • Feeling- emotional
    • Sensitive- affectionate-Thoughtful
    • Vast imagination- vivid dram life
    • Afflicted Sun Conjunct Neptune can fall into illusions- be easily deceived
    • Nervous wreck- due to influx of extrasensory vibrations
    • Spiritual enlightenment VS fear, genius VS madness
    • Spiritual enlightenment VS delusions and paranoia – dependent on aspects and house position.
    • Addiction VS materialisation VS spiritualisation VS Dogmatic beliefs
    • Lies VS truth VS illusion VS elusiveness – you could deceive yourself over the complete nature of who you really are, you can hide behind mask and personas, even with yourself.
    • Interested in music, the arts, role play, daydreaming, living the comfortable life!

When you have Sun conjunct Neptune in your natal chart, you can be someone who is easily led, and you end up floating through your day, or you have wishfully thought you could. You tend to veer away from harsh or demanding experiences.

As there are times when you overlook the obvious, you become more attuned to feelings, clues and subtleties.

You have heightened sensitivity, and you might end up disillusioned or confused, because at time’s you may have unrealistic expectations. The ability to forgive yourself and others is one powerful gift you will be able to share with others.

 Try to become more open to your own life, especially the truth living involves, accept people can lie, perceptions can change, that your feelings and thoughts can sometimes mislead you, and accept everything you are.

You can be caring and sensitive, depending on aspects to your natal sun conjunct Neptune you can experience mystical, spiritual, dreams and visions which can help you gain on the social, spiritual or financial levels, yet be careful what you wish for.

The presence of Sun conjunct Neptune makes you a natural feeling type, how this plays out for you will vary depending on all your natal chart influences.

Your imagination is vast, so it’s important you do things which ground you like walks in nature, fishing, swimming, yoga, meditation, listening to music, anything which relaxes you and allows your mind to still.

You may be influenced and sense subtle energies around you, but be mindful of depression, anxiety and feelings and experiences of paranoia, which can be a result of this placement.

 How anyone aspect affects you depends on not only your natal chart but your environmental factors.

Trusted family members or a friend, can be invaluable to your overall health and wellbeing, in youth you can be overzealous, and you can be a bit gullible, as a child you may create a dream world, which leads for the need of you being able to be coaxed out of your alternative realities(s) in adulthood.



Boundaries is key with this placement, makes sure you set limits and stick to them, also respect other peoples boundaries, you must do all you can to remain vital, to keep your life force in balance, finding your inner core, is important as well, as maintaining it.

Even when you’re in a romantic relationship, always make sure you give yourself, what your prepared to give to others, alone time is needed, if only to gather your own thoughts and personal energies.


If you’re a parent to this child, understand their need to use their imagination, yes make sure they pay attention to practical task and logic and yet allow them to balance this with their highly attuned, subtle nature.

 It is important that you do all you can to ensure the emotional, psychological and physical health of your child.

At times you child may be overly sensitive to tension in the environment and other peoples pain especially their fathers or primary caregiver, ensure the child gets sources of comfort and nurturing

It is also possible that you are unselfish and subservient, when you have natal sun conjunct Neptune, you can keep your ego and self-interest in check, and maybe prone to putting others before yourself.

Remember to always look after yourself first, and the good you want for others, you should also want for yourself, or imbalance will occur.

Some of you with this placement may give up your base- primitive desires and passions to commit to a spiritual life and to preserve the ways of the earth and its highest paths.

 You may be almost ethereal in nature especial if mercury, Sun, Saturn Venus or mars is in Pisces.

However, Neptune conjunct any zodiac sun will give a more feeling type.  Even if its natal Sun in Capricorn conjunct Neptune, unless Neptune is in Capricorn, but that’s another story.

Sun conjunct Neptune can make you concerned with the bigger picture, which could lead to you creating a career to help your wider community or humanity as a whole, you can be highly compassionate and empathetic.

Be mindful of people trying to take advantage of you, or taking advantage of others, you may be very in tune with plants, children and animals, be careful with intoxicating substances as your imagination can run wild as it is. 

Experiences with betrayal, negative psychic experiences, abuse and trauma, poverty may cause you to shut down and withdraw from life, it is best to understand that at any time you wish you can take control back and you should get support to help you overcome any emotional or psychological blockages.

At times you may feel rejected, abandoned, fearful or preyed upon, because of your uniqueness you could fall into a dream world, creating fantasy worlds which, later on, imprison you, it’s important you do all you can to be able to distinguish between reality and illusion.

They are a vast range of experiences you can have with this placement, the healed and evolved Sun conjunct Neptune individual, my crate a vivid, mystical life, in which they create a spiritual realm where they can bring their many visions, into matter.

In either case, your imagination can be your best friend or your worst enemy, do all you can to become your own best companion.

As with all Neptune aspects, when unmanaged, they can have a direct impact on your overall expression, despite the configuration. And this is the same for Sun conjunct Neptune.

With this placement, it is of high importance that you integrate your Neptune conjunct into your natal sun expression, as your self-confidence and perceptions will always be challenged in one way or the next.

So resilience is crucial as well as self-management, Neptune’s influence can make even your best-laid plans go awry. At times your intentions are visible even though you may conceal them; others may take advantage of this fact.

You need to become a solid individual, despite Neptune’s influence which can make you moldable to other peoples whims and desires; you need to build, persistence, self-confidence and belief.

  Neptune influence could be so strong in your life, where you can develop two distinct “yous” you that gets washed into mystical experiences, only for the other you to end, washed up, on the shore, unable to handle the visions and experiences of Neptune.

This is why a mentor would be valuable to you, but make sure you choose the right one, and no the end game is that you, not anyone else, takes full personal responsibility for your life, your life purpose and your personal development.

 Make sure you finish a project before starting the next, write you many ideas down, and work through them methodically.

Looking after your perceptions, thoughts and beliefs systems is crucial with this placement, as well as coming to terms with the fact that Neptune and its influence will always try and sway you.

So its best to take this placement and your whole natal chart by the reins and manage all aspects of your psyche and personality.



Also, accept the dark within the world, and within you, shadow work and integration are important, also be aware your highly susceptible to self-delusion and deceit, the things you repress in your subconscious mind will control you, so it’s better for you to learn to understand, heal and manage them.

Desire and passion management is essential, as well is facing the hard cold facts and reality of life, you can only control yourself, and that is what you should do.

Sun Conjunct Neptune in Transit

  • Crises, upheaval – changes in perceptions and sense of reality
  • Watch out for false prophets, wolves in sheep clothing
  • Increase in sensitivity, intuition, daydreams, visions, mystical experiences
  • Increase in knowledge in occult, spiritual- astrological matters.
  • Avoid energy vampires during this transit
  • Be wary of the tendency to become more depressed, restless, paranoid, confused and intoxicated during this transit.
  • Can be prone to be conned- be careful of all transactions
  • Be mindful of everything you take into your mind, body and soul.
  • Set boundaries with your personal resources and space
  • Social enterprises or charity work
  • Good time to partake in self-care and nurturing, going out to catch a movie, socialising with the right people is also a good bet.

You may have low energy level if the sun conjunct Neptune is in transit and you will feel tempted to spend your day in excessive daydreaming or away from responsibility.

The daily grind of your life might feel more like a burden during this transit, others might try to take advantage of you. If you can plan your day, give some room for distractions and breaks as frequently as possible.

 You will also enjoy relaxing or contemplative activities like meditation, or you can escape through fantasy by watching movies or listening to music. You might even lean towards charitable acts of kindness and spiritual activities.

Transiting Sun conjunct Neptune can increase your empathy, intuition, or sensitivity. As you feel more affected by the feelings and thoughts of the environment and other people, it can result in both a negative or positive experience.

The result will depend on the situations where you will find yourself and on the people involved.

It will be much better if you are alone instead of being in the company of people who are negative and will only drain off your energy and make you feel ill, scared, or depressed.

Setting boundaries let you enjoy the sense of being together with your loved ones.

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