Symbol: mountain goat, sea goat and unicorn

Keyword: I discipline -so I can achieve, I calculate so I can preserve

Day if the week: Saturday

Ruling Planet: Saturn     Esoteric Ruler: Saturn / Lilith

feminine-Yin   energy    : Element: Earth       Modality: Cardinal

Detriment: Moon

Capricorn exalted:  Mars

At home in: Saturn and Uranus

Fall: Jupiter


Rules:10th house





  • considerate
  • Warmhearted
  • diplomatic
  • self-reliant
  • Efficiently Compassionate
  • Family- orientated
  • Cool and calculated
  • Good at planning and the long game
  • Reliable
  • Determined
  • Careful- discreet
  • A unique sense of humour
  • Patient
  • Self-discipline
  • productive
  • down to earth
  • natural leader


  • Dark moods
  • Overly practical
  • Excessive rationality
  • Too much-delayed gratification leading to emotional stunting
  • Worrying
  • Self-pity- leading to depression
  • inflexible
  • overly demanding
  • pessimistic
  • miserly- forever planning for the rainy day
  • wet blanket
  • overly traditional – stuffy
  • too much sensual and material pleasure
  • overly sensitive
  • tyrannical

body parts: joints, knees, muscles, bones, teeth.

now I will go in-depth, giving you tips on how to manage your natal Sun in Capricorn


More about Capricorn energy

Just like they are two types of goat, in general, they are two types of Capricorn,  some of them are even unicorns, but hey yano as I was saying.

The soul lessons of Capricorn is to balance material ambitions with emotional/ spiritual objectives.

So back to the two types of Capricorn you either are the sharp go-getter, mountain goat, forever moving from one green pasture to the next. Or you have the domestic, billy goat type,   downtrodden, forever eating of the same grass, never moving too far in terms of worldly ambitions or location.

And then you have the third goat, the unicorn, the Capricorn who has learned to balance their need to progress materially with their need to grow emotionally, this is a rare occurrence, hence the name, unicorn goat.

(watch more of this video, and I will give you tips on how to become a  unicorn goat if that’s your intention)


The positives of natal Capricorn sun


You are a cardinal earth sign, so the practical accumulation of material wealth is your forte, not saying you all are going to be rich, but much like a Taurus sun you gain stability by material gains.

Your self worth initially comes from the tangible, you can be efficient, patient, a good organiser, integrity, perseverance, resilience and you are at your peak and happiest when working towards a goal.

You can be very loyal to your friends and those you care about, however, there is an emotional reservedness, which I will get to in a while.

When I go into the negative characteristics of a Capricorn Sun/ energy.

The influence of your ruler Saturn makes you diligent, and you like to plan and look into a subject/ situation in great detail before going ahead.

At times you can be slow, but because your steady you often win the race, as life is, of course, a marathon not a sprint.

Although you are reserved you like to take charge, especially in the arenas of politics, business and even acting, your attention to detail, means you can play the fame game and the game of life itself very well.

You’re good to call in a crisis as you focus on getting the job done, surprising you can be good at dealing with grief and helping others with their pain, despite your emotional reservedness.

You gain vitality via hard work, so it is best practice that when you have your natal Capricorn sun or an abundance of Capricorn energy in your natal chart,  that you do not fall into excessive periods of unemployment as this will lead to a lack of your life force giving powers.


Natal Capricorn Sun in birth chart continued

Although, when you are in tune with the positive elements of Capricorn energy, you have strong self-discipline, you don’t like to waste time, out of all of the zodiac signs you often only talk when needs be.

You are more of a listener and have a dry sense of humour in general, you pick yourself back up when you fall, and because of this you often get on well in the material realms of life.

On the negative end of the scale sun in Capricorn can make you a loner, especially internally as you’re at odds with your emotions, keep reading as I will give tips on how to combat this tendency.

Your love of tradition and status quo can lead you to be overly money-minded, and you can be seen as someone who either is the Jones or trying to keep up with them.

Your tendency to be afraid to go against the system can leave you missing many opportunities to evolve on all levels.

You can be stubborn, intolerant, suspicious and revengeful at your lowest expression; you can also have an inferiority complex which causes you to worry about achieving material security excessively.

Your biggest fear is not being able to provide yourself and those you care about with the essentials of life, any excessive stress and depression can cause joint problems.

You may also be too domineering, especially in your romantic relationships, you have to learn to understand your feelings so you can understand other peoples perspectives.

You tend to get better with age like a nice whiskey, as you outgrow your tendency to be excessively rigid and goal orientated.

You can be seen as cold by others as you can build a high wall around your emotions, become touchy and sometimes aggressive if someone picks an emotional sore spot.

You are very sensitive at your inner core, and this scares you the most as in all other areas you are stoic and logical, but you find it hard to control your emotions when you let them out.

So you lock them away, because of this, romantic relationships can be hard for you; you have a big fear of being hurt or rejected for your inner emotions.


More about Capricorns in love

You are very devoted, You like long term relationships and avoid short flings, in general, you are very amorous and love sensual pleasure, your just picky about who you share your affections with.

You do better in equal partnerships, and you need a proactive partner, as you don’t like people who waste time or who you perceive as lazy.

Power coupling is your best bet, you need a partner you can respect as well as cherish, and who allows you to be independent and take charge.

But you don’t like to be in charge all the time, you may give this impression, but it’s not true, you want your partner to step up from time to time.

Capricorns sun like to build an empire, no matter how big or small, so they desire a partner who can step up to the challenge, and cut the mustard.

Many of you may settle down later on in life as in you’re youth and early adulthood, you are materially focused, , as your number one priority during these times is advancing your personal gains.

You don’t like being alone, but because of your poor emotional expression you can end up this way, however, when you are in a safe romantic relationship, you can be very demonstrative of your emotions, behind closed doors of cause.

As yano Saturn doesn’t like wild display of affections after all, and at times you can suffer from emotional shyness, which others interpret of not caring.

Sometimes you just not communicative and expressive enough and this can be your downfall, your self-undoing.

When you’re in domestic goat mode, giving in to feelings of depression, scared of competition, the best way forward when you’re like this is to find an area of your life or career you can shine in.

It may not be as grand as you want as for some of you there be times when you will have to do mundane jobs you don’t want to do, to work your way up to where you want to be.

Don’t compare yourself to others, instead, make a plan and have patience with everything and everyone, especially yourself.

Give yourself time to get there, be wise, don’t compete, simply do you.

Because in essence, you’re a creature of habit, find a steady routine and stick to it, find satisfaction in the small things until you’re in the position to achieve the big things.

As after all you like security and need to know your material needs will be met, for this reason, you tend to avoid, get quick rich schemes.

You may have musical abilities, like to read, rock climb, be outdoors, listen to music and be involved in politics in your spare time.


The evolution of natal sun in Capricorn

Well, the first step is coming to terms with your past emotional wounds and any rejection you felt in your early years, this is hard to do, but it can be done, and you have the inner resources to overcome your past.

You just have to place trust in the fact, they are friendly people in the world, some people will understand you, and you are not as dissimilar to others as you think.

I know you been hurt in the past, but there is someone out there for you, and your natural sense of discernment will ensure you pick the right one for you.

In the unconscious state, Capricorn energy can be overly concerned with the things that you are seen with the two eyes.

Shutting down the emotional and spiritual side, but as you learn to work with your emotions, generally after your attempt at gaining inner security by material possessions fail.


Not because you cannot achieve worldly success as you can and often do, because you come to realise these things bring a fleeting sense of happiness only.

So you start to work with your emotions, practically seeking higher meanings of life, your focus is reorientated towards emotional wholeness, this leads you to discover a spiritual or philosophical outlook on life.

You become less about the “I” and more about the “we”, training yourself to think about what you can do to enrich the lives of others.

As Capricorn is a no-nonsense zodiac sign, this can take decades if not a lifetime to achieve.

But as with any of the other zodiac signs, we only grow into our fullest potentials, if we are prepared to learn new things and try new ways of doing things.

When a Capricorn does the work of healing their wounds.

Learning to trust as much in the intangible as they do in the tangible.

The elusive unicorn Capricorn emerges, one who is in tune with their inner creativity as well as their material senses, coming into the knowledge that material gains are not a good or bad thing, within themselves.

Its what you do with them what counts, you leave behind your entrench thoughts and behaviours of tradition, welcoming the new.

Your old way in the world was using the material for the betterment of self, your new way will be using material power and success, for the upliftment of humanity, going from how can I use you, to how can I serve you.

Esoteric meaning

The vibration of Capricorn is practical effort, substance over the elusive ether and fashion, your motto is hard work, not hard play when you have the sun or intense Capricorn energy in your natal chart.

The overall soul or higher self lesson is the mastering of the material realm, training yourself to overcome your material desires, by achieving your goals.

Only to see through the illusion of worldly success and attainment. Then after setting yourself free from your own ego traps, you gain the knowledge to help others free themselves from their personal chains.

At your highest potential, you reach the mountain top of spiritual and transcendent heights through working, often with blood sweat and often hidden tears.

To gain worldly success,  the clothes, the cars, the fame, the house, the rise and the falls, the falls leading you to practical spiritual, intellectual,  moral or philosophical heights.

Your task is to rearrange your self, to see through the veils of life in matter, at your highest ebb, your Natal Capricorn sun is capable of giving excellent service to the upliftment of humanity.

Seeing through the darkness of unethical cardinal enterprise, your ego and personal ambitions, reveals the light.

Detachment from excessive practicality.

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