Pisces is a mutable, water sign and is ruled by the mystical Neptune, in ancient times Jupiter ruled, Pisces. Virgo is the polar sign to Pisces

Mutable signs like to change their expression as they know all good things come to an end, Pisces is a highly emotional and emphatic sign, prone to mood swings.

They tend to not make firm plans as they know even the best-laid plans can go awry, sometimes it can be challenging for mutable signs, like Pisces to see things through to the end.

Tagline: The unquestioning believer of the zodiac

Element: Water

Symbol: two fishes

Modality: Mutable

Sign ruler: Neptune and co-ruler: Jupiter

Esoteric Ruler: Pluto

Detriment: Mercury, At home domicile in: Jupiter

Fall: Mercury Exaltation: Venus

Envision: floating visions, emotional ups and downs, mystical insights- just knowing.

The 12th house- 6th house polarity

Symbology of Pisces


The symbol of Pisces the two fishes, symbolise the dual nature of life, the external life and the internal life, good vs bad, truth vs false, earth school is a place where souls need to learn.

 To control all aspects of their nature, fusing their duality into unity, as when you have two different parts of your nature, that want to go in two different directions.

You find your self in a constant battle with yourself,  the only way to overcome your internal conflict is to fuse all your personality traits, your shadow and your light.

Training them to work with each other, rather than against.






Like to assist others



Modest- meek



Mystical- spiritual




Receptive to the spiritual realms



Vague – Nebulous

Impractical, cannot cope with everyday task like paying bills

Can be unreliable



Can lose sight of sense of self

Overly emotional

happy-go-lucky- can be slapdash


Easily puzzled and perplexed


faint-hearted – can be spinless


Mythology of pisces

Some of the myths of Pisces include, the legend of Venus and Cupid who scared of the typhoon threw themselves into the Euphrates waters and become fishes.

Minerva recognising their act of changeability and gave them passage to heaven, in Babylonian times the constellation of Pisces was known as KUN ( meaning the Tails)  and the fishes were called Anunitum and Simmah.

 In this myth, we see the importance of transformation of ones form or self-expression when need be.

 Some people call it two-faced; indeed, it can be, but as in life, self-preservation is vital, the highly mutable Pisces, knows that within the many hues of their temperament hides their highest wisdom.

The fish child

As a child, you don’t do well with strict authoritarian parenting nor school environment, you prefer to play than to do actual school work which can cause a problem.

You prefer activities which stimulate your imagination rather than taking in rote-repetitive facts, you can be good at impersonations and accents.

 In fact, languages are your forte, you may even create your own secret language as a child.

You not keen on sports which involving heavy physical contact like rugby, you prefer to dance and painting.

As a parent, you can spoil your child as you dislike being seen as a strict disciplinarian, so you may let your child get away with their bad behaviour.

 However, a secure moon placement like Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo moon may change your tendency to be lax with your children.

If you are a parent to a Natal sun in Pisces child, you must ensure you teach them how to deal with the practicalities in life.

 You can do this by making learning fun, teaching them essential things like forethought, discernment, planning, following through, timekeeping and providing for one’s own needs.

Above all, if you’re a parent to a Pisces child, teach them how to know and understand their own mind, showing them the importance of making their own decisions and not allowing other people to take advantage of them.  

More about natal Sun in Pisces

When you have your natal Sun in Pisces you may be interested in the following careers, artist, musician, spiritual teacher, astrologer, mystic, alternative healer, writer, navy or anything connected with water, illusionist, magician, photographer or anything to do with the medical profession.

Whatever you do, it will also be from a place of compassion, spirituality and art, you typically tend not to be overly scientific, as you find it hard to rationalise.

But then again, Einstein was a scientist, yet he also was very mystical in his own way.

In the elusive waters of the Pisces Sun, dwells the most mutable sign of the zodiac, when you are born with your Sun in Pisces, Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. 


You are vulnerable to all outside influences, from the spiritual to the mystical to the material, you are sensitive to the under and overtunes of your environment.

Because of this, great efforts are needed to ground yourself and know your own mind, development of self-awareness is vital with this placement.

As you can be impractical and get lost in the spiritual and mystical, to successfully navigate earth school, you need to balance your mind, body and soul, taking care of all your needs.

Successfully providing for yourself in the material realm as well as the spiritual dimension is how you ensure you don’t fall into the trap, which many people with Pisces sun or intense piscian energies of trying to escape reality.

And calling it spiritual evolution, play attention to any other aspects in your chart, especially those involving your sun in  Pisces and the 12th house.

Sun in Pisces individuals are highly compassionate

especially with helping others overcome their suffering, they are highly emotional, and because of this need constant downtime.

The house your natal Sun in Pisces is in, as well as aspects to the sun, indicate the areas in life where you are most vulnerable to become unhinged in or by.

You have to remember to look after yourself, and not just focus on others, solve your own problems first, then you can use all the stages of your self-healing process to rightfully help others.

Sometimes you can enable others self-destructive behaviour by being too understanding, yes it is good to care, but you must not let others abuse you, or abuse others.

At your best you have an excellent imagination, are highly psychic, at your worse you can be overly gullible, your moods change like the wind.

 As they are very much dependent on what is going on around you, you must learn to control your mind, or you will continuously be sweep away in a new direction, each time the wind changes.

Yes it useful to see the best in people, but never to the determent of your mental health, your passivity can leave you prone to be taken advantage off.

The shadow of the two fishes

You can be your own worst enemy, when you have your natal Sun in Pisces because you often get caught up in illusions and your unwillingness to be firm on anything, remaining vague which can lead to a   lack of achievement, causing you to wallow in self-pity, as you age.

Some of you especially those with adverse aspects such as squares or oppositions involving Mars, mercury, Pluto,  can become stuck in your ways and devise, devious ploys, typically emotional manipulation to get your own way.

You may engage in spiritual practices such as hands-on healing, distant healing or meditation, where you sit sending out thought waves to help uplift humanity.

The road to wisdom

Sometimes the best way to help those in suffering is by removing yourself from the situation, so those of you with Pisces sun who are prone to becoming overly involved in the problems of others.

 May benefit from using hands-off, healing methods, as you can lead the horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

Sometimes the best way to bring about transformation is to be it, to channel your emotional nature take up art, music, dance, poetry or any other activity that makes you feel creative and at one with yourself.

On the intellectual level, you are very scattered, and most of the time when you are coherent, you are not aware of it. You work best when you are relaxed, allowing yourself to be guided from within.

When you have too many thoughts in your mind, you being highly erratic, so anything which helps you still your ideas help get your point across to others.

You also have to educate yourself to order your many thoughts and vision, sorting valuable ideas from those thoughts,  which are mere distractions and unnecessary, which can be tricky.

As when you have a natal Pisces sun, you can have a hazy mind; you may need a dependable and reliable friend(s) who can help point out the errors in your thinking, helping you make your visions more concrete.

You often need a muse, to motivate you to get things done, this can be a lover, friend, or a diet or philosophy you believing in, to master this placement of natal Pisces sun.

How to win at life with a Pisces Sun

You need to find something or someone that gives you direction, that someone can be you, once you learn to manage and understand all aspects of your personality.

I know you find it hard to say no, but you have to find a way to do so, as your indecisiveness can lead you to make the wrong decision for your soul and personality progression.

I know it is hard, Pisces sun when you feel it all, but try not to avoid pain by turning to toxic substances or relationships.

 Maybe try and martial art or anything else which helps strengthen your mind and will power.

As people will push you around if you do not stand your ground, just like the sea. You have many different depths and torrents, which may remain a mystery to you, if you don’t take time out to know yourself.

Other people can often be overly demanding of your time when you have your natal Sun in Pisces, this can lead to others taking advantage of your kindness.

I know you don’t believe in harming others, however, do not allow people to hurt you.

Sometimes you are at odds with your mood swings, often getting confused and lost in them, you may have a tendency to depression, which leads you,  to want to escape your reality.

And this is when you may turn to drugs or alcohol, I advise you seek help to understand your emotions, training yourself to bring structure, order and self-discipline in your life.

I know it can be hard for you to conform to societal standards, you don’t have to fully immerse yourself in society’s customs, but you must find a way to navigate the rocky terrains of life, finding purpose and providing for your material needs.

You do not have to ignore the spiritual and mystical entirely, to the contrary, your otherworldliness is your biggest strength, so is your deep intuitiveness. 

Work with the visions you are given, don’t be scared of your many layers, embrace them, learn to work with them. Yet stay grounded, don’t believe everyone who says they’re a guru, nor subscribe to a religion or belief system simply because others say it is the way to go.

The evolution of the two fishes

Learn to trust your own inner voice, but even so, approach that with a bit of scepticism, learning all you can about the trivium, and how to organise your thoughts will give you, the much needed edge.

When in love you can get carried away with the fantasy of it all, failing to see the cold reality, make sure the object of our affections, genuinely wants you or you may find yourself being used for your good nature.

You tend to believe what people tell you, and see what others want you to see, which can lead to disaster, be careful when picking friends and lovers, as often those you call your companions are really your foes.


Individuals are drawn to you because of your empathetic ways, you’re listening skills, tenderness, devotion, helpfulness and charm, and at times you can be overly sentimental, seeing people via rose-tinted spectacles.

Remember a person’s actions is who they are, not their words, yes be romantic, the world needs that, but don’t let others walk over you, especially not in the name of love.

Self-respect, love and nurturing are needed, as this will help train your mind to understand what love is and what it is not.

Materialistic people are drawn to you, as you can show them to look at the more mystical thing s in life.

 Teaching others its not all about the possessions you own, nor the money you have, you can help others see the beauty in nature.

If you have aspects to your natal Pisces sun, involving Venus or also have Pisces, cancer or Libra rising, you can be an old romantic, having a lover or marriage partner can help you be more stable in life.

However watch out for your tendency to go off alone, without explaining to your partner where you going, you do not have let them know your every move, but keep them informed of your need, for downtime.

I note this, Pisces sun as often you can wanderer off doing your own thing, forgetting your in a relationship, because of your abstract nature.

Neptune and Pisces rule your feet, toes, pineal gland and the lymphatic system, when you re stressed you may experience problems in these areas, especially when you’re feeling depressed and fed up.

Much of your depression comes to form your indecision and not accepting life for what it is or people for who they are, life will always bring its ups and downs the best you can do is teach yourself to keep your head above water.

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