natal sun in sagittarius through the houses

Sun in Sagittarius in the first house

Keywords: Enthusiasm, Identity, Persona, adventurous, symmetrical facial features and body, an abundance of personal opinions and inner vitality.

The first house describes person self-expression,  health, personality, appearance, features, temperament, the first house is the first impressions we give off to others.

How we speak, our persona, all outward behaviour and mannerisms are all seen in the first house, any planet in the first house, along with the midheaven, has a strong influence on our outward personality.

Sun in Sagittarius brings a lot of enthusiasm to the personality, quick wit mixed with higher wisdom, some of you may be deeply religious or treat whatever it is you care about in life in a spiritual or religious way.


You can be highly devoted to any cause and stand firm in your personal beliefs and convictions,  you are always on the go, a great conservationist and tell all and sundry about your many exploits and adventures.


People love to be around you, and some find it hard to not fall in love with you, you are never short of sexual offers. You are a bit of daredevil and thrill seeker, people look to you for a good time.


You love white knuckle rides and a bungee jump or two, people also trust you to tell them the truth and show them the positives of even the most nightmarish of situations.


You are like sunshine on a rainy day to many people, and you get up and go attitude draws positive vibes and adventures to you.



Regardless of whether the sun is aspected or not, or whatever zodiac sign, the sun is in.


When you have your natal sun placed in the first house, there is always a tendency for selfishness, arrogance, impulsiveness, bullying, superficialness.


Deceitfulness and a tendency to be argumentative.


Now we all have to be selfish and put our own interest first from time to time, but this should never be at the expense of others.


This is just a basic interpretation, and as always it depends on all the other aspects and placements in a natal chart.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 2nd house

Possessions, self-worth, hidden emotions, speculation and superficiality.

The second house in astrology represents how we gain, keep, spend and discards possessions, what possessions mean to each individual with the sun in the 2nd house will vary.

Some people will view possessions in material terms only, i.e. money and property, to others their possessions could include people, pets, their mind or soul.

The 2nd house also governs a person’s inner feelings, especially in their intimate relationships.

On the positive side when you have the sun in Sagittarius in the 2nd house you will give freely of your possessions whether that be money or ideas.


You have to be careful not to give the things you need for your own survival away; otherwise.


Your generosity is a constructive cornerstone to your personality.


You like to accumulate weal as you want to share, and if you are seen gathering large stockpiles of money, it is to help other people.


When you have your sun in Sagittarius in the 2nd house you like to take a risk with money; sometimes you do lose.


But you don’t let your losses, phase you, and it is your perseverance which gets you through your hard times.


Your lust for speculation brings you great luck and material comfort.


Your most lucrative money making ideas will come from diplomacy, motivational speaking, teaching, travel blogging


writing about your adventures, your opinions on culture, religion and spirituality.


Avoid the superficial, boosting, thinking your material possession equals your self-worth, trying to own others via controlling their finance.


ALSO, control any influence to be ungenerous, remember you get as you give.


The more inner peace you have, the more external wealth you will gain.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 3rd house

Justice minded, impulsive with judgments, avid lifelong learner, fast communications, solitary learner.

The third house is all about how we express ourself in our natural environment, the natural home of Gemini the twins.

The third house governs day to day communications, education, relationships with our siblings, cousins, social media, short journeys and local transportation, i.e. cars, public transport and boats.

With your Sagittarius sun in the third house day to day communications, especially with your siblings, brighten up your day, in fact, you tend to have a sunny dispositions all the time.


You like to look on the brighter side of life, and your siblings, friends and family often rely on you to bring the zest into their life.


Something you have been doing since the day you were born, unless you have adverse aspects, such as sun oppose venus, Uranus or any other hard aspects involving  Saturn or Pluto.


In general, with your sun in the third house, you like to keep the conversation and your life experiences filled with fun, good times and lightheartedness.


However, on the academic side, you are like an information hub and shine your Sageterius light of wisdom on the higher mind of this superficial Gemini house.


At school, you may be mistaken as being an academic underachiever because you learn best on your own.

You have or had a tendency to joke around in school with your friends.


Your grades may be affected, so it’s best if you train yourself to study alone in your spare time as you do love to learn new things.


Jupiter expands your mind when you have the sun in Sagittarius in your third house natally, and you pick up a lot of information on your short journeys and learn lots from your siblings and close relatives as a child.


You often repeat the stories you hear on your travels and become known as an excellent storyteller.


You have a vast imagination which shines when you are communicating things you are passionate about.


On the whole, you can be honest in your communications with others, but you must guard yourself against telling lies and repeating information you are told in private by close friends and family.


Try not to compete with others, instead teach yourself to know that every person has their strengths in life.


It is much better to remain open-minded and learn from others

rather than think you know it all, also do not force your ideology on others.

Natal Sun in Sagittarius through the houses

Natal Sun in Sagittarius through the houses

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Sun in Sagittarius in the 4th house

Keywords: proud of home and family, enjoys the more beautiful things in life, may move abroad or invest in property overseas.

Can make a living from mining the fields of their subconscious and family heritage.




Traditionally the 4th house is the mother figure and the 10th the father, yet from my experience, these roles are often interchangeable.


Both the 4th house and the 10th house can indicate the influence of either parent or someone(s) who were like parents to us.


The 4th house signifies the relationship we have to our commitments, how we view our private life and our home life in general.


When you have your sun in Sagittarius in the 4th house, your childhood home may have been huge, full of adventure.


One of your parents or close family members might have been larger than life, and you and this particular individual, either form a lifelong bond were you share plenty of escapades.


Or your sense of adventure keeps you from, forming a close connection with them and any of your family members.


And you may choose to leave the family home at the first opportunity.


You like to have your own space, so you may feel claustrophobic in a small home, you may grow up on farmland or a large family home.


Some of you with your sun in the 4th house of Sagittarius may take a keen interest in property, becoming estate agents or property developers.


You aspire to have the best for you and your family, so even if you were born into poverty.


You will want to do all you can to attain earthly, emotional, academic, physical or spiritual wealth.


If you come from a broken home, you will try to create the family you never had as you get older, you always try to do right by those you hold closest to you.


Try to guard against becoming too frivolous with your spending on your home or any properties you invest in, try not to mould your family members into your image for them.


But instead, guide them to develop their own innate gifts, you have a gift of providing a strong foundation for others to build their success off.


But do this for yourself first.



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Sun in the Sagittarius in the 5th house

Keywords: interested in games, hobbies and sports, can like to speculate, across all areas of life, good with children, loves a good time.

The 5th house in astrology shows where we gain our pleasures in life, our sense of romance or lack of it. Affairs and objects of our instant attraction are governed by the 5th house.

Our sense of creativity, the avenues that will bring our own sense of pleasure and fun, holidays we may take abroad.

The business or enterprise we may invest our time and money in

How we interact with children and our own inner child if the 5th house is affected by negative aspects.


You have a special bond with all children, because of your childlike manner.

You respect your own children and may even spoil them, try not to spoil them rotten as this will backfire on you and them in the long run.


You may indulge in pleasurable and risk-taking behaviours excessively and may suffer many adverse consequences from your reckless actions.


When you have your sun in Sagittarius in the fifth house, you have an insatiable need for the new this includes trying adventures, lovers, games, past times.


Free time is vital to you, and without it, you may not be able to perform in other areas of your life.


You gain pleasure by giving pleasure or indulging in gratifying activities.


The people in your life may count of you to provide them with a good time, you have a knack for crafting out one in a lifetime adventures for others.


Many people are magnetically drawn to your sense of fun and games, however, sometimes you do not take life, especially matters of the heart seriously.


So you could cause others heartbreak, as long as your clear to your romantic interest in your intentions.


Then your love life should be free of drama, If not then your life could be likened to a soap opera.


You like your sense of freedom and hate to be tied down, especially in matters of the heart.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 6th house

Keywords: likes superior work conditions, takes pride in one’s work and appearance at work, may function as a spiritual or religious worker.

You may even become an archaeologist,  digging deep into the roots of the origins of the earth and beyond.

Prone to chesty coughs and lower limb pain.

The sixth house in astrology rules our work life, tradespeople, our views about society, how we treat others, how we allow others to manage us.


The way we subordinate others and how others mistreat us.


The 6th house, along with the 12th house and ascendant indicates any physical health and well-being issues you may experience.


When you have your natal Sun in Sagittarius placed in the 6th house.

You find joy in your place of work, your co-workers may see you as a practical joker or a lively member of your workplace.


You don’t like to see other members of your team left behind and you may offer assistance to those who are finding work or life in general hard.


Be careful not to pry into others affairs.


Be there when they need you, this is how you will keep yourself in balance but do not take on too much stress, or you may experience excessive leg or thigh pain.


When you have your natal Sun in Sagittarius in the sixth house, your profession may centre around writing.


Especially travel writing, you may also teach adults and children alike.


You may turn to comfort eating, drinking or drug use if there is an imbalance in our work life.


In fact, guard against all addictive behaviour and thoughts.


Ensure you choose a profession that you love as if you do not, you won’t take your work seriously.


And this may cause trouble in your work relationships; you may also experience being fired a lot from jobs if you do not pull your weight.


Ensure that you make time for rest, as you could literally run your mind, body and then soul to the ground.


Because when you are doing a job you love, your job becomes your love.


You may also experience problems in your personal relationships if you do not make time to socialise because of your excessive work habit.

Natal Sun in Sagittarius through the houses

Natal Sun in Sagittarius in the seventh House

The 7th house in Astrology represents the personality of those you will form close relationships with IN YOUR PERSONAL AND BUSINESS LIFE, the 7th house governs partnerships.

The 7th zodiac sign on the 7th house cusp indicates the character and temperament of any potential spouses.

When you have Sagittarius sun in the 7th house of your natal chart.

You will be foot first and fancy-free in your opinion on committing to anything, especially business and sexual relationships.


You will have a knack at interpreting contracts, and extracting the final print, this is because you don’t take commitment lightly.


Your gallant enthusiasm brings you popularity; you enjoy the hunt, more than the capture.


In fact, you try to avoid it at any cost and for this reason.


You can escape any dodgy deals and you can spot a bunny boiler a mile off and dislike when people stifle to you.

You like to be free as a horse, in fact, your time and space are important to you, but you should not overdo it as you may alienate people.


You may get a reputation for having commitment phobia because,  your intent on not agreeing to any terms you have to know the ins and out of the situation.


You tend to marry later on in life, attract public attention and recognition, you may settle down with someone who is very optimistic, as you prefer larger than life people.

You partner may also be very popular within their local community; you may marry more than once, or have more than one partner at a time.


Sun in Sagittarius through the house in your birth chart

Sagittarius Sun in the 8th house

The 8th house in astrology represents money from legacies, insurance, inheritance and criminality, whereas the 2nd house is money from possession.

Stock exchange, big business, shared resources, life force fundamentals of sex, birth and death, your attitude towards life after death and death itself.

Sun in the 8th house in Sagittarius, you may have a deep creative streak, you seek out adventure and the unknown, and you love philosophical debates and like to enrich you by studying.

You like to delve into the mysteries of life, which gives you a broad understanding of life.


You need stimulation an arena to shine your light, knowledge and vast emotions in.

As when you have do not have an outlet to show off your skillset, you become depressed.


Becoming a shadow of your former self, so it is crucial that you keep your creative juices alive and as when you don’t your light dims.


Find your own passion, make a plan to reach your dreams and stick to it,


When you have the sun in Sagittarius in the Eighth house, the centaur and Jupiter bestows on you a lucky streak.


You will benefit from your primary partner, or turning your eyes to the stock market, make sure you do your research first.


Or you will lose out, but you like to dig to the depths of all you do so it’s unlikely you will make too many mistakes.


Inheritance plays a key theme in our life, it may be financial or a gift, such as a psychicness gained via your family bloodline.


whatever the talent is, it will help you gain material abundance.

You could become rich, but you should always be material comfortable in life.


You like to partake in your own self-development and doing so keeps you in balance, full of confidence and vitality.


Natal Sun in Sagittarius through the houses

Sun in Sagittarius in the 9th house

The 9th house in astrology governs dreams, especially foretelling ones, further education, higher learning- intellect, long distance travel, interaction with foreigners, mental or spiritual exploration, moral conscience and ideals.

When you have your natal Sagittarius sun in the 9th house you find yourself in search for knowledge, this can be spiritual knowledge or higher academic information.

You may have an interest in law or politics, enter the mystical or religious dimensions , you benefit from your perseverance  in seeking higher education and avoiding the superficial.

You may take long trips abroad that broaden your horizons, your partner may come form a country other than the one you were born in.


Foreign cultures excite you and light up your senses as well as pique your interest.


Travel is important you your life and whatever you give your interest too whether this be pursuing a degree, spiritual enlightenment, a philosophical career.

You will do it devotionally.


Try not to become over idealistic, make sure you keep grounded and make a detailed plan of any action you wish to take.


You may have to rely on your own intuition and guidance and others may not be able to understand you, remember not all people wish to delve beyond the superficial in life.


Not everyone has your standards, nor needs them, you seek more from life, seek and you shall find!

Sun in Sagittarius in the 10th house

The tenth house in astrology controls our social status purpose, aspirations, public standing, responsibilities, profession and the energy available to you in your career.

Your sense of discipline, personal image and appearance.

You may attraction fame an honour on the plus side, but if you have negative aspects you could become infamous or attract dishonour.

When you have your natal sun in Sagittarius you have a upbeat attitude when it comes to pursuing your goals.


You have an inbuilt sense of balance, and although you’re dedicated to your work, you don’t overdo it and know when to relax and seek adventure.


You may have more than one profession as you see variety as the spice of your life, you don’t do half measures thou.


You could sell salt to slug and you have get up a do attitude, your a naural leader.


And will master any professions you set your mind too, as a Sagittarian you may choose a career in writing, publishing, motivational speaking, teaching, diplomacy or maybe a foreign politics advisor.


Your personal ideals and viewpoints are important to you as is keeping abreast of worldly affairs, you seek acceptance from your peers, and inspire others by your sheer force and determination.

Natal Sun in Sagittarius through the houses

Natal Sun in the eleventh house

The 11th house in astrology rules acquaintances, friends, group activities, societies, your objectives in life, fleeting encounters, and intellectual pleasures.

In general, you are seen as attractive to the opposite sex, you take pride in choosing the right social circle and you may have friendships with well respected or famous people.

When you have your natal Sagittarius sun in the 11th house, you have diverse interest; in your youth, you may sign up to an array of organisations and clubs.

In your adult years, you will become more selective, but throughout your life, you will make contacts from all walks of life.


From birth, you attuned to the fact that it’s about who you know and not what you know, although you are selective of the company you keep.


You have many causal associations but very few close friends, you prefer it this way.

You have grand-scale plans for your life, our not a people pleaser, nor a user, but you don’t like to be around anyone you view as dead weight.


You like people who pull their weight; you have big dreams for your life and will work hard to achieve your objectives.


Try not to become overly judgemental or dependent on your friendship groups, you love debates and being around folk with their wits about them.


You are also attracted to people who take time to delve into the more profound subjects of life.


You’re attracted to intelligent partners with a keen sense of adventure, you like to give to others and more often than not, things fall into place easily for you and you always come out of any adversities, smelling of roses.

Sun in the 12th house in Sagittarius

The 12th house rules isolation, the unconscious, escapism, addiction,  service to others, including visiting inmates and those sick in the hospital, as well as the time you may spend in either prison or hospital.

You may find yourself sacrifice your life to care for ill family members or partners,

When you have your natal Sun in Sagittarius in the 12th house, you can find yourself at dis-ease with your environment, as we know Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the planet of higher learning and wisdom, also the bestower of luck.


You find yourself at odds with your innate spirituality, you may get visions or prophetic dreams, but the meanings are often unclear to you, you are also misunderstood by those around you.



Which fuels your addiction and escapist tendencies, you may fall into the trap of running away from yourself, doing anything to numb your sense.


With the natal Sun in Sagittarius in the 12th house, you may suffer from low self-esteem, which plays havoc with your moods, causing you a drop in enthusiasm.


You may find it hard to be yourself around those you don’t know; others may read you as aloof and unfriendly.


Thing is you only let your true self shine in the company of those you trust, those who you allow close to view you as adventurous, open and a bit of a party animal.


On the health front, you may have asthma or other breathing-related difficulties; this is your body signally to take time to be in nature.


Still, your mind, gather your thoughts, train yourself not to be afraid of your subconscious mind.


The more you slow down your mental congestion, you physical ailments with ease up also.

In essence, you’re a private person and have an internally high standard for yourself; you need to learn to relax a bit and not be so hard on yourself.


You may allow others to corrode the positive elements of your personality if you give too much of yourself, help others yes, but don’t forget yourself.

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