Venus, in an apparent backward motion, finds it hard to be straightforward with devotions.

Loving others can cause such a commotion. Loving yourself first is the healing potion.

How these placements work out for you depends on your entire natal chart.

Below are some of the themes that can happen when you are born with Venus retrograde in one of the 12 zodiac signs.

  • Venus retrogrades about 10% of the time, so around 10% of people are born with this placement
  • You can think and feel deeply and have your own alternative ways of understanding and operating in relationships
  • On the mundane level, Venus retrograde means you have an intense need to connect with others
  • In your intimate relationships, you need closeness. You can make shallow connections in your career and other public settings, yet in your close life, you need authenticity. Yet, you may not always be aware of this.
  • On the karmic level, you have karma surrounding your connection with others and accepting your own feelings nature
  • In general, you can be secretive about your feelings, possessions, money, inner feelings, and everything connected with Venus and the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th
  • Although you crave love, you are unsure about your abilities to give and accept love, you can also feel unworthy of love
  • In general, you need to love yourself first and forgive your past mistakes and accept your flaws
  • You can reject love due to past disappointments in relationships
  • You can find it hard to move on after love setbacks. You can take relationships highly seriously more than the average person
  • You can live and love by your own code of ethics and can find it hard to realise not all people value love or friendships in the same ways you do
  • Some of you may stay in unproductive relationships out of a fear of being alone or engage in excessive hookups out of a fear of being close
  • You can also have double standards, looking down on others for behaviours you are guilty of.
  • Some of you can be overly concerned with your appearance, you can seek attention, but you generally have a tremendous humanitarian streak and do your best to help those you see as a disadvantage
  • Natal Venus retrograde can find it hard to settle down due to incompatible issues; at times, you can hide your real emotions but expect your lover(s) to be open
  • Early issues with rejection can leave you defensively, unable to express your emotions at times, so you try to show them in what you materially give to others
  • You can be really generous in love, and sometimes you can lose time, money, possessions and other resources through your relationships more than those without this position
  • Or you can confuse materiality with love, thinking you can buy it and become disappointed when your gifts or other resources don’t make your lovers or friends stay
  • You can have secret ways of making money or are secretive about your authentic values and how you spend and save money

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Natal Retrograde Venus natal Meaning in astrology- In-depth, all signs

Retrograde Venus in Aries

  • Need to change what you think about yourself so you can change how you feel about yourself. In past lives, you purposely shut yourself off from your own feelings.
  • So this lifetime, you can cut yourself off from the emotions of others
  • So now it’s time to reconnect to your own emotional body so you are more in tune with your own needs and those of others.

Natal Retrograde Venus in Aries can make you seek self-esteem from others because you can be overly self-conscious and needy.

If you feel your sense of self is threatened in any way, you can become defensive.

You may prefer to spend most of your time alone as you can be touchy about the words and questions of others you believe are trying to evade your space.

You also don’t like to be around negative people as you believe their self-loathing or negative perceptions may rub off on you.

So you often cut ties with people quickly and, at times, in a fiery fashion.

You can also have preconceived notions about how situations will turn out before they happen, and you often enter relationships.

With the mindset of testing your preconceptions rather than openly experiencing them, you can have a profound lack of trust, making marriage and deeper commitments harder.

Plus your, self absorption can cause relationship breakdowns.

You may think you’re bored of life, yet it is yourself you’re dissatisfied with.

Self-love is needed as when you do this,  first by starting to like yourself, life transforms beyond recognition of your past.

So much so, people who knew you in the past cannot believe the new you due to the big difference in personal expression in relationships.

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Retrograde Venus in Taurus

Gives you the propensity to dwell and live life in the past. Because you subconsciously submerge yourself in past experiences and accomplishments, either from your current life or past incarnations. In the realms of love, you may find it hard to let go of an ex, or your higher consciousness can still be preoccupied with love from a past life. 

That, for you, was the pinnacle (exact definition) of a soul a mate connection that made you feel secure, mind, body and soul.

 So it is hard for you to stay in love, with anyone who doesn’t live up to your expectations; you may withdraw into yourself.

Cutting yourself off from genuine connections and reinforcing your negative thoughts about love and other people to meet your needs.

It’s good to have standards, but make sure your principles are not stopping you from experiencing a rich, new type of love this lifetime.

Venus retrograde in Taurus longs for human connection. Still, you can be too proud to admit your need for sensuality and an authentic relationship with your lover(s).

I know it is hard because you can have a deep feeling that something is missing, but hey, the past is just that retrograde Taurus Venus.

To overcome this inner longing and emptiness, you must try to fill the void you feel inside by forgiving, loving, understanding, and nurturing yourself.

This lifetime is about moving into the new and now.

Don’t let it and the new memories of a new type of love, starting with self-love, pass you by, my sweet, sweet darling.

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Retrograde Venus in Gemini

Too much changeability can cause breakdown and disappointments in current life relationships, leading you to be dissatisfied and feel like no one wants you. Due to your own constant mutability in. what you expect from your love partners, this can drive them half-mad and insane. So, they choose to leave not out of not liking or loving you but due to your lack of self-awareness

Your changeability and demands and keep their sanity and self-respect.

Me saying this is not to make you feel bad, sweet Gemini retrograde; it’s more like a calling to your soul to let itself out of the chains of its many past lives.

The reason you like mingling with a lot of people or for those of you who can become reclusive with this placement and watch a lot of TV shows, films, and other media.

Read books or research alot, is that you find it hard to be aware of your own emotional states and motivations.

So your endless research and observations are a subconscious mechanism.

 That seeks to help you become aware of the traits you repress from your conscious awareness by bringing them to your attention.

So that you can question why you attract certain situations and people or why certain behaviours affect you so much.

 This is your souls- higher consciousness way of helping you, resolve behaviours that stunt your growth. In the hope you do some self-reflection and question, understand, have compassion for, heal and manage these traits within yourself.

Self-acceptance is the lesson here, as when you accept your own flaws, you can be more compassionate about the flaws of others.

Especially those you have intimate relationships with, asking yourself can you like and love their bad parts as much as you like or love their bad.

All humans have flaws. You need to learn to accept your own and other’s feelings rather than rationalise and overthink, which cuts you off from creating an authentic connection with yourself and other

This will be challenging, but as you age and open up to your feeling nature, you will be able to understand yourself and others more.

You must try to understand yourself as much as you try to know others. Just like the Aladdin song, a whole new world will open up to you when you do this.

Retrograde Venus in Gemini wants to integrate the feminine and masculine parts of your nature, regardless of your preferred gender expression.

All humans have these traits, yet they typically identify with one gender expression and repress or neglect the other side of their nature.

Which can lead them to be unsure of their sexual identity.

Some of you with this aspect will experiment with your dress and the types of lovers you date, especially in your early adolescent and adulthood phases.

You are also very open to those who identify as non-binary or any other non-traditional gender expression, more than any of the other retrograde Venus signs.

Except for Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra, who can be as equally liberal in their sexual exploration as natal Gemini Venus retrograde.

On the higher octave of this natal placement of retrograde Venus in Gemini, some of you may give up personal relationships and sexual energy expression.

Deciding to see love as a collective experience rather than a personal one.

Choosing to love all of humanity rather than having personal, intimate relationships, preferring to use your sexual energy o regenerate and create.

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retrograde Venus natal meaning in astrology continued,

Retrograde Venus in cancer

You can be trapped in current and past life memories of your childhood, past loves, especially those revolving around early childhood, parents and rejection. You could view your parents as imperfect or perfect. because they may have given you all the reassurance and love you needed or neglected to do so. 

But the results are generally the same.

 You often let your parents’ opinions or your love or lack of love from them dictate the romantic partners you choose.

This can lead to feelings of disappointment because if your parent(s) were cold-hearted, you attract lovers that make you feel like you are not worthy of love.

Repeating the cycle of your past. Because you think you are unlovable or unlikeable.

On the other hand, if your parents were/are loving and protective. You can attract the controlling type of lover(s) who never lets you be your own person, which causes damage in the long run.

You have dependency issues, which can create co-dependent connections of all kinds, siblings, friendship, family and intimate.

You can go through life, repeating your past, the past of your karma, and the past of your current life.

Venus in cancer retrograde natives can often complain about their family, friends and partner(s). Stating how they keep them trapped but also cling to them simultaneously.

You have lived many lifetimes repeating these patterns, so it can be a subconscious habit, a compulsion,   that you find it hard to break free of.

Even when you’re in a relationship that seems like a good relationship, there is always a niggling feeling; something is missing.

The thing which is missing is you. There is a need with Venus retrograde in cancer to love yourself, above all else, and to make your own way in the world.

This doesn’t mean you need to leave your current relationship if you are in one.

But it does mean you have to cut the apron strings and go into the world independently. Some of you may live with your parents and deny relationships altogether.

There is nothing wrong with being the yano 40-year-old virgin if that’s what you want, but typically it is not.

 You often feel trapped because of your excessive nurturing and comfort.

 Some of you may have an immense fear of rejection. Nevertheless, if you go for what you really want, especially in intimate relationships.

There is a strong need with Venus retrograde in cancer to let go of your self-limiting habits and dependency on others, or you will keep repeating.

Creating a self-fulfilling prophecy where your worst nightmares keep coming true.

You often replace the people from your past, current or past lives with new people who remind you of them consciously or subconsciously.

Those looking from the outside can observe this negative pattern and often have inside jokes about how you literally married one or both of your parents or primary caregiver (s).

Seeing that it is your need for security and reliving your past that keeps you trapped.

Ultimately cancer retrograde calls for you to think and act for yourself.

What are your real values, not what you have been brought up to believe is valuable? This comes from deep introspection, research and experience in the real world.

In short, you need to find out what your authentic inner values are, not what society tells you to think, not what religion or philosophy. Nor your parents, family, friends,  lover,  husband, wife, girlfriend or partner tell you to think.

What is it you think? How do you really want to live your life?

Find out and embody it. Let go of what people, especially those older than you in your youth, told you to think and who to be.

Your self worth needs to be based on your own internal feelings, wants and needs, and your own accomplishments.

 Yes, not anyone else, family is essential, and you should have one. Still, you must have an outside interest outside of your need for nurturing. Retrograde Venus in cancer, like the crab, needs to get out of its shell everyone in a while.

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Retrograde Venus in Leo

Influence, supremacy-superiority complex and control issues are central to solving the retrograde Venus in Leo problem. These issues must be resolved to overcome the karma of this placement.

You can have a strong need for control. Although this may be subconscious to you, those you are in intimate relationships with, whether lovers, friends or family.

Become very aware of your need for dominion. The longer they know you and your actions and particular reactions to any suggestion against your will. Because you value your honesty and bluntness, placing a high value on your sociable, extrovert. At times domineering persona, you believe this makes you approachable to others, as you can be generous and very loving at your best.

Still, the price of your help, affection and attention can be too high for others to pay.

Your co-workers and passing acquaintances and be frightened and on edge around you, as you can take up the whole room with your presence.

This is not always a good thing. The best leaders and helpers include the opinions and strengths of others, bringing out the best, not the worse in them.

You often want others to take responsibility for their wrongs.

 Still, you can deny or downplay yours, which pushes people away from you when you want to bring them close.

Your unwillingness to say you’re wrong can make people label you as arrogant, a label you may not have a problem within your early adulthood.

Yet as you age, you may regret your past behaviours, questioning how your motivations and ego stop you from feeling the fullness of relationships and, therefore, life.

Retrograde Venus in Leo can also make you privately resent others, or form opinions of them, without entirely asking them what they mean by something, but in general, you are projecting your own

You are capable of being a generous and kind individual who helps others reach their goals.

Still, on the other hand, you can strip them down, being an obstacle to them maintaining their goals with your powerful moods and harsh words.

Often you conduct covert tests on others to test their willpower and values; some people find this out and get upset and break off contact with you.

Because they see you as a game player and two-faced and artificial in your intentions and actions.

Because you can find it hard to trust others, you often take on their responsibilities, seeing yourself as the only one capable of doing things; correctly.

This behaviour can isolate your lovers and friends.

You need to learn to give and take and allow others to prove that they might not do things your way.

However, they can still finish projects and handle finances and domestic affairs correctly. It is better to compromise than to break.

Leo retrograde in Venus, you need to learn to ask questions, not assume things and cooperate rather than dictate.

Your, I can do all, I am the best, superhero or heroine, chess master or holy of holies,  attitude may inflate your ego and sense of worth.

But it isolates those you care about from being close to you.

To master this placement, shine less, especially if you have strong Leo, Aries, Mars, Pluto or  Scorpio energy in your natal chart; no one is saying don’t achieve and do your best but allow other people to shine also.

You could make a great mentor, teacher or some other type of educator, healer or motivator once you learn the value of cooperation.

Try and be relatable to others. Show your flaws more. You don’t always have to win, and you don’t always have to put on a show.

 In your past lifetimes, you may have been famous or accomplished. Still, this lifetime is about learning to bring out the best, not the worst in others, by managing your personality.

In this life, it’s ok to chill, have fun, come second and to imperfect, for to err is to be human, after all.


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Retrograde Venus in Virgo

When you have natal Venus in retrograde, you have had past lives in which you experienced or obsessed over what the perfect love is or should be.

Making it hard for you to get over this ideal and live a real romance in your current lifetime.

You consciously or subconsciously judge the people you are in a relationship with, which puts a wall of defence between you.

 You see others as imperfect, but typically your project the flaws you have that you won’t accept on them.

No human is or ever will be perfect, retrograde Venus in Virgo.

So until you let go of your idealise notions of romance, other people will always fall short of what you feel and think you want.

Partners will fill pushed away by your constant need to rationalise your experiences together and nitpick faults in their every word and action.

So even someone who really loves you can turn into someone who dislikes you but still loves you, yet decides to leave you anyway, due to being unable to live with you.

Too many experiences like you make you conclude that no one can live up to your ideals, and this is true, as your ideas are based on fiction and not the fact of reality.

Because of this, you can become an introvert, throwing yourself into work or a hobby, pushing the intimate connection you wish for away.

This lifetime is about you learning to love people despite their flaws, weaknesses and bad habits.

Love, real love, is total acceptance of someone positive and negative, and all humans have these traits, even you, precocious  Virgo Venus natal retrograde.

It’s ok to have flaws, and I know you don’t like this, and if you have other intense Virgo energy in your chart, such as sun, Mercury, rising or mars in Virgo.

You may find it hard to accept yourself, warts and all, good and bad, but you must do this so you can experience self-love and then an intimate love with a partner(s).

Once you accept and stop judging yourself, you will be able to authentically connect with others, let go of ideals and deal with the facts of reality.

Retrograde Venus in Libra

You can be idealistic in all things romantic when you have natal Venus retrograde in Libra. Just like those who have retrograde Venus in Virgo. Still, your idealisation is based more on what your friends, family.

society, film and books tell you about what a perfect love relationship or marriage should be like. However, deep down, you dislike being told what to do.

Still, you will conform until you find out that you are innately opposed to living up to what is expected of you, hence the paradox of this placement.

You have had to habit over lifetimes of allowing outside forces to dictate who and what you should like and love.

You can experience a lot of relationships, and you typically do not shut yourself off from intimacy.

But as you can live on ideas of love you have formed in your mind, in general, you don’t see the object of your affections for who they are.

Instead, you can project whatever fantasy you have running through your mind at any given time on them.

There is a great need to find out your actual wants, preferences, and needs are when you have natal retrograde Venus in Libra.

Many of you with natal Venus retrograde in libra can be innately pansexual, falling for the persona and not the gender.

However, they can deny their desires due to family, societal and social expectations.

Still, some of you with this placement can rebel against being told to do and actually date people that cause a shock reaction from your loved ones.

But even doing this is not being true to yourself.

It is crucial for your personal growth and healing to connect with people you want to, for your own satisfaction, rather than to conform or rebel against expectations.

 Still, as you can find it hard to know what you really want, you may go through many experiences which show you what you don’t want in your life.

If you learn from these relationships, you will form an idea of what you want.

A lifelong practise of keeping an active journal, or voice notes about your needs, documenting your changing and consistent emotions that arise from your life experiences.

You will finally come to a conclusion about what it is you need, but this will take a lot of self-questioning and reflection.

Pleasing others is not your ultimate wish, although you are good at playing the love and social games people love to play.

Like a chess champion, you can be strategic in knowing what people want due to your many lifetimes of people-pleasing.

Yet natal retrograde Venus in Libra this lifetime is about getting to the bottom of what it is you really want.

 You will find out by making a primary relationship with yourself, where you nurture and respect your authentic desires and needs.

You might hurt some people along the way.

Still, as you typically project your feelings onto others, if you think someone will not survive without you.

It is generally is you who feel this way about them. But know you can survive without them.

Learn to love your own projections; self-acceptance of your good and bad is what is needed.

Once you accept yourself, you can authentically connect with others, seeing them for who they are and not the role you want them to play.

Natal Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

This can be a hard position for retrograde Venus; this can breed a deep longing that something or someone is missing, never feeling satisfied with who or what they have got. You can feel let down and disappointed by the concept of love, the people you try to love or those who try to love you. Often, many with this placement can hate being alone.

It is essential that you resolve your inner pain because until you do, you can find it hard to be genuinely open with others, so the thing you really want may never come your way.

You crave authentic connection.

Yet hate being vulnerable is needed for the levels of intimacy you crave. To be close to others, you have to risk being brutally honest with yourself.

You can always be looking subconsciously or consciously for the next best thing.

Projecting your negative emotions on others without recognising that they are a product of your own making.

You can be highly creative, poetic, yet secretive. There is a deep need for you to love yourself. Note this is just one placement in your whole chart.

Yet if it is aspected to your sun, moon, north node, Saturn, mercury, it can strongly affect your whole natal chart. You can have strong emotions yet not be aware of them, a strong need for sexual fulfilment and exploration.

Forever searching to fill your inner void, there is a great need for you to love yourself regardless of your good and bad points; you will find it hard to do.

As you may have done things in this lifetime and your past lifetime, that makes it hard for you to do this, all human, all souls.

 Make mistakes, and I know saying that won’t heal you on the subconscious and conscious levels.

It will take time for you to believe you deserve your own unconditional love, yet you must do this, fiercely forgive and accept yourself.

If you have bad traits, try and balance them with your good traits. Let’s not kid ourselves; none of us on the earth plane will ever be perfect.

 Yet we can commit to personal growth and change. You must learn to love yourself as no lover or adventure will ever do this for you.

Often you get lost in wild experiences to numb yourself from dealing with the real issues that need to be confronted. Yet, they often leave you with feelings of shame, guilt and loneliness.

Self-forgiveness is key to your evolution

Song for Venus retrograde in Scorpio

Retrograde Venus in Sagittarius, meaning

  • Prefers personal independence and the freedom that brings over intimacy
  • Can avoid or fear commitment, consciously and continuously moving from one experience to the next.
  • Unconventional- eccentric sexual and romantic expression
  • When you’re younger, you can throw yourself into romantic relationships headfirst without thinking, leading to jadedness and pessimism
  • High expectations
  • As you age, you may put walls up between yourself and others

When you have natal Venus retrograde in Sagittarius, you can find it hard to settle down as you value your personal space and autonomy.

But deep down, you can desire deep emotional connection, hiding a profoundly compassionate and empathic core.

 You may prefer to make committed romantic connections based on ethical, religious, spiritual, philosophic or intellectual beliefs.

Rather than superficial appearances, yes, you can enjoy hookups.

Still, you won’t go any deeper than that unless someone shares similar core values to you.

Having such high standards can lead to eventual disappointment.   Because your lack of compromise can make you miss out on deeper connections with others.

You may not give people the chance to show you who they really are, but this is what you value and crave the most, vulnerability from others.

As you know, we are all programmed from birth to wear a mask, currently in our earth evolution, so it can take time for others to show you who they really are within.

But here comes the double standards: you can wear a mask, making it hard for others to really know you.

But once you do let them in, you can be a big-hearted, very loyal and devoted lover.

You can find it hard to listen to others and take their advice when trying to help you.

Still, you should break out of this habit, yes, you may know your own mind, but you may not be aware of how your actions stop you from getting the romantic satisfaction you need.

Venus in Sagittarius retrograde can make some of you restless.

Even though you can dislike tradition, you may give in to family or societal pressures depending on other placements and aspects in your natal chart.

 And unless you become self-aware of your motivations and real desires, you may marry several times before you figure out that you are choosing the wrong partners.

 It is essential you get in touch with what you really want from someone and from life itself, or you can live jump from one romantic experience to the next without ever settling down.

You have had many romantic relationships in past lives, leading to this current life urge and void.

You can have a highly active mind, always looking for a new sensation due to this past life’s imbalances and experiences.

You don’t always live up to your own standards, and this is why you can always be seeking situations, people and places that may give you the drive to be who you want to be.

Although you may not find what you looking for, you can have fun whilst trying.

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Retrograde Venus in Capricorn

  • Can be very secretive and serious about matters of the heart
  • Find it hard to show your weaknesses and compassionate side
  • Strong need to be accepted and cherished, although you hide
  • Slow to open up – can hide their genuine emotions.

Because you find it hard to be vulnerable, you can push people away, focusing on work and hobbies rather than romantic relationships.

Unless you work on your personal expression, you may keep your partners at arm’s length, causing breakdowns in relationships.

It’s essential to learn how to trust others romantically and let down your walls.

 All humans have flaws; you may prefer to marry older at times. Some of you may marry someone similar to a dominating figure from your childhood or past life.

This can be a conscious, but it’s mostly an unconscious force that drives you to pick restrictive circumstances and partners.

Although you don’t like to admit it, you need to feel secure and protected in a relationship.

 You also have a subconscious drive for closure; this can cause you to seek out people, experiences and possessions that remind you of times gone by.

Although you may profess to yourself and others that you want restriction and security.

 It is freedom you are really looking for, to be free from everything and everyone who held you back, even your own outdated –imprisoning beliefs and behaviours.

Venus retrograde in Capricorn brings a strong need to let go of the past to allow the new to grow.

 Still, you will find it hard to do this due to your internal and external security needs.

However, this is the challenge of this placement: give yourself what you really want, not what you have been told to want.

And to stop punishing yourself continuously by choosing romantic partners that remind you of times gone by.

The past can never be recaptured, but as you age, you realise this and often end up doing the things you stopped or were stopped from doing in your youth when you are older.

Retrograde Venus in Aquarius, meaning

  • can be highly unpredictable
  • rebellious and lover of personal freedom
  • because you may think you’re always right, you can lack objectivity in relationships 
  • lover of the weird and wonderful
  • can have deep feelings of loneliness which you hide

Deep perception can make you always be one step ahead, although what you think is true about others is not always correct.

Especially if you have challenging aspects such as squares, oppositions or quincunxes. Involving Venus, Mars, Uranus, Capricorn, 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th or  11th houses.

You can be highly perceptive or intuitive, seeing the future before it happens.

Although the glances you get into future events are often disjointed, so when you use your insights to help people, you’re often not seeing the whole picture.

Because you can suffer from distorted perception, causing your insights to be unclear.

You may push away lovers or friends who are good for you, as your reasoning process tells you to do so.

Venus retrograde in Aquarius can at times make you intrusive and meddlesome, and at times nosy this behaviour causes conflicts and a lot of distance and, at times, separation in your close connections

Although you may like to guide others, you are not always open to advise and support.

This can cause a breakdown in relationships as others see you as domineering or overly-willed. 

You must allow others to learn from their own mistakes at times, as your help can hold back their much-needed growth.

There is a need to give others the freedom and independence you demand yourself when you have natal Venus Aquarius in retrograde; at times, you can miss out on good friendships and romantic relationships.

Because you can be hard to find, and others can face many obstacles trying to connect and get close to you.

Some of you with natal Aquarius in retrograde like to wander and experience many things and people.

You have current life or past life karma of being rejected from your community due to your, self-expression.

 So it’s crucial you work through any emotional or psychological problems.

Your soul- higher consciousness has a wealth of knowledge within.

Meditation and spending time in stillness and taking an interest in introspection or occult subjects like astrology or numerology.

Can help you get to the bottom of your inner instability and uncover all you need to feel secure within.

 Some people with this placement can interfere in other people’s lives so they can avoid focusing on themselves.

Although others may see you as reckless and unable to make up your mind.

Your need for change in friendships and romantic experiences often helps you find and maintain inner balance.

Still, some of you may fear rejection so profoundly that you often leave before people can abandon you.

However, as you age, you can grow out of this habit. It’s not that you cannot settle down.

You just have to find the right person(s) that makes you feel like you can stop exploring, as you found what you were looking for in your connection with them.

You’re drawn to unconventional and eccentric people who display nonconformity; you can dislike routine and those people you view as standard and basic.

On a deeper level, you can be insecure about your own identity. This is the reason for your constant need for change and rebelling against what you think is trying to imprison you.

To be comfortable with others and life itself, there is a need to understand your love language.

Knowing that all you’re looking for on the outside can only be found within, and when you feel secure, you can genuinely connect with others.

Retrograde Venus in Pisces

  • stuck in past life memories
  • unsure of what you want
  • constantly looking for a love you lost in every new lover
  • insecure and can be highly co-dependent
  • feelings of isolation at times from yourself, but mainly from the human collective
  • needing solitude
  • susceptible to illusions, especially self-delusion
  • can be manipulated in all intimate relationships and hookups etc
  • self-punishment through choosing people and situations that will hurt you- this can be subconscious
  • Because of plenty of past life hurts over love, you can purposely pick these experiences, again and again, which will cause you suffering.
  • Because deep down, you have a belief you do not deserve authentic happiness
  • Need to let go of finding the security of this sensation of the love you lost in people, addictions, products and services
  • Instead, look for it in your own self-love, found from healing your psychological, soul-higher consciousness and emotional trauma and connecting to a power higher than yourself
  • Channelling your pain into art, music, writing or any other creative experience
  • Choosing a hobby or interest you love and enjoy more than any other human being will be an excellent start to, relive your soul- higher consciousness of its pain

This position of Venus retrograde can make you highly idealistic, living in your soul-higher consciousness past memories rather than in the present.

You can be highly confused about what you want out of life; at times, you need too much comfort, wanting people around you, even if they are not good for you, so you don’t feel alone.

However, your feelings of seclusion come from within, and can only be filled, when you work through your emotional and psychological wounds.

 Accepting the loss of your current and past life lovers, so you can be present in the choices you make for your future lovers.

Sometimes you can pick up undesirable or unavailable lovers.

 Because subconsciously, you want to relive the pain of your past, you may not become aware of this until you reach your 40-50s.

By then, you could have many emotional wounds to work through.

But it can be done; at times, those with Venus retrograde in Pisces can get lost in their own imagination and daydreams.

Not seeing the reality of their life for what it is which can be chaotic, especially in their love life.

You can wear rose-tinted glasses as you pretend to yourself and the world. Everything is just fine; you can be highly protective of your own illusions and if you’re addicted to alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances.

This tendency can be worse.

 Your self-delusion patterns can be hard to break because you cannot see them, and if anyone dares try to say or do anything to take away anything or anyone you want.

In that case, you can simply mentally erase them from your reality.

Souls- higher consciousness- often list the experiences and traits they wish to develop or overcome before they incarnate- born and then forget them.

This is part of the process of human life, and you’re no exception to this rule when you have Venus retrograde in Pisces.

 Although you can feel downtrodden and believe you cannot control what happens to you, you can do nothing to change your fate.

This can be semi-true; you cannot change how other people behave or the things that happen in the external world much, BUT  you can change yourself.

To break free of the chains of Venus retrograde in Pisces, it is best to take time to heal all that needs healing.

Seek professional help if need be, allow those who need to be removed from your life to grow, and go.

Instead of running from reality, slowly learn to enjoy it, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Truth is, people will hurt you, and it is all about picking the ones worth that pain.

The stability you want can only come from self-love and allowing yourself to project the love you wish to get and give.

Onto a power greater than any human, even yourself, whatever that means to you.