Neptune Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

Neptune Conjunct Ascendant Natal- Dreamy Outlook

  • Living in personal integrity is important as lying, and any form of deception can backfire, 100 – fold on you, leading to scandal and regret.
  • Mysterious allure, sensual eyes that often say come to bed, to be blunt- fascination with the unknown-occult.
  • Living in-between worlds, one foot in the material, the other in the ethereal
  • Highly developed imagination- can be highly sensitive and telepathic/clairvoyant
  • Sublime magnetism that draws people to you, often you draw the darker side of humanity, that you should aim to help heal, once you heal yourself
  • Often the people you meet reflect who you are or who they think you are, so important to form a clear understanding of yourself
  • Highly creative and artistic, can have alluring singing voices
  • Can be hard to understand
  • Distorted relationships- and sense of self
  • Emotional highly charge romantic-sexual liaisons
  • Psychosomatic illnesses, anxiety, depression, hard-to-diagnose physical health conditions- chemical imbalances, and drug and alcohol intake.
  • Need for grounding, boundaries, and to stop wandering and know you already arrived.
  • Drifting in various levels of Spiritual idealism and material confusion, sensory overload, a need for time out, avoiding harmful environments or build a tolerance to them.
  • Self-esteem and isolation issues, chameleon tendencies- as you can be different things to different people, need to integrate all sides of your personality
  • Need to learn to trust your imagination, psychic abilities, dreams, self-confidence and assertiveness training will help.
  • Original creativity, artistic abilities, could be natural actors, performers, as you can captivate people

The presence of Moon sextile Neptune in the natal chart can make you more empathic than most people; you must protect your energy levels, sleep and protect yourself well from your environment.

 A practice of self-awareness and resilience-building would be beneficial when you have a natal Moon sextile Neptune.

 You may be in touch with your emotions and your dream life; keeping a dream or emotion journal will help you decipher the symbols and meanings of your often guidance laden thoughts and dreams.

Keeping track of your thoughts will help you break down any inner defences and barriers to your own intuitions and promptings; you must train yourself not to fear your impressions.

At its highest natal moon sextile, Neptune can make you sensitive to the needs of others, and if you learn to take care of your own emotions, you be able to share this gift with others who may see you as nurturing and compassionate.

At adverse natal moon sextile Neptune can make it hard for you to handle life’s stress and challenges, making you prone to addiction or escapism, but more about this later.

What does Neptune conjunct ascendant mean in your natal chart?

When you have natal Neptune conjunct ascendant, you can be what people call, constantly away with the fairies; however, if you have Neptune in Capricorn or Saturn in your 1st house also, or conjuncts from Saturn, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo to your Neptune conjunct ascendant.

Then you may be more logical in your thinking than someone who has Neptune conjunct ascendant without any grounding aspects, if Neptune is in water or air sign, you will be floatier, dreamlike and enchanting than if  Neptune was in an earth sign.

You can be perplexing even to yourself, as life seems to keep throwing illusionary/negative things at you that you believe have no part in, as you can be dissociated from your actions.

 So when you keep finding yourself in escapist, addictive, self-destructive and often toxic experiences or relationships, you usually do not make the links as to why these situations keep repeating in your life.

Typically your instability, curiosity and detached way of thinking and doing, even if you have solid Saturn, earth or air placements or aspects in your chart.

Neptune in the first house can make you have “subconscious blackouts” where you do things in a dreamlike state only brought back to reality when you’re forced to face the consequences of your actions.

Neptune conjunct ascendant can give you a heightened intuition and psychic ability, but if you have a grounding planet in your first house, such as mercury or Saturn in an earth sign, you are generally a more rational thinker. You will be at odds with your extra sensory perceptions, causing a split in your personality as your more logical thoughts and behaviours run away from the stabilising force of a managed subconscious- intuition.

At times you can come across as self-absorbed, this may or may not be the case, yet it is your fantasy, disconnected way of viewing the world and yourself that hinders your path to self-control and awareness.

Lucid awakenings

You can escape into work, into sensual pleasures, that bring you heartache in the long run, as you battle with your addictions and recklessness, which you often use to blot out your deep psychic impressions.

Learn to work with your psychic energy, rather than run away from it, accept all of your dimensions, as locking parts of yourself out is what causes you confusion and disconnection. You can often fear your innate extrasensory abilities.

Discernment is your biggest lesson this lifetime; know that you can only help others authentically.

When you help yourself first, you can overdose or be poisoned if you take too many drugs, be careful what you ingest.

When you have Natal Neptune conjunct ascendant, it is crucial that you seek out professionals or engage in self-help to manage your energy and heal your traumatic experiences, or they will control you throughout your life, creating a cycle of emotional chaos and escapism.

Your friends, family, lovers, work colleagues can find it hard to understand the motivations behind your behavior as you swim between consciousness and unconsciousness.

If you have a well-aspected Mercury and Saturn, offering to ground, then you can be a perfect mixture of conscious rationality and subconscious subjectivity, using your logic to temper your psychic intuitions and vice versa.

Giving you penetrating insights into your own and other people’s behaviors, helping you to come up with practical and straightforward solutions to what seem complicated to solve problems.

A need for grounding and self-awareness

Regardless of the rest of the natal chart, there is a great need for self-management and awareness because Neptune conjunct ascendant or in the first house can cloud all other aspects and placements.

When you have natal Neptune conjunct ascendant, you need to find a way to stabilise and ground yourself as you can have a limp- insecure connection to reality.

I know reality is hard, all the conflict and heartbreak in yourself and the world, but it’s crucial you learn to work and see through it, allowing yourself to be that secure force you seek in others.

Then you are able to see yourself and the world more clearly; pain is hard, suffering- hurt, distorts your ability to view and accept the beauty and magic within life and nature, and more importantly, within yourself.

Dear Neptune conjunct ascendant, I don’t know why we hurt each other in this world, why we hurt ourselves, I have found it is to do with soul growth and know saying that doesn’t make your pain or this world better.

But learning to navigate and overcome your obstacles and the pessimism that can come about due to the disillusionment caused by your experiences.

 Discovering there is a greater purpose to life here on earth doesn’t make life struggles harder to overcome, but with time, allowing it to heal you, you can live better days if you commit to healing all that needs to be healed.

Trails and tribulations

I know childhood and early adulthood throw their curveballs at you, as you struggled to be understood by your parents, peers, and your first crush, and then in adulthood, lovers let you down, but in time if you seek our resources to develop yourself, you can and will overcome your past afflictions.

It is vital that you look after your physical and psychological health, making them your priority over your life span, as you’re sensitive to all forms of injustice in the world, such as poverty, abuse, violence etc., which triggers illnesses within you, you can be prone to psychosomatic illnesses also.

You also have a great capacity to forgive those who hurt you and those who do great harm to others, but only if you believe them to be innocent victims of their circumstances; you typically don’t have sympathy for dictators or those who intentionally harm others.

You may be an extrovert, but you keep a lot of your suffering within yourself; even if you have close friends, and they feel you tell them everything, there are always things you dare not tell another human being.

Drugs and alcohol are not your friends, nor is living in a fantasy world, as they ultimately keep you away from experiencing real feelings of inner security and content.

Because every high has its lows, and chemically induced highs often leave us feeling more numb each time we indulge.

I am not saying you must live a sober life; I am saying you must not get totally wasted, as, in this state, you often do things you regret that makes you escape into your make-believe illusionary world(s) more.


You are a magnet for weird, often eccentric and at times abusive and demented characters, who often seek to control you, or you may try to have power over others if Neptune conjunct ascendant is adversely aspected.

So it is important you learn to manage your vulnerabilities, as those who love to harm others may exploit you in ways that do you great psychological, physical or spiritual harm.

Boundaries are essential, so is self-love so that you don’t feel the need to be dominated or dominate.

Train yourself to protect yourself against negative human beings and ethereal entities; being in control of your intoxicating substances and people intake will help you do this.

 Know that you are the master and control of your material and spiritual worlds, claim back the power you have given away and reclaim your authority in all your domains.

You cannot change others; you can only change yourself; you need solid, stable, well-rounded individuals in your life who see you as their equal.

Not something to exploit, nor should you take advantage of others due to your own feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy.

Natal Neptune conjunct ascendant meaning continued

At your best, you’re a natural intuitive healer who can often lead people out of their own emotional quagmires; you need to offer yourself compassion and understanding- knowing it’s ok to reach out for help.

 But only take it from grounded individuals, you will know them when you meet them, as they often don’t give up on you, yet show there care and support for you in healthy ways.

Neptune Conjunct Ascendant in Transit

  • Increased psychic abilities- connection with the divine / higher consciousness
  • May join a new mystery, philosophical, sports, mediation, recovery group- new soul mate level connections
  • Searching for meaning and change of lifestyle
  • Increase in deception- fraudulent activities- illusion- misconceptions
  • You’re seeking more liberation from self-destructive behaviours, thoughts, rigid rationality, toxic relationships and communications.
  • Increase creativity – via art, music, acting or any other imaginative expression
  • Be careful of overly charismatic, fast-talking people; you may attract user or cult type people or organisations at this time, be discerning.
  • Increased optimism, compassion, idealism, times of confusion and frustration – a sense of collective oneness- seeing the interconnectedness of all human experience
  • Rise in addiction, scandal, legal or financial tension/ deception, try not to mix business with pleasure- seek advice on all matters above your current expertise.
  • Yes, life hacks are vital, but I learned in life that sometimes attempts at taking shortcuts can lead to longer journeys. Slowly, does it
  • Don’t be the martyr; look after your mind, body and soul – psychosomatic or actual psychological and physical illnesses could arise or deepen.
  • Know your limits, especially with intoxicating substances

When Neptune conjunct ascendant is in transit, relationships are thrown into the spotlight, and they can change for good or bad; someone new may come into your life, whilst other people may leave it.

You may be the one, who does the leaving, guard against deceiving and deception, you may not be thinking clearly at this time, so you may fall prey to get rich schemes or committing to ineffective projects or relationships.

Be open to all opportunities but maybe put off making firm decisions until another time.

Although we humans often jump feet first, and at times this is good, but being too idealistic at this time may cause vast repercussions for your overall well being in the future.


Do not expect the world from yourself because setting too high personal standards can put pressure on you during this transit insecurities about your personal habits can make you overly critical of yourself.

Causing you to hide your personal truths, so you can impress or please others, but doing this may drive them away; yes, we should always change ourselves to reach our highest potential.

But part of that journey is self-acceptance, learning to love ourselves warts and all, shadow and light, Yes transform the behaviours and thought patterns that hold you back, but love, have compassion and understand yourself whilst you do that.

This is an excellent time to start or make sure you write a daily diary; writing down your visions and dreams can be highly fruitful for your spiritual, career, and personal development.

Some of you during this transit may feel the need to help others by doing charity or social work, being there for your friends, neighbours, family members etc.

But know that you must look after yourself first to truly help others, not run yourself into the ground, and take time to relax and self-care.

Unforeseen events or obstacles may stall your plans to move forward or serve others, you may discover a personal illness at this time, or another’s emotional or psychological illness may impact your ability to stick to or create a new routine.

As with all transits in astrology, always refer to your natal chart and other transit- solar arcs and progression occurring at the time also; this could be an excellent time to work with the occult, your extrasensory abilities, and to develop yourself.

You may not be seeing your lover or potential partner right at this time; seek out the counsel of someone you can trust who speaks objectively rather than jealousy or confusion to help you see the situations in your life with clarity.

Try not to pedal stool people or experiences at this time, as this will cause disappointment in the long run, try not to have high expectations as we are all only human after all; regardless of our states of consciousness, we are all prone to falling from grace.

If someone pissess you off / upsets you during this time, say it, do not allow others to bully you.

 But also make sure you are not the one trying to dominate a situation or others, don’t victimise or be the victim.

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