Neptune conjunct midheaven Natal and Transit

Neptune conjunct midheaven - The Innate Artist

  • Sensitive to subtle tones, body language, energy vibrations
  • Song for this placement
  • Need to avoid anything or anyone that drains your vital energy
  • Need to find a career that satisfies the needs of your mind, body and soul- higher consciousness
  • A need to train yourself to understand your psychic insights
  • Highly, innately perception or psychic depending on the signs this placement occurs in and the rest of your natal chart
  • Natural artistic and creative talents tapped into the imaginative, vision and dreams realms
  • Empathetic and highly subjective
  • strong need to look after all aspects of your health.
  • As you can be prone to physical, psychological and spiritual illnesses.
  • Aware of the many dimensions of life on Earth, in the cosmos, and the different entities in the non-physical realms
  • Until you learn to ground yourself, your vision will confuse you, so you must limit or avoid intoxicating substances, situations and people
  • Unique thought processing, how you view Earth and the people in it, is also one of a kind.
  • Heightened touch, taste, sight- inner or outer, hearing, smell, motion sensing and attunement with your body and its inner workings.
  • A need to separate fact from fiction- avoid gossip, outlandish public behaviour, secrets- exploiting others and learning to see when others are trying to take advantage of you.
  • Seek out likeminded people to build connections with; they are out there, you’re not alone
  • Get help to manage any emotional or psychological health issues, all humans have them at some level or another, so there is no need to feel ashamed.
  • Can do well in humanitarian, fascinating- such archaeological preservation- psychic energy revitalization, therapeutic, some other form of alternative healing, journalistic, artistic, or media-oriented careers.
  • There is a need to get the right idea of spiritual awakening and life.

When you have Natal Neptune conjunct Midheaven, you are artistically and creatively gifted, depending on all other aspects in your natal.

 And of course, you may be more grounded with this placement occurring in Earth and fire signs than you would be if Neptune conjunct midheaven occurs in Air and Water signs.

Yet in General Neptune, conjunct Midheaven gives you the ability to quickly learn how to paint, draw, graphic design, create or edit movies or songs, play instruments, especially string instruments.

Yet you could be just as excellent at playing the piano or the saxophone.

The breathy, imaginative tones of Neptune can give you the edge whilst playing any brass or woodwind instrument.

Because  your creative imagination runs high; this placement points out that you would do better in a job that gives you freedom; a 9-5 wouldn’t suit you.

Variety of professions

There are many professions to choose from when you have Neptune conjunct Midheaven; you could be a life coach, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Work in a hospital with children, a prison worker teaching some form of alternative education with an artistic flair think Mary poppies meets House.

 A travelling musician, pottery worker, actor, photographer, videographer, alternative filmmaker, a mystic or some other form of occult worker- alternative healer, something that makes you feel alive and in tune with your spiritual side.

 In your youth and early adulthood, you will have some sort of conflict with your more sensitive side; after all, on the whole, society pits us to compete against each other, seeking to outdo each other with the best-paying jobs and cars.

So with this in mind, natal Neptune conjunct midheaven can make you feel lonely even when you’re around others, even if you have all the material trappings of modern life.

 The only way to fill this void of loneliness within is to take up a hobby or career that suits your temperament.

 You need something that allows you to channel your more compassionate ethereal side; how this placement plays out in your life depends on other placements in your natal, environment, spiritual and numerological influences

For example, someone who has a high life achievement number in numerology, i.e.,  6-9 may have had an innate sense of some sort of mission.

They need to complete in this world; you will baffle your parents and all that comes into contact with you with your insights and wisdom from a young age.

unconventional behaviour

Because of your eccentricities, childhood may have been a bewildering and unsettling time for you; some of you with this placement may have had a parent, family member or friend that helped you understand and manage your abilities.

On the other hand, friends and family members could have ridiculed you, leaving you with deep emotional and psychological scars that you will need to heal.

As you lived out your childhood in states of aloneness, disconnection, fear and distrust, due to bullying type behaviours

People often fear what they don’t understand; as you get older, train yourself not to take it personally. Learning to love and accept yourself, in all ways, is essential when you have Neptune conjunct Midheaven.

Some of you with this natal placement may choose to follow a spiritual path that helps you heal and uplift those who come into contact with you with your presence and teachings.

 In an adverse horoscope, this may produce a sort of distorted perception of being some sort of saviour who must save the world at all cost, even if it means causing harm.

Or your life may be filled with turbulent events, unpredictability, gossip, public disgrace’s and outlandish behaviour; in this case, mind-altering substances should be avoided, and you should get professional help to manage any compulsions.

Avoid cults natal Neptune conjunct midheaven meaning, continued

Also, in turns of your spiritual and mystical development, it’s crucial that you seek out reputable teachers, avoid cult-like activities, and anyone that says you have to give over all your money, personal energies etc.

As in general, when an organisation demands this, they are using your resources to further their own agendas and not interested in the total unfoldment of your higher consciousness and continuous development of your soul or spirit.

The path of enlightenment on the personal level doesn’t need excessive monetary funds unless you can clearly see the funds are going to help others.

 If your leader is caught in the trap of materiality, you can be 99.99% sure it’s false or distorted teaching.

A true spiritual path leads you to depend on yourself and connect with a higher power outside of yourself, not another human being.

Avoid secretive organisations with this placement as secrets have a way of finding themselves into the light with the placement of Neptune conjunct midheaven.

Your best bet is, to be honest in all your dealings, as any form of manipulation and underhandedness in your career will have repercussions, eventually.

Personal management

Self-management of any emotional and psychological blockages is the way forward with this placement; introspection and reflection can help you find and live your authentic identity and personal expression.

Soul searching will help you channel your talent into productive and beneficial pursuits, ignore naysayers, take good advice, yes, but know eventually as we reach 35+ onwards.

We have to take the leap of faith to be who we should be in this world, and as most people don’t follow this path, many people will always throw their doubts and misconceptions your way.

Self-assurance, love, forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, healing and management are your path to your transcendence.

In all types of relationships, seek out those who understand and accept you for who you are, these may be only a few people out of every 100,000 in the world, but they are out there.

Avoid drugs and alcohol; you have what I call access to innate highness and access to the subtle realms, so these will only negatively affect your overall wellbeing.

Neptune conjunct midheaven transit

  • Strong need to become less materialistic or egotistic; however, it’s best to let go of old habits slowly instead of drastically abandoning them.
  • A time of deep inner unhappiness
  • For the average person, this is an idealistic transit that won’t leave any lasting impression, but neglectful actions may have long term consequences.
  • Fleeting romances, pleasures and aspirations
  • Others may change their total life direction, seeking a more balanced an aware life
  • A need for more freedom, more excitement and newness in your life
  • Infidelity, manipulation, deception, uncovering of hidden intentions
  • Identity crisis’s- temptation to get lost in addictive substances and intoxicating relationships
  • Self-esteem and emotional, psychological, spiritual health issues
  • Spiritual awakenings-personal growth- avoid cult-like figures and causes
  • Appreciating what you have more, feeling more giving and caring
  • Avoid making firm decisions until after this transit passes, although you be tempted to through a wrecking ball through all areas of your life.

Song for this transit

Deep changes can occur during this transit changing how you perceive yourself and the world for the rest of your life, sort of an astrological mid-life crises, calling who you thought you were into question.

You may decide to leave careers, relationships during this time of the Neptune conjunct midheaven transit, completely renovating your life from the outside in or vice versa.

However, I have to add that caution should be taken because this transit can make you give up what you should really keep near. So the best bit is, is to try and seek out your inner voice and listen to it. Do you really need to let your career, relationship(s) go to feel better?

Or do you simply need some time out? Exactly what course of action is required during the Neptune conjunct midheaven transit will vary from person to person.

If you feel confused, seek out the advice of a sage and reliable friend or professional life coach, psychologist or alternative healer that can help you with your life direction.

Deciding that life is too restrictive, you are seeking newfound freedom; however, if you’re married or in some other form of committed personal or business partnership, communicating with your partner(s) would be best.

You may just need a change in direction and relationship dynamics, not a total ending of the connection, write down or voice note your feelings so they are clear to you.

 Then write a list of discussion points and work through them with all involved, ask them to do the same too and try and find some middle ground.

Some of you may be drawn into infidelity, thinking you have met your ideal mate, but you may regret this decision at a later date.

So the best bet would be talking to your partner about your desires, and maybe all you need is to spice things up a bit.

In the bedroom department, try and woe each other again, remembering why you choose to be with each other in the first place.

Maybe you can come up with some sort of agreement; after all, Demeter had to let Persephone be with Hades for part of the time, so she could have her the rest of the time.

Think before you leap, I say think before you jump into any drastic decisions; either way, as for most, this is just a time of fleeting interest, subscribing to fad ideas, habits, philosophies and dud relationships.

 On the other hand, some of you may be drawn to humanitarian pursuits after decades of climbing the corporate ladder; you may decide now is the time to give something back.

During the Neptune conjunct midheaven transit, you could set up or join a charity, directly go out and speak with and help the less fortunate.

Service and how you can do more to help others will defiantly come up in your life if you have Virgo or Neptune, Pisces or any aspect that denotes charitable giving, placed strongly in your natal chart.

However, make sure you’re not seeking to help others to make yourself feel better or to preach to them about how they should do better or any other feelings of superiority, low self-esteem or guilt.

If that’s how you are feeling, it is best to get help for your issues during this transit and help others when your feel more grounded or you efforts may backfire.

Or cause some sort of public disgrace; in fact, avoid gossip and being dishonest at this time as this will backfire and have serious repercussions.

This can be a time of high illusion, manipulation, and deep psychological or emotional insights, spiritual awakening, and unlocking of hidden agendas or talents.

Avoid falling under the spell of charismatic spiritual leaders during this time, attend lectures, indulge in their videos and books, but don’t make any firm commitment to join any cause until this transit has passed; know the true light is within you.

The Neptune conjunct midheaven transit wants you to question how you imprison yourself and how you can reach self-actualisation,  however, you need to heal all the wounds you have within, on the psychological, spiritual and emotional levels.

This is not an overnight process, so you must take a mature stance in solving your problems; quick fixes and immature measures will just deepen your feelings of lostness and widen your inner void.

Life is more of a marathon than a sprint; no matter how it may seem on the surface, change and self-improvement takes time; all humans have access to the divine within them. You’re not unique in this.

 I say this as sometimes we humans can become so overbearing in our pursuit for change and connection with the divine

We can become tyrannical with it or follow spiritual leaders who are that way, the actual path of awakening is giving up the self for good- god- the higher consciousness, not thinking or recognising yourself as the god; there is a big difference.

The difference is in those who still live their lives as they were before, drinking, smoking, eating, watching porn, carrying out any other self-destructive behaviour to excess.

 I am not saying you have to give all these things up entirely or at any one time; I am saying that try spiritual- higher consciousness evolution- metanoia comes from giving up a past life for a new one.

A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking they can still live a totally selfish and materialistic life and be on the planes of higher consciousness; this is a distortion.

You don’t need to do it all at once; it happens over time; this is a time of high illusion and self-delusion, however, do not feel overpowered, seeing it as a challenging task to change in the ways you wish.

Take it slow, seek out help to help you, help yourself, even if you uncover you have lived a selfish and egotistical life when you thought you were a giving soul, have compassion for yourself.

At least you recognised this now, don’t scold yourself, change whatever needs to be transformed, refine your character if you authentically wish to do so.

All humans, errr, we all make mistakes; it’s what we do once we are aware of our self-destructive habits that counts.

 The knowledge you awaken to during this transit of Neptune conjunct Midheaven can have permanent effects; remain open to the subtle energies of the unknown, above all love, accept and forgive yourself.

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