Neptune in the 2nd house

Neptune in the 2nd house, 2nd hosue neptune, neptune in taurus, neptune, 2nd house

Neptune in 2nd House, Neptune in Taurus


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If you have Neptune in the 2nd house of Martial possessions, inner values-self worth/concept. Then you may experience difficulties with your finances down to the fact you have an unstable relationship with your inner self. Also, past life issues with the misuse and withholding of money from worthy causes ( including your immediate family) play a part in your financial instabilities.

Money does come in, but as soon as it’s come it is gone again. The reason for this is two fold YOUR KARMA  and because you often do not set a budget which means you regularly blow your budget. Also on the karmic level, your financial level will never be what it seems on the surface because your finances are realised by your soul lineage- karma and your sense of inner values, which can be a bit sketchy at time sot say the less. Of course, you may have other aspects which counteract the effects of Neptune in the 2nd house.

You should avoid excessive gambling, risk-taking and over speculation when it comes to your finances and your inner values. With a poorly aspected Neptune in the 2nd house, you may fall victim to fraud, deception and being unrealistic with your hopes and expectations. A well aspected Neptune could mean that you are over generous almost always giving the shirt off your back. Yet this is due to the karma of you taking to much from yourself and others in previous lives.

Neptune in the 2nd house, 2nd hosue neptune, neptune in taurus, neptune, 2nd house

You could also be due to Nasty divorces and clingy almost psychotic love bonds with others which will leave you depressed, this is also due to karma, the only way to get out this rut is to leave all familiarity and soulmates –behind to forge the new – vitality fuelled interactions you need in your life to grow spiritual. I feel that it’s nice to have soulmates but if all you do is cause destruction together, where is the benefit in that not only for yourself but for all those around you?

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You should be able to use your creativity always to make ends meet this lifetime, you may not have all you want, but you will always have all you need.

If you want to change your life around then you will have to confront your inner issues with victimhood, you should use your natural sense of compassion on yourself before you try to use it on others.

It is your inner sense of not truly wanting to be an autonomous individual that cause your financial and relationship issues. You can be a true individual and still have a special connection with someone else; you need not hold on to your past life karmic patterns of self-expression or soul mate bonds to feel a false sense of security and independence. If you want to feel financially secure, you have to become emotionally secure from within first. Forgive yourself for all your past life karma, after all, you were only learning your lessons and allowing your soul to grow.

Yes, you may have a deep sense of guilt because you fell into the darker trappings of Neptune the sins of materialism, sensuality, greed, and envy, which are the shadow side of Venus. I have battled with these issues as Venus is strong in my chart, they are ways you can learn to manage your inner world(s).




You have to work and take steps to give up your deep sense of guilt and your deep-rooted belief. That you do not deserve financial and inner security this lifetime because of your past life soul memories of your questionable behaviours.

To rid yourself of your 2nd house in Neptune guilt, give back to others, volunteer some of your time at a charity. Or doing something you would not like to do doing it will benefit someone else immensely, self sacrifice in this way is good to alleviate your guilt. You do not need to sacrifice your wants and desires in an extreme and fanatic way. Learn to give from a place of inner poise and balance instead.  If you want to dissolve the karma of Neptune in the 2nd house  love, accept, understand and forgive yourself first. You can gain a sense of self-worth by expressing the more positive aspects of your imagination and working with the influence of the Saturn –Taurian energies that can aid you with focus, balanced self-expression, practical action and the will to carry through your intentions.

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