Neptune Opposite Midheaven Transit and Natal

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Natal chart

  • Confusing times abound in personal or family life
  • Inner struggles barriers to professional advancement
  • Lucid inner world
  • Battles with material and spiritual natures
  • Drug abuse or some other form of neglect in the home
  • Problems with neighbours, visitors and acquaintances, especially in the realm of your professional life
  • Disruption in professional and educational life
  • Problems with home repairs and deception in the home,Always allocate the right resources to overseeing home renovations, always vet the people you let into your life, as one wrong acquaintance, could totally bring your world crashing down.
  • Disagreements in the workplace- scandals- damage to your professional reputation
  • Drastic career changes

Having Neptune opposite midheaven in your natal chart can give you quite a confusing time, particularly in terms of your personal, family, career, spiritual or educational life.

May opposing factors can cause at home, in childhood and beyond, your early child life could impact your life progression, and some of you with this aspect of Neptune oppose midheaven.

Some of you would have experienced many traumas early on in life, and find it hard to deal with issues surrounding visions, addiction, isolation.

Others with Neptune oppose midheaven may experience an idyllic upbringing, with lots of peace, loving parents who took a keen interest in your personal development, education and helping you get the best out of your potential.

There could have been issues with one or both parents, one of your parents may have not been very mature, giving you a free rein, which hinders your concentration in adulthood.  On the psychological front, one or birth parents could have suffered from a diagnosed or undiagnosed, mental illness.


in tune with the intangible 


Neptune opposite Midheaven makes you very aware of subtle energies in the atmosphere, so growing up, you would have picked up on any vibes in your life, good or bad.

And this ability to read between the lines, either boost your self-esteem and set you up to effectively use this gift, in your education and career pursuits.

Or if the vibes where highly negative in your childhood home this could make you emotionally unstable, due to the constant exposure to the emotional high and lows.

If this is the case, you may find dealing with life very hard, finding it hard to come with day to day practical task like going to work, paying bills on time or sticking to a routine.

At times you find it hard to put your thoughts and therefore words into a rational order, so you can e prone to highly temperamental outburst, sometime in the workplace.

This can damage your career, Managing your emotions is vital, therapy or any other type of healing will help you, as will learning to stick to a routine, and getting help to manage anything which hinders your progress.

Your homes may experience constant repair issues like constantly leaky taps, or major issues like floods, disturbances in electric equipment. All of these can drain you of your physical, motivational and spiritual energy, because of your refusal/ inability to keep up the necessary maintenance of your home and not everyone with Neptune opposite midheaven will experience this aspect in the same way.

For others, Neptune opposes midheaven, will play out as a battle between the more spiritual and the material sides of your nature, which will leave you constantly questioning the spiritual meanings and experiences of life.

And their relationship to your sense of security that often involves the polarities of career and home

. If your past was filled with ambitions and your inner needs for happiness were neglected or taken for granted, you will encounter a crisis wherein you will be forced to step back and evaluate your current direction again.

Some of you with Neptune oppose midheaven might decide to move city or country to find success in your career, or you may also shift professions, dramatically, like from stock trader to reiki healer, as you have an inclination to relocate.

manage your thoughts


 For many individuals with midheaven opp Neptune, this turns out to just be on the physical level for others you could literally rearrange your thought and behaviour patterns, totally transforming yourself from the lifestyle you were born into. 

Some of you with this placement might also be forced into moving because of uncontrollable circumstances.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven in Transit

  • Chaos at home, career, in your inner world
  • Anything you like to keep hidden may resurface
  • Re-questioning of material and spiritual aspirations
  • Feelings of insecurity over potential future events
  • Rethinking who you are, your values, your relationships- where your focus is
  • Sudden upheavals due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Feeling emotional or otherwise drained- inertia, lost in vital energies.
  • Time of rebalancing, for all areas of your life financial, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Whatever you been neglecting will resurface.
  • Mind opening times, where you have been narrow-minded, you will be jolted into broader perceptions
  • Removal of all that’s hindering progress can be painful, but events which happen now serve to transform you and help you grow.

Then need to shift to healing your inner world, seeing that the external possessions and attainments, do not define who you are, that you need something deeper in your life.  As the things you cling too are no longer helpful or beneficial for you.

When Neptune opposite midheaven is transiting your chart, take it as a time for you to evaluate yourself and contemplate about your life’s spiritual meaning and your life as a whole.

It is likely that spiritual development is a response to a loss or disappointment that has something to do with your family, profession past religious/ spiritual experiences, relationships, especially the one or lack of one you have with yourself. It might also be because you feel lost or you just want to escape society.

Although you might choose to drastically change your life, becoming less materialistic or you may retire and sacrifice all your modern comforts, you might still feel discouraged, due to other people’s views, or your own inner tensions.

turn your weaknesses into strengths

 You might also experience weakness, confusion, lack of faith, or low self-esteem. Even your own home doesn’t feel safe due to the buildup of toxic paint, mould, asbestos, or any other forms of energy.

You may also feel extra sensitive to bizarre or weird things that may make you feel insecure, anxious, and vulnerable. It is best to seek spiritual guidance during these times.

Deceptive, suspicious, or strange events may result in employment loss. You can become a victim of humiliation or a swindle such as being cheated out of your promotion, inheritance, an affair coming to light.

Your career might be put on hold to look after an injured or sick member of your family. Maybe you feel ill or weak, but medical professionals cannot find anything wrong with you. Alcohol or drug addiction might also be involved.

Healing your emotional wounds will help ease any physical pain, as will changing the food you intake into your digestive and thought systems.

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