Neptune Sextile Neptune Transit Meaning

Neptune sextile Neptune Transit

Neptune sextile Neptune Transit – letting go and self surrender

  • Looking through your self illusions- to bring in positive change
  • Seeing how you limit your ambitions, advancement and self-understanding
  • Letting go of restrictions, and anything or anyone holding you back
  • Making solid plans to move forward, letting go of selfishness and ego
  • Ignoring the need to let go of the past can lead to physical, psychological or emotional imbalances.
  • Questioning and reforming your belief system
  • Realising that you are the master of your destiny
  • Ceasing to blame external events or people for your personal downfalls
  • Seek advice or support of elders or professionals to help you deal with any issues which come up internally now
  • Heightened perception or imagination that brings clarity
  • Increased self-awareness, compassion, understanding and acceptance of how life is
  • Coming into yourself, getting clear on who you really are
  • Open to the subtle energies and vibrations and the larger picture of life here on earth
  • Good time to tap into your inner creativity, expressing yourself through audio or visual form that can enhance your visions, infusing you with information and visions
  • Ultimately the Neptune sextile Neptune transit gives you the chance to create a new way of life for yourself, knowing you can steer your life in any direction you wish

Typically this transit occurs around the same time or just before your natal Saturn return ( when transiting Saturn conjuncts your natal Saturn), which usually happens between ages 28-31.

Neptune sextile Neptune Transit, meaning continued

Calculate here to see when yours will occur; the effects of the Neptune sextile Neptune transit and your Saturn return are interlinked. You will find yourself doing a drastic life review, looking into the ways addictions, self-destructive habits, negative thought patterns have hindered your life.

 If you are spiritually, philosophically or intellectually inclined, this can be a time of heightened sensitivity to the etheric realms.

 You may choose to deepen your connection to the source you believe in or move in a totally new direction.

Neptune sextile Neptune transit opens your mind to the ways you have been limiting your potential; you have lived about 28-31 years of life and have learned how to fit in my the society around you.

Now you will awaken to how you have allowed yourself to conform to appease others, how your ego and its motivations have hindered your development if the people in your life are toxic or conducive to your authentic ambitions.

Suddenly you will be open up to the bigger picture due to the influence of your Saturn return and this Neptune sextile Neptune transit occurring simultaneously, seeing how small-mindedness and focusing on your immediate environment have restricted your perception.

You must use the enegy of neptune sextile neptune tolive out the new direction and understanding yoru staurn return brings to you.

It is not too late to live out your dreams, Saturn wants you to make a plan to bring your authentic ambitions into reality, and this may mean letting go of the familiar to chase new beginnings.

The Neptune sextile Neptune transit doesn’t necessarily make you more optimistic than usual; some of you may give it to the mystical and imaginative.
Others will focus on the material, thinking of ways to obtain a dream career, relationship, home or other practical milestones.

For others, spiritual ascension will be your main focus as you seek to shed your attachment to people and possessions, seeking a more meaningful life, but it is essential not to forget the more minor details. If you wish to live off-grid, you will need the financial means to do so, or you will have to find a community where you can live for free in exchange for your skills or labour.

 Practicality is the keynote of this transit, as is character and lifestyle refinement, the energy of your Saturn return, and the Neptune sextile Neptune transit ask you to cut away all the deadwood in your life, focusing on your personal development.

Seeking help for any emotional or psychological blockages that stop you from feeling fulfilled, Neptune influence can offer self-healing, forgiveness, understanding and compassion.

Saturn provides the foundation, restrictions and momentum that are needed for you to rethink and formulate a strategy to overcome all the obstacles that will occur in your quest for self-advancement.

The double influence of these transit can make you feel uncertain and fearful as things, thought, and behaviour patterns or people are stripped out of your life, and you undergo rapid introspection, opening you up to new perspectives and a great sense of self-determination and free will.

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