Neptune trine Neptune transit Meaning

Neptune trine Neptune transit

  • Becoming more selfless
  • Giving up ego, even if it’s only 1%
  • Deep spiritual, intellectual, religious or philosophical awakenings
  • Giving without looking to receive
  • Deeper connection with your inner self or intuition, which leads you to information that may turn into wisdom with action and a change in lifestyle
  • Increase maturity
  • Tapping into the higher consciousness- seeing past your own nose
  • Helping others
  • Returning to childhood religion

This transit happens at around ages 45- 58; it is a perfect time to revaluate your life and what you have come to be true about the world.

If you have not already, many of you may undergo some sort of religious, spiritual- higher consciousness- intellectual awakening that makes you see past material concerns.

You may be that typical person who has worked themselves up the corporate ladder, to get to the top, only to see the bottom, or an illness or illness or death of someone close or who you admire can trigger some sort of soul searching and course correction.

Neptune trine Neptune gives you the ability to see life in a way, in a new way as you open yourself up to the religious, philosophical, spiritual or mystical; you may have previously lacked empathy for your own and others emotions.

Now you’re gifted with new eyes, opening yourself up to deep compassion; if you have always been empathetic, you may begin to see the obstacles in your life in a new way.

 As you shift from blaming to claiming your rightful place in the world, vowing to manage your psychological and emotional life so you can help others do the same, this is a time when you can feel connected to the collective consciousness.

This can be a subconscious or conscious process; not everyone will go all Mary Poppins at this time; some of you may remain Fagin( Oliver twist villain).

But you will do something out of character, like giving to the less fortunate,  that makes you realise a life beyond your own ego.

Even if you have lived your life rationally up until now and you don’t completely give up being material orientated, you will make some significant steps to become the change you would like to see in the world.

Maybe by starting or joining some sort of social activist or humanitarian group, others of you, you will be conscious of this process delving into metaphysical, intellectual or mystical research. To uncover the deeper histories and origins of mankind, some of you may have an out of body experience, premonition, deep vision or go to a spiritual retreat that opens you up.

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