New Moon 13th March 2021 weekly horoscope

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Weekly horoscope 7th March – 14th March

Moon energies:

The moon went into Capricorn at 2.20 am on the 7th of March 2021, until 7.41 Am on the 9th of March; when the moon is in Capricorn, you might find yourself having feelings of nostalgia.
You may find yourself thinking about the traditions in your family, community or religion.
If you have forgotten your roots of late, you may find yourself looking for answers in your past experinces and actions; some of you simply may enjoy a traditional meal or meet with old friends.
However, during this period for some of you, this could mean an actual run-in with authorities or questioning the status quo in some way.
If your spiritually inclined, you may find yourself drawn to take more practical action in your spiritual practice; natures cycles may help you open more doors to higher consciousness. Order, structure and routine will be the order of these days; any efforts you put in now will pay off,
If you intend on building, selling or renting a home, you may receive good news, finding the perfect home or selling at a favourable price.
Any practical action such as exercise, learning or enhancing your skillset will help you achieve balance, and as you are taking actual steps to bring your visions/ goals into reality, you will feel more at ease and gain extra strength, as you will be lessening any inner resistance to you achieving your goals.


The moon moves into Aquarius at 7.41AM on the 9th of March, until 2.44PM on the 11th of March 2021; you mind find yourself wanting to learn new things, especially in the fields of science, technology and social pursuits. Some of you may think about starting a social enterprise to help your local community; others may gain visions calling them to start global humanitarian projects.
If you have a business or any other important meetings during this time, reschedule if you can; if not, make sure you listen to what is being said, as well as trying to remain calm as possible when stating your request.
You, your partner’s, acquaintances or closee ones, may become stubborn in your request; remember the long term picture and don’t just focus on short term gains. The energy is there to enable you to remain emotional detach yet; this can also cause explosive outburst if you’re not too careful.
Check the fine print in anything you sign, and think about any potential consequences; excellent rational solutions can be found during the Aquarius moon, the energy is also there for ethereal art to be produced in the form of dance, drawing or music.
If you have been finding it hard to deal with emotions, you may find that you begin to look at the issues in new ways, you may find yourself highly reflective, those in authority or older than you may help you see things from a different angle, imparting highly beneficial wisdom your way.

Some of you may find yourself walking away from the old to find the new; when the moon is in Aquarius, innovation, heightened consciousness, radical acceptance, rethinking your passions are just some of the experiences you may have.
At 2.44PM on the 11th of March 2021 the moon enters a new moon in Pisces; when the moon is in Pisces, you may find yourself confront secrets, uncovering lies or delving into the mysterious.
For some of you, this can be looking into the as you imprison yourself, especially emotionally, you may research ways to help you handle your emotional or psychological states in a more personal beneficial way.


Some of you may enter the mystical, be careful with the amount of intoxicating substances you consume when the moon is in Pisces. Ensure you look after your safety, as some of you may be prone to overindulging. You may find yourself thinking about your behaviour in general, finding yourself thinking about how you can help others more.
Do all you can to remain grounded, maybe try mediation, going for a walk, anything which helps you feel less anxious will be beneficial to you at this time, yet remember everything in moderation. Illusionary thinking is also possible at this time.
New moon in Pisces

There is a new moon in Pisces on the 13th of March; it’s a perfect time to start new things, to write down goals, step by step, allocating time for setbacks and failures, as this is how you best prepare for the future.
Know, often in life we are picking up many skills, simply by living through our experiences, when you learn the lessons from your experiences by understanding your past, so you do not keep reliving them. Stagnation is what really causes life pain, getting stuck in self-destructive habits and relationships.
Healing through your emotions, you may feel like it’s too late to start again, but if you use the time of the new moon to set your intentions and write down how you will reach your goals, you will reach them if you take daily actions to reach your goals.
This is a good moon to use affirmations, sound healing, listen to the music which soothes or inspires you to be more; a new moon in Pisces, in particular, is a good time for rebirth, to open yourself up to intuitive guidance and mystical visions. You may find that you are more receptive, selfless and imaginative.


You may experience changing emotions, do all you can to manage your emotional states, but note our emotions serve as a tool to indicate to us where we subconsciously place our attention, indicating areas of healing and growth, although working through past hurts is very painful. The moon in Pisces is beckoning you to look at ways you can release some of your anxieties.
Often in life, most of our stress in life comes from reacting or often overreacting to the actions of others, which you rarely can control anyway.
The only thing you can do and the best practice is to train yourself to become less reactive to the external world and other peoples actions, as this will free up endless energy, which you can use to achieve your goals.
People will always do things to annoy you, but if you practice patience in the times, you are highly impatience, like when a driver cuts you up in traffic or someone taking too long at the checkout, over time, all these actions will pay off, your psychological health will improve as well your perspective.

Now is a good time too:
• Take a leap of faith, start living the life you always wanted to live.
• Start taking steps to let your past go
• Start or restart a new creative, imaginative, or artistic project
• Partake in self-care, romance, go for a walk in nature, do something spontaneous, meditation, drawing, relaxing, meditation or exercise.


When the moon is in Capricorn 7-9 th of march, it’s an excellent time to make logical and pragmatic decisions; investments in traditional markets will be favourable.
Resist any urges to be act rash and underhand in business dealings, as this may come back to bite you in the back when you least expect your comeuppance.
Yes professionalism is great, but if you try and be a bit empathic in your dealings during this time, this will be your best bet. This is a good time to check the facts and statistics and act by following the facts, rather than speculate on pure conjecture.
When the moon is Aquarius, this is a good time to do solitary work; those of you who are inclined may do some sort of scientific, social or spiritual experimentation. The Aquarius moon phase favours innovative work, some of you may receive a promotion at work, and all types of research are favourable right now too.
When the moon is in Pisces, you may be lead more by your intuition or gut feelings rather than logic, guard against becoming overly emotional in business dealings, and if you the rational type, try and be open-minded with anyone you may deem as overly emotional or unlike yourself, all personal expressions have their merits.
In fact, showing a more empathetic side may secure an important business deal. If you feel out of sorts, it may be best to postpone any business dealings are ask another member of staff to sit in for you.
You may look into ways you or your company can give more to those people in need of it.
Changing or implementing new legal and ethical procedures into your organisations operating procedures will reap ongoing rewards; this is a good time to make a loan or expansion proposal that focuses on enriching the lives of human beings.

new moon march 13th 2021

Health and nutrition:
When the moon is in Capricorn, it is a good time to look after your bones, especially your legs and knee joints; introducing a diverse diet during the Capricorn moon will help with any nutrient imbalances. It is also a good time for preparatory exercises, such as breathwork.
Aquarius moon is a good time to increase your water intake; swimming and all water sports will bring enjoyment and vitality to your heart, blood circulation, veins and glands. It’s a good time to try out activities that reduce your stress and anxiety, do all you can to look after your blood pressure, head, brain and mind.
When the moon is in Pisces, it’s a good time to look after your feet and toes; acupressure will be beneficial, self-care, touching and nurturing; it’s a good time to relax and not overdo it.
Being sensual will ease your tensions, relax and get enough sleep, as this will be the best course of action, reduce or avoid intake of intoxicating substances. For those who want to cleanse their internal organs, the new moon is an excellent time to drink teas, water, fruit juice or vegetable juice for 24 – 30 hours, starting with the new moon.
The idea is not to eat any solid food, do this only if you can, but doing this will have intense purifying effects on the mind, body and soul, helping to flush toxins from your body. It’s a good time for gentle exercises like tai chi, light dance, light yoga, gymnastics and stretches.


This is a good time for root manipulation, transplanting and planting; all rootwork is favourable now. Sprouting seeds is also favourable now as this will ensure profitable overall root growth. When the moon is in Capricorn, it’s an excellent time to heal crops and plants after grafting and pruning. Using natural remedies to combat garden problems will also bring favourable results right now too.
When the moon is in Aquarius, it’s good to work with bulbous plants like onions and tulips; this is a good time to store roots and fruits, it’s also a good time to attend to weeds and parasites.
When the moon is in Pisces, it’s a perfect time to plant leafy plants and vegetables; as Pisces is a watery period, it’s a good time to plant root crops. Planting cucumbers, courgettes, pumpkins and squash will be beneficial at the time of the new moon.


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