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Welcome to this article on life skills, life skills are a fundamental tool in life, we need them to be able to feed ourselves, our families, and to advance in our career and personal development.

Can help you build your self-confidence to achieve your life goals, online career and relationship counselling can help you gain insight and self-awareness on what matters to you in life.

I don’t scrape the surface why? Well, you don’t get far in life by doing that, yes you may be able to join the crowd, but if you want to step out from the crowd and give yourself the edge you need to take time to propel yourself forward in life.

In my online counselling sessions, I will deliver a mixture of mp3, video calls, emails to help you succeed in life.

I will give you the right foundations for your success, in our initial session I will listen to your wants and needs, then I will go away, research and create a strategy tailored to your needs.

I can help you:

  • develop your personal life to be in alignment with your career objectives
  • Create better relationships
  • Find the strength to leave toxic relationships
  • Give you career guidance- including doing research which accelerates your career progress.
  • Create a life plan
  • Explore your emotions in a safe place, nine times out of ten I have observed it’s our personal life and unhealed emotional blockages which impede our progress in life.

Online career counselling UK


Online career counselling UK


There’s really no definitive list of the life skills that a person should have. Below are some of the key areas of life skills:

  • Critical thinking and creative thinking are the abilities to think in unusual and different ways about problems and finding new solutions or generating new ideas, combined with the ability to evaluate information carefully.
  • Problem-solving and decision making describe the skills needed to understand every problem, find solutions to them, and take action for addressing them.
  • Empathy and self-awareness are basically the primary parts of emotional intelligence. These describe understanding yourself as well as being able to feel for some people as if their experiences are happening to you.


Please read below, to discover more about life skills and what my online counselling services UK, can do for you.



What are Life Skills?

Life skills basically refer to the skills you require to make most of your life.

Any skills that are useful in life can be considered as life skills.

Driving a car, using computers, and tying shoelaces, and swimming are useful life skills, for many people.

Life skills are typically used for any skills required to deal effectively and well with life’s challenges.

Therefore, it must be clear that everybody will have different lists of skills they consider essential in life and there are also skills that they consider unnecessary.

Somebody living in remote rural communities could put driving cars high on their essential life skills, while others might rank it low.


Life Skills their Importance,  how, Online career counselling UK, can help you meet your life goals.


For you to meet the daily life challenges in today’s constantly changing environment, it is important to have life skills.

The drastic changes in the global economies for the past few years have been matched with the technology’s transformation and these all impact on education, one’s home life, and workplace.

To cope with modern life’s change and increasing pace, students require new life skills including the ability to deal with the frustrations and stress.

The students today have a lot of new work over the course of their lives with pressures, requiring them to be more flexible.

For this reason, the early in life you learn to control all aspects of your personality and behaviours the better, as lack of self-control is the number one reason for failure.

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Benefits of Life Skills for Individuals


In daily life, being able to develop life skills help people to:

  • Recognise the impacts of their actions, as well as teaches them to take responsibility for what they do instead of blaming others.
  • Find some new ways of problem-solving and thinking.
  • Develop a greater sense of appreciation for others and self-awareness.
  • Make some decisions, analyse options, and understand the reasons why they make particular choices outside the classroom.
  • Build confidence both for group cooperation and collaboration and in spoken skills.

How a Life Skills Coach Can Benefit Young People?


  • It allows them to make a positive contribution through developing the experience and expertise they have to assert their rights and know their responsibilities while readying them for the opportunities and challenges of working and adult life.
  • It provides them with a voice in society, community, and school.


  • It helps young people develop self-confidence and deal with particular life challenges and changes such as discrimination and bullying.



Essential Life Skills Every Adult Needs

Such life skills are important, especially with today’s challenges in life. These skills can encourage wise decisions and help you establish self-confidence. Below are some of the life skills that adults need:


  • Inquisitiveness

Kids ask lots of questions and it allows them to learn more. However, several adults stop asking questions occasionally for the reason that it takes time and some fear that somebody else would consider them less smart.

Nevertheless, self-inquiry is a sign of intelligence since it shows that you are thinking about the events and issues and that you are open to some new ideas. Asking some questions will help you discover new interests and skills and develop your mind.

  • Collaboration

Back when you were in grade school, you learn how to play well with some people. As adults, you still have to use such collaboration skills in your career. In your workplace, being able to team up with some people in projects and share opinions will boost your productivity and effectiveness. It will lead to positive relationships in your personal life.

  • Communication

Resolving some conflicts with some people is important at work and in your home. Communication can be in a form of email, texts or chats on social media networks. It is essential to master such kinds of written skills. However, spoken communication is important. It means remembering to look individuals in the eye as well as being respectful of some opinions while expressing your own clearly.

  • Resilience

All people fall at some point in their lifetime. Resilience involves how well you accept obstacles and learn from your mistakes and recover. More often than not, mistakes provide the best life lessons. Just never let them defeat you.


  • Mindfulness- self-awareness

People are frequently focused on their written and mental to-do lists that they focus too much on the tasks for next week rather than dealing with the present. It causes you to spend more time fretting about what you still have to do.

For those who don’t know about mindfulness, it means connecting with the surroundings and people around you in a much meaningful manner.

According to science, it shows mindfulness may help you concentrate efficiently on the things at hand and has benefits for mental and physical health.

The Real Value of Life Skills and Online career counselling UK

Strong life skills may help you manage more stressful situations skillfully, which leads to career advancement.

Enhanced mindfulness may boost your time management while effective collaboration and communication skills may help you rally a team around the projects.

Inquisitiveness can help you see problems differently and find some solutions that save you or your business money and time.


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Whatever path you take in life, it’s important to note that improving life skill will make a greater sense of fulfilment in both your career advancement and life.

Take some time thinking of the ones that are most relevant to you. If you are searching for more help that concerns your life skills, it is always best to hire a life skills coach.

Online career and relationship counselling can help you develop your full potential.


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