My Online Holistic life coaching is for people who  don't wish to waste money and  want results

First things first, I will hold you accountable for our work together.

I would hold a safe space for you to release your fears, doubts and emotions, that are keeping you from riching your highest potential.

Are you ready to transform your life, building self-resilience, contentment and self-assurance, which will make you more than a force to be reckoned with?

Well, you found the right online life coach for you!

What can I do for you?

I help people who really want to transform their lives but do not know where to start, I will listen to you in an empathetic manner, yet I am fixed on one requirement, which is, you must want to change, as to be frank I like to earn my money.

My online Life coaching is designed to get Results!

There are plenty of people about they are looking to take your money for no results, that’s not me, so if you looking for someone like that, I am not the …..for you.

If you really want to change your life, then I am the holistic online life coach …… for you,  changing your life does involve focus and the building of self-discipline, it is not easy, but I have learned strategies which will help you overcome your limitations.


I will help you understand the reasoning behind your limiting beliefs and self-destructive behaviours, and a self-destructive habit is anything you cannot control or stops you from reaching your full potential. I will help you find out why you do and think about things in  the ways you do, why you react in particular ways to specific situations. I will leave no stone uncovered. I will help you reach your life goals and transform your life. I will help you elevate your mind, body and soul, note I can work with people who may not believe in spirituality and notions like the soul. However, I ask you to keep an open mind while working with me, as I have developed all my techniques from not only academic knowledge but my vast life experience and research, I will never push any beliefs on you, I tailor my skillset to my clients' needs.

The Reality

If you are not prepared to put the effort and hard work in to change your life you never will, this is why I need you to be dedicated to the whole process. If you not really looking to improve your experience, then I am not the life coach for you and we probably will not be a good match. I go the extra mile for all my clients and take my obligations to those I take on as clients seriously. I am honest, blunt when need to be, I will never be rude, but I will tell it how it is. I will help you find out the reasoning behind your interal pain, suffering and everything else which is holding you back. My methods are transformative, and they will help you overcome your emotional and psychological blockages, which stop you from living a balanced and successful life. My number one priority is to serve you, holding you accountable but also creating a safe place for you to heal and get over your hinderances.

My Expertise

I am an accredited life coach, with decades of experience working in the field of alternative healing methods, I also have a degree in psychology and marketing, attend and passed many courses including ones in astrology and alternative healing arts. I have also battled with and overcome my own psychological wounds, doubts, fears, addictions and self-destructive behaviours, this fact I believe qualifies me the most to be your holistic life coach. Now I wish to pass on all I have learned on my own personal transformational journey, I am consistently working towards my life goals, from the viewpoint of my highest potential, this is how I can help you reach yours.

What can holistic, Online life coaching , do for you?

Do you want:

  • To build a focused and balanced life for yourself
  • Want to become better than who you are now
  • To take full responsibility for all the habits, relationships and thoughts you let into your life- you don’t have to do all these things at once, step by step is enough.
  • to persevere with your life goals, despite the obstacles
  • A life coach that will be empathtic listen yet hold you fully accountable for your life
  • Feel more self assured and have the less, self-doubt and fear
  • To become unstoppable, learning skills that will help you progress even when life is hard and unpredictable.
  • Learn how to curb your worries and stop caring about what other people think of you?
  • Become more grounded and self-aware, without having to isolate yourself from others?
  • Uncover the thoughts, beliefs, relationships, unhealed trauma and emotional pain which are holding you back from feeling the fullness of life.
  • Develop self-resilience and learn how to, trust, respect, forgive, nurture, understand and heal yourself? With my help of course!!
  • Gain inner stability, contentment, and peace of mind?
  • Gain clarity and willpower
  • Become more confident about what you want from life, want you want for your family and or business, I can give you the skills to reach your ambitions.
  • I can help you achieve all this and more, with my honest yet empathetic life coaching skills, holistic knowledge and the ability to be firm enough to help you, reach your life goals and transform your life

Contact Imani, your experienced, holistic online life coach

Although change does involve hard work, it does not mean it cannot be fun, I administer my life coaching in a firm, yet upbeat way, I work in my own unique yet effectual way.


Why do most people can have wall to wall self-help books and not change, after all, they are plenty of articles on personal development online, so why are more people not living their best life and experiencg overall wellbeing and inner stability?


Because if you do not know the reasons why you sabotage your own success, and I know you may feel that statement is a bit harsh, but it’s not for this reason, most individuals are programmed via their experience with rejection, self-doubt, heartbreak and the other things which make you believe you cannot move on with your life.

To think they can never be better than what they are now, so my role is to help you find all the limiting thoughts, toxic relationships, psychological wounds and self-destructive behaviours which are holding you back from transforming your life.

I can lead you to the proverbial life-enhancing and vitality filled waters, yet it is you what must do the work to implement the techniques I offer you in your life.


In today’s world, we are plagued with self-help books…. Mindfulness this and mindfulness that, all these things do work, but before we can still our minds and walk away from your past,  you have to deal with it first.

And this is where I can help you whether you come to me for personal life coaching, business coaching, spiritual direction or astrological analysis.

My holistic and client-centred way of working will always ensure you get the best out of our sessions and work together, I am very strategic in my execution.

 I gather your hopes and wish for our session,this involves you filling in aaa few fact-finding worksheets or the information I collect from our free, 30 minutes consultation.

Then I go away and plan a tailored program based on your needs. My analysis is based on life coaching techniques, psychology, sociology, astrology, life experience, research and my spiritual knowledge and practice.

All of the above may have gone over your head, all you really need to know is that I will put my full dedication in helping you reach your goals.


Imani, your online life coach


I will help you identify your barriers and obstacles to reaching your goals, ambitions, dreams and visions and plan a route for you to overcome your challenges, none of this is easy, and the work I do is no quick fix.

Why, because when we give in to fad techniques, eventually we will always go back to our prior behaviours, this is because the root cause your issues is never tackled.

 In my work as a holistic transformation life coach, I will help you reach your highest potential, and get to the causal factors of your self-destructive behaviours and limiting beliefs.

My overall work involves you reprogramming your subconscious mind, I do this by giving you techniques and resources that will slowly but surely help you change your mindset and heal your emotional blockages which are stopping you from achieving your life goals.

Step by step we will make the journey together to help you reach your goals, my vast skillset means that I can help you reach your goals quicker. By helping you discover and overcome your blockages to your personal success in an efficient and timely manner. So what are you waiting for? try online life coaching , now.

If you are ready to transform your life- Book, Your Online Life coaching , Session, Now

With my online booking software now, enter your email as I will, send you a few facts finding worksheets to complete before our gathering, we can do our intital session via Sykpe, Zoom or WhatsApp, for our , 20-40 minutes session.

This will give us both the chance to see if we are the right fit for each other, as well as me discovering what you wish to achieve from our sessions and the areas of your life you want me to help you transform.

I will always hold you accountable for your own expectations as well as giving you guidance. This session will give you a feel of what coaching will be like with me.

we will discuss payment options and how long you wish for our meetings go on for, i.e. 2 weeks,3 months, if we decide to work together, then we will also book our next session(s).

I will then go away and create a tailored made plan for your personal development and coaching.

If you are not looking to really to transform your life, then please do not get in touch with me, as I am highly serious about committing to my clients, going the extra mile.

If you are interested and dedicated to bringing change into your life,  book your free consultation now. With Imani your online life coach.

I offer reduce rates for those on low incomes, please contact me.


How about you and I work together to uncover the issues, which are stopping you from reaching your highest potential, book your holistic online life coaching session now!

I will help you root out the weeds in your life, heal your emotional and psychological blockages, so that we can sow, new seeds of happiness to bring fresh blooms of joy and fulfilment into your life.

I will give you the firm grip you need to shake you are from your ruts and transform your life. Don’t worry I have a cheery demeanour; however, I am firm and will hold you accountable, I will give you the support, compassion and guidance to help you change your life.

In our session we will explore who you are, your weaknesses and strengths, it is my aim to get you to accept yourself for who you are and where you at in life, as you must learn to have love,  understand and forgive yourself.

We will discover what is essential for you to in your life, how you have come to think and the behaviour in the ways you do, and how we can work together to improve your experience.

I will suggest steps, that are right for your temperament, I won’t throw you ina t the deep end, unless your ready, I will give you steps to take, that wont makes you want to give up, I believe in a slow and steady pace.

We will make a list of thing you want to change, I will listen to how you want to go about achieving your goals, then I will go away and come back with guidance and suggestions for your best way forward.

I use a holistic online life coaching method which many life coaches do not use, I know that all areas of your life need to be managed, physical, financial, psychological, emotional ad financial for you to become whole and fulfilled. I can help you make goes in all the above areas and more, I can honestly say there is no other life coach out there who works in the ways  I do, I am client-focused and driven.

My life coaching goes far beyond setting goals and vague concepts, I   go to the root of the problem as this is the only way life coaching can work for you. Goal setting is part of my life coaching practice but it is not the main crux, the core of my coaching is removing all obstacles to your personal transformation and life development.

We will have many deep discussions, where we will explore your doubts, fears, thought patterns,  opinions, emotions, obstacles, experiences, worries, there will be no stone left uncovered. In short with my life coaching, you will get the main course and the dessert, this is because I have been there.

I have suffered from anxiety, depression and limiting beliefs which made me think I was not good enough, I know what it feels like to have crippling self doubt. I can help you deal with issues of feeling less than, addiction, recovery and all of life obstacles.

Book your life coaching session now, you will not be disappointed.

Online life coach, Faqs

I do not discriminate I can work with anyone from a lawyer to a street cleaner, my only requirement is that you want to change, and are willing to commit to taking the daily steps needed to transform your life.

 Im the life coach for people who do not want to waste their money, who want to change their lives but do not know where to start, my job is to gather the tools you need to heal, manage and transform your life, your job is to use them. I will always hold myself and you accountable for ensuring you are reaching your life goals.

Book your consultation now, I understand that not everyone has thousands of pounds to spend on a life coach, so I have developed a life coaching by the hour program and preplanned 3, monthly programs, at cost-effective prices.

 My Prices start from as little as 25 pounds (19.99 for the first session) , I also do discounts for repeat customers, my rationale is the longer you stick with me the move discount you will get off my services.

My viewpoint is you cannot afford not to have it , if you want to give yourself the edge in our ever expanding technological world.

This is why I have kept my cost as low as possible as I want to my prices are cost effective and highly affordable.

I use a mixture, of  techniques including psychological-emotional introspection,  subconscious reprogramming, brainstorming, providing strategy, mediation, visualisation, facilitating a deeper connection with   your emotions and higher self- intuition, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness, self-awareness, question-asking and problem solving. All with the aim of building your self trust, belieft, expression and forgiveness.

I have read a lot of books, took courses, and have vast knowledge across a variety of disciplines and subjects.I use a holistic approach, if I feel a certain method will work with one client I will use that, my flexiablity allows me to  always ensure I am effective in helping you reach your life goals and change your life.

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