Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac sign an in-depth holistic, intuitive astrological Guide

Ophiuchus in astrology "To walk blindly, accepting what is, without thought, without questioning how things could be? is to commit yourself to repeating your past- until you wake up "

So what the NASA?

So there is a big debate in astrology, surrounding the 13th zodiac sign, should it be counted or not, in this article I will take a holistic look at the 13th sign. Presenting all sides of the debate, or as many as I can, weighing up the pros and cons.

Many people have questioned their identity, based on the revelation of the difference between astrology, which is a system derived from the study of the planets and how they impacted human life

 And astronomy which is the scientific study of the laws phenomena of the star, all other objects in space and time.

Astromony uses chemistry, physics and maths to explain the orgins of space and its many vastsities.

There is also a growing trend in constellation astrology, which is based on where the planets and asteroids are at any given moment.

Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus in astrology

SO NASA the space agency, 1, 2,3 BLAST OFF, into all things astronomical, has made us all aware of the 13th constellation, the sun moves through, Ophiuchus.

Yet we must not forget that just as psychology has its origins in spirituality and psychic phenomena, astronomy has its origins in astrology.


If we begin to look for the similarities within academic disciplines, human cultures, religions and philosophies, we will make more progress in 20 years, than we have in current human history.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has reported, that the sun moves through 13 constellations, having astrologers and clients alike, questioning the validity of astrology as a discipline.

Astrology is based around the concept, KNOW THYSELF.

Oh, Ophiuchus- Ophi, for short, where for art thou?

Whether you’re using Western, Constellation or Vedic Astrology, a natal chart interpretation, as well as paying attention to planetary transits can help you come into the full awareness of your whole being.

Yet there is an existence outside of Astrology, and any other school of thought, there can be a simple inner knowing of what is, without reading a book or getting a natal chart interpretation done. Some people can come to know themselves and what is, simply by observing and being at one with nature, while others, me included, have to use tools like astrology and psychology to reveal, you, to your-self.

To full know who were are, we must remove, who we are not, astrology can help you do this.

Zodiacally, you a mixture of all the elements, modes, aspects and influences in your chart, yet that is not the whole of who you are, yet astrology can help you, with your, self-revelation.

Unus Mundus, is the concept of one World, accepting all as one, the good, the bad and all the shades in between, after all, one must amour fati( love one’s own fate)  and uses ones free will to overcome, one’s fate.

The concept of Unus Mundus takes into account all aspects of life.  Bad may indeed, stem from good, and good from bad, evil, from love, and love from evil, however, all is one.  

Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus in astrology
Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus in astrology

The subconscious thoughts which feed the conscious actions, and the interconnectedness between the knowable and unknowable. Carl Jung, the psychologist noted the alchemy of life, how one’s adversities ( lead) could be turned in success ( gold), your trauma, need not keep you firmly on the path of your self-destruction. in understanding, forgiving and healing your past, you can bring about your self-resurrection.

 Astrology can help a person see the patterns of their life and overcome them, opening them up to the interrelatedness of all things.

Later in this article, I will detail Ophiuchus, the traits associated with the sign and why there is no polar sign, using my research and intuition, as, after all, I am a holistic, intuitive astrological life coach and spiritual director.

“A natal chart with an abundance of  Ophiuchus energy is calling the soul and thus the individual to reconcile opposites, there is no good and bad, for good and bad become relative.

( on a side note, i am not excusing harming other humans being or any other form of violent or overly narcissistic behaviour, which purposely stunts human beings growth. I.E. Stealing a sweet from a shop when you are a kid, can be seen as bad, but if you learn the lesson of not stealing  your bad act can become good.)

After all, is it not adversity- typically seen as “bad”, or so it seems, obstacles if moved on from, and understood, really can refine one’s character and make a person re-questioning things, finding new depths, in the things they were looking at and blinded to their whole life.

In my personal experience and observation, I have found this to be the case.

The 13th zodiac signs, Ophiuchus power

 A personality who has access to all traits of the zodiac, all modes of expression, dependent on the circumstances, that individual finds itself in.

Ophiuchus needs no modality, no polar sign for it is, its own polar sign, and it is all modes- mutable, fixed, Cardinal, yin and yang.

A Poem for Ophi

Antiquity and beyond

You sing your song

Attracting jealousy

Are you the only hu-man?


The fallacies we fall into

The paths we never take

You Ophiuchus

The power to heal

To go down into your depths

To war, where angels fear to tread

To be bold, taken a stance

To project or to protect?



Or deal?


Fall into the pits

Or help others out of the pit?


Desires on over drive

Sex on fire

Like the Leon and his kings

It can get so tense

No time for pretence, oh dear Ophi

Where for art thou?

For you dwell here

And sometimes there


You know the battle is eternal

More internal

Than extrernal


One trail overcomed

Another obstacle takes it place


Oh the bitter sweetness

Of all life

You see the dark

So you can heal it

Walking into the abyss

Or numbing oneself too it?


What a choice

Life what a business, hey?

For are you the poison?

Or shall you be the medicine!


Aquarius bares the water,

Yet the holding of snakes

Is your fate

Expelling the light with dark

And vice versa

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