Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac sign an in-depth holistic, intuitive astrological Guide

Ophiuchus in astrology "To walk blindly, accepting what is, without thought, without questioning how things could be? is to commit yourself to repeating your past- until you wake up "

So what the NASA?

So there is a big debate in astrology, surrounding the 13th zodiac sign, should it be counted or not, in this article I will take a holistic look at the 13th sign. Presenting all sides of the debate, or as many as I can, weighing up the pros and cons.

Many people have questioned their identity, based on the revelation of the difference between astrology, which is a system derived from the study of the planets and how they impacted human life

 And astronomy which is the scientific study of the laws phenomena of the star, all other objects in space and time.

Astromony uses chemistry, physics and maths to explain the orgins of space and its many vastsities.

There is also a growing trend in constellation astrology, which is based on where the planets and asteroids are at any given moment.

Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus in astrology

SO NASA the space agency, 1, 2,3 BLAST OFF, into all things astronomical, has made us all aware of the 13th constellation, the sun moves through, Ophiuchus.

Yet we must not forget that just as psychology has its origins in spirituality and psychic phenomena, astronomy has its origins in astrology.


If we begin to look for the similarities within academic disciplines, human cultures, religions and philosophies, we will make more progress in 20 years, than we have in current human history.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has reported, that the sun moves through 13 constellations, having astrologers and clients alike, questioning the validity of astrology as a discipline.

Astrology is based around the concept, KNOW THYSELF.

Oh, Ophiuchus- Ophi, for short, where for art thou?

Whether you’re using Western, Constellation or Vedic Astrology, a natal chart interpretation, as well as paying attention to planetary transits can help you come into the full awareness of your whole being.

Yet there is an existence outside of Astrology, and any other school of thought, there can be a simple inner knowing of what is, without reading a book or getting a natal chart interpretation done. Some people can come to know themselves and what is, simply by observing and being at one with nature, while others, me included, have to use tools like astrology and psychology to reveal, you, to your-self.

To full know who were are, we must remove, who we are not, astrology can help you do this.

Zodiacally, you a mixture of all the elements, modes, aspects and influences in your chart, yet that is not the whole of who you are, yet astrology can help you, with your, self-revelation.

Unus Mundus, is the concept of one World, accepting all as one, the good, the bad and all the shades in between, after all, one must amour fati( love one’s own fate)  and uses ones free will to overcome, one’s fate.

The concept of Unus Mundus takes into account all aspects of life.  Bad may indeed, stem from good, and good from bad, evil, from love, and love from evil, however, all is one.  

Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus in astrology
Ophiuchus, Ophiuchus in astrology

The subconscious thoughts which feed the conscious actions, and the interconnectedness between the knowable and unknowable. Carl Jung, the psychologist noted the alchemy of life, how one’s adversities ( lead) could be turned in success ( gold), your trauma, need not keep you firmly on the path of your self-destruction. in understanding, forgiving and healing your past, you can bring about your self-resurrection.

 Astrology can help a person see the patterns of their life and overcome them, opening them up to the interrelatedness of all things.

Later in this article, I will detail Ophiuchus, the traits associated with the sign and why there is no polar sign, using my research and intuition, as, after all, I am a holistic, intuitive astrological life coach and spiritual director.

“A natal chart with an abundance of  Ophiuchus energy is calling the soul and thus the individual to reconcile opposites, there is no good and bad, for good and bad become relative.

( on a side note, i am not excusing harming other humans being or any other form of violent or overly narcissistic behaviour, which purposely stunts human beings growth. I.E. Stealing a sweet from a shop when you are a kid, can be seen as bad, but if you learn the lesson of not stealing  your bad act can become good.)

After all, is it not adversity- typically seen as “bad”, or so it seems, obstacles if moved on from, and understood, really can refine one’s character and make a person re-questioning things, finding new depths, in the things they were looking at and blinded to their whole life.

In my personal experience and observation, I have found this to be the case.

The 13th zodiac signs, Ophiuchus power

The power of Ophiuchus is to remain one while dealing with the many conflicts – opposites within, visionary Ophiuchus energy can do that, and more without polarisation.

For soul born with an abundance of this energy or who have Ophiuchus as there sun sign, is bestowed with the ablity use the principles and traits of Ophiuchus to overcome their obstacles and navigate the terrains of their life. If they tap into this aspect of this force field.

Like all signs of the zodiac, all traits are reflected in all signs in one way of the other, yet how a person express themselves, depends on the signs the planets are in etc.

Some astrologers argue Ophiuchus is a myth for it has no element, I put forward it is all elements, the next argument is it has no modality, I put forward. Ophiuchus can be fixed, mutable or cardinal.It is all.

For instance, they are many stars, asteroids and planets up in the sky, yet us humans have picked out 12-13 constellations to explain our inner World.

It is this mass attention which brings the planets, stars, asteroids energies alive, in 2000 years from now, the humans alive then may pay attention to different constellations.

Yet the explanations of these “NEW” OR ADDED ON TOO, zodiac signs, will more or less be the same, why is this?

Well on earth school, the same themes, which basically revolved around, sleeping, awakening, EXPERIENCING, rethinking, what we think we know, growing beyond the things we are programmed into.

Doing what we want VS doing what OUR cultures, family, Peers, societies and Nations want, finding the courage to express thy authentic self.

Transforming from who we have come think we are, into who we are authentically.

Building the strength to overcome whatever your individual limitations, emotional and soul wounds are.

 Ophiuchus, at its higher level, as with all signs, incorporates all modes of expression, into one integrated personality.

 A personality who has access to all traits of the zodiac, all modes of expression, dependent on the circumstances, that individual finds itself in.

Ophiuchus needs no modality, no polar sign for it is, its own polar sign, and it is all modes- mutable, fixed, Cardinal, yin and yang.

After all, it’s ok to have an explosive temper which can be seen with people with an abundance of Mars, Saturn, Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio, Aries or Sagittarius energy, as well as other placements.

 Yet is it wise to be so explosive in temperament, when one has brought a banana to a gunfight, you get my drift?

Astrology can only work for you, if you actively and intentionally tap into its power, otherwise, just like any other information.

The meaning gets lost in translation, due to lack of application.

Astrology is one branch of knowledge that can lead you to the revelation of oneself; it is not superior knowledge; however, it does have divine elements to it, as do science, technology, medicine, psychology and many other fields and disciplines.

Astrology, I find it helps those who are more mystically / fantasy/ daydreaming/ creatively inclined, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as I fit partly into this category myself, however, because of the details, predictions and interpretations that can be gained from delving into astrology.

There is also a vast intellectual, mathematical and scientific element to it astrology and people of those personality type, are too attracted to astrology.

We can then say that astrology is a universal language, which, when use accurately, can help reconnect individuals too themselves, unleashing the vastness of their potentiality.

Astrology can help humans see connections amongst themselves, within themselves, astrology has the power to reconnect and connect people.

So it shouldn’t be sniffed at, they are many layers to astrology, most people see it as entertainment others as a powerful tool of self-transformation.

They are many layers to astrology, I could spend the rest of my life studying astrology, and I shall never know it all, thus although I know a lot about astrology already, I will be forever learning new things every day.

I will forever be the perpetual student of life and of astrology. My own soul, even and this goes for us all.

And this is what I love about astrology, the endless realms and dimensions of information that it can produce, on many different levels. The physical, financial, spiritual, emotional and psychological, the mundane and the esoteric, the known and unknown.

We must never forget that astrology has been used for many centuries and millenniums in many of the World’s nations.

Before the World become more externally- superficially- focused, yet the ancients knew as within, so without, as above so below, as well as the ring passes not.

So what does that mean?

Some people need help to open their field of awareness, some people find this via therapy, others via meditation, some via sports, others via communing with nature.


Astrology can help a person open up their field of awareness of themselves and the environment they were born in and now live in.


If they are inclined to be touched, and thus awakened by the methods astrology uses, however using astrology as a tool,  is by no means the only way, a person can come to understand themselves.


However, it is only an effective tool, when used correctly can provide, decades and decades of knowledge to help a person with their holistic self-transformation.


They are two mainstream forms of astrology Vedic and Western, Western astrology, at current, is based on calculations started by the Babylonians.


One must add there were many other systems of astrology before this, that although used simpler methods, also could predict and offer personality explanation.


And just how the Babylonian system was created then to synthesis and expansion on knowledge, astrology must carry on with this progressive track, incorporating new discoveries into the astrological field of expertise.

More about Ophiuchus

Just like the discovery of solar arcs, yods, grand crosses, degrees and all other aspects, nooks and crannies, open up astrological awareness,  new discoveries about the planets, asteroids, should be incorporated in astrology, in order to move, with the forever changing landscapes and times.

Uranus was discovered in the 1900s, now that we know Pluto is a dwarf planet or is it not even that? We will leave that debate for another article.

The field of astrology, like the universe, is vast and forever becoming, because new planets, asteroids and dimensions of knowledge, will continually be discovered, as the decades and aeons roll on.

Therefore like the stars, planets and asteroids in the sky, as well as the other things up there, and around us that we have not discovered yet, affect us whether we are aware of it or now, or not.

Understanding must be progressive and not regressive, to do this the past, must be taken into account yet, but so must the future, as well as the here and now.

How each system form their calculations in a nutshell

  • Vedic / sidereal astrology calculations have based the precession of the equinoxes, using the exact movement of the sun through the constellations.
  • The Babylonian system is based on fixed and unchanging points; each system has its own merit.
  • Constellation astrology is based on the actual positions of the sun, planets and asteroids., at any given time, always including the influence of Ophiuchus.

Intuitively, one explanation which I have formed and thus use in my practice of astrology is that the constellational astrology shows the authentic direction of where the soul needs to go, to liberate itself from the cycle of following the status quo in anything.

Just because it’s easier to stick in than stand out and the fact, it takes time ( often many lifetimes)  to rectify, habits and thought patterns.

Constellation astrology shows the supplementary energies which will reorient -(correct you) you on your current soul path.


In my practice I see both the Vedic and western birth charts, as a pattern of where the soul is at, and what the soul needs to do understand itself and to manage the many aspects of your personality.

Yet the end goal must always be taking personal responsibility for your own life as well of integrating all of your personality traits, so you express yourself as one seamless, whole being, with many facets.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.) Walt Whitman

However, one must never forget free will, and this has precedence over any other universal force and awakening tool.

From the day we are born, us humans, we are effectively programmed, some of us abused and coerced into following someone else’s will.

 Whether that is via parenting, community, society, religion or any other way of life, which is imposed rather than chosen.

That being said, it is good to know, what seen and unknown forces are affecting you at any given moment, so one can prepare for, manage and guard oneself against them.

Now don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with religion, this not the point there, yet there is a difference between choosing a religion or way of life and being born into it.

Astrology can help a person find their free will, by understanding the pattern of their life, and soul path, some people will view astrology more from a spiritual/ intuitive- creative perspective, and others will view it from a scientific/ logical angel.

Which is totally fine, as astrology has many layers and depths.

I will end this piece with the rest of this debate, I hear your cries of yay, by the way, lol, now I will go through the mythology and traits of Ophiuchus.

“The past and present wilt—I have fill’d them, emptied them.


And proceed to fill my next fold of the future.” Walt Whitman

Ophiuchus the 13th sign in more depth

29th November- 17th of December


When Scorpio met Sagittarius, and created a lovechild, researching the traits of both these signs, as well as the traits of Pluto, Mars, Jupiter and the Planet Earth, will help in the understanding of Ophi, energy.

Summary of traits of Ophi, the Snake tamer-Charmer
  • Changeable
  • Pioneer- go-getter
  • More of a doer- can be highly impulsive
  • Optimistic- pessimistic
  • Fixed in mode of expression
  • Wisdom / information/ experience seeker
  • Own unique dress sense
  • Open-minded- expansive
  • Contradictory
  • Domineering
  • Visionary
  • Loves physical, emotional, spiritual travel
  • Temperamental
  • Can be easier angered- enraged with jealousy
  • Quick-witted
  • Can progress on all levels, rapidly when focused
  • Psychologically, physically, spiritual, emotional and financially magnetic
  • Can be awe inspiring-can easy repel others- a bit like marmite lol
  • Good with bringing visions/ dreams/wishes desire, into concrete form
  • Multitalented
  • Many life experiences- can be a rolling stone/ cavalier
  • Emotionally/ intellectually aware
  • Can shy from routine- more spontaneous- can procrastinate because of this
  • Highly creative
  • Impulsive
  • In their own lane
  • Egotistical-prideful
  • Unique humour
  • Creativity and imagination by the shed load
  • Fight for causes, charity and ethics
Ophiuchus the ophimorph, 13th zodiac sign continued

Yes Ophiuchus can be described as a lovechild of Scorpio and Sagittarius, and to an extent it is true, yet I am from the school of thought that Ophiuchus can move between all modes of zodiacal expression, showing traits of all signs.


 This is not a unique phenomenon, as all zodiac sigh have a lower and higher octave, we all have a lower and higher self.

A higher mode and lower mode of self-expression.

Ophiuchus can be intense, intensely emotional, seriously jealous, ravenous for revenge, bitter in resentment, higher than all the Ganja plants that ever existed, lower than the depths of Hellos and the Underworld, immerse in hedonistic and chaotic pursuits.  As you can see, the stakes can be rather high or low.


A natal chart, for this reason, must always take note of all parts, all placements and aspects, this is why then, each person, even if born in the same star sign, can be unique, it’s all about degrees and aspects baby, and nothing beats an in-depth, natal chart evaluation.


Rather than a generic reading, environmental factors also play a huge role in a individuals, growth.


However all natal chart interpretation online, or from a book can offer invaluable insights,  so yes back to ophi, as yano one can digress at times!


You can be deeply passionate, sexual, in fact, sex like with a Sagittarius can be highly mystical, and a hard to lose memory, like sag, Ophiuchus can have a powerful aura, strong presence, yano like you know when you been, sagged or scorpioed right? 


Ophiuchus can be oozing vitality, but at the same time, they can also ooze revenge, balance is key for this sign to learn, as is calmness and non-aggressive communications.

Ophiuchus and compatibility

I am not one of those astrology’s to say yano all Gemini’s are best suited to other earth signs or Virgo, because they share mercury as a ruler, I found synastry of natal chart aspects, how a person natal chart, interacts with another, as the best gauge of how relationships will go.


Note not all relationships, are happy, go-lucky, some are meant to bring us pain, to wake us up from our illusions..as at times opposites can attract and work, but at other times, dissimilar associations can be disastrous.


 At other times like attracts like yes, but this can be way more disastrous, than opposites. , so yano how long is a piece of string……


But Ophiuchus will work with others with strong Scorpio, Taurus, ( an aware) Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Aries Virgo or Pisces, energy in their chart, out of all other combinations, in my opinion.

The Myth, the legend and The humanity of Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus is linked with Imhotep, who was a polymath and is a strong vibration on the polymath signature, Imhotep, was a holistic thinker, and had many interests.


 And those with the Ophiuchus energy will be interested in making connections between things; this can make time to develop in some, whilst others with intense Ophiuchus energy may be tapped into this vibration on birth.


Numerology, as well as the placement of the vertex and the black moon in a person’s chart, can be used to decipher, soul age, which is an essential aspect of astrological interpretation.


One of the most significant insights we can learn from the past 2000 years or so of human history, if not the entire human history available, is the need to separate things. Either by class systems or wealth, Imhotep took a holistic approach to life.


And I am not professing all humans need to be Imhotep to fill happy and fulfilled in life, however, looking holistically at how each area of your life affects each other.


And realising that self-management is the only way to successfully transiting and meeting the requirements, adulthood, requires of us.


For instance, if you struggle to manage your psychological health, his will impact your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health, this is the same if you neglect any one of these areas, as they all influence each other.


Holistic life management is the way to a fulfilled and successfully balanced life, as all excess, eventually, lead to self-destruction- lost in matter and its many illusions.


Imhotep has been made into a god of wisdom, because he was a priest to a king, had scientific knowledge as well as wisdom in medicine, architecture, poetry, mathematics, astronomy.


One of the striking things about Imhotep is rather than see things such as disease as fated or punishment from the gods, curses or aliments inflicted from the spirits, he seen them as a natural occurrence.


As an outcome or participating in certain things, or not guarding oneself against toxic or parasitic energy signatures, Ophiuchus is also known as Serpentarius.


After all, it is the snake bearer, after all, dealing with the often slipper, calculated, chaotic, creative, unpredictable, creative, rejuvenate, poisonous, regenerative aspects of life.


In Greek mythology, Ophiuchus was the illegitimate son of Apollo- Asclepius, he gave life back to the people, mostly the dead, in the underworld of Hades.


 Pluto was not happy with this and took his argument to Zeus, who in turn place Ophi, into the sky, new the serpent, as the serpent, represent renewed life.


Those who unlock the power of Ophiuchus, and indeed the higher octaves of the zodiac, open themselves up the springs, of everlasting renewal, for they come to see no opposites, just lessons, which is the lesson of the Ophiuchus life.


 Ophiuchus individuals can often be seen, gathering information, putting what they learned into practice, so they gain the wisdom, gain from observation and lessons learned.


For this, an evolved Ophiuchus person can draw jealousy and resentment from others, an Ophiuchus person learning the lessons of the lower octave; can be lost in their own jealousies and resentments.


Others may see them as a threat for this train yourself not to take things; personally, most people rarely break out of their early programming.


However, none of this makes you superior to anyone, a try leader helps those genuinely seeking a better life for themselves, they do not push others down, to make themselves feel big.


You can have a very off the wall, larger than life dress sense and way of self-expression, you can also be very introvert and selective about the company you keep.


 You can be secretive, have an explosive temper, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, temperance, as well as avoiding extremes are big life lessons.


Sexually you can be magnetic attracting your loves or victims, easily at whim. Did I mention dynamic, “systematic, It’s hydromatic,  Why it’s Greased Lightnin’!” yeah but there’s no need to make a song and dance about it all, hey OPHI ???

Ophiuchus the 13th zodiac sign/ constellation at work
  • High preiest/ priestress
  • Healer
  • Distressor
  • Dictator
  • Chef/ baker
  • Poet
  • Musician
  • Doctor
  • Pilot
  • Tour guide
  • Psychologist
  • Mentalist
  • Magician
  • Con artist- trickster
  • Sex worker- dominatrix
  • Academic
  • Manager
  • Actors
  • Tour guides
The positive and negative traits of the 13th sign Ophiuchus

Positive traits


  • Can be blunt, and too honest for comfort
  • Can be in tune with themselves and therefore highly content
  • Love transformation, and intuitively understand the rhythms of change
  • Can be highly evolved or the intellectual, emotional, visionary, material levels
  • Subtle/intuitive thinkers/ can think with heart, rather than logic
  • Intensely Passionate
  • Quirky and whacky
  • Achievement led
  • Highly developed sense of justice and ethics
  • Excellent communicators
  • Curious and explorative
  • Magnetic, empathetic, charismatic
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Excellent courters and mystical love markers
  • Highly persuasive
  • Emotionally adept and often intense
  • Unique ways of thinking and doing in the World
  • Antisocial


Negative traits


  • Can have issues with those who want to dominate or hold authority over them.
  • Can hate the superficial
  • Like to be number, think everything is a competition
  • Love to hear praise about themselves
  • Hard to follow sense of humidor at times – can be macabre -dark
  • Can be defensive to any critique or help
  • Superior complex
  • Inability to handle the mundanities of life
  • Secretive
  • Antisocial
  • Overly protective
  • Intensely jealous, obsessive and possessive
  • Flirtatious can prefer open types of relationships- can be loyal though, and stick to rules made.
  • Can be overly reckless
  • Overly procrastinates
  • Violent- short-tempered
  • Judgemental-like things just so
  • Do not have friends for the sake of it, pick company and activities wisely
  • Restless- energetic- needs to find a way to constructively use excessive energy
  • Calculated in revenge
The higher and Lower Octaves of Ophiuchus

At the highest a trailblazing visionary, with intense compassion and depth, at the lowest a warmonger and lover of chaos, destruction and revenge.


Like with all placements, zodiac signs and aspects of astrology, they all have higher and lower octaves, not all moon conjunct Pluto people will experience this energy in the same way. The problems person faces can be purely external, our solely internal or a mixture of both.


 Some people may actively participate in their life and others will be purely guided by the fate in their chart, lifetimes are an evolution, astrology can pinpoint and often to great accuracy predict outcomes, yet as with any discipline, there is always room for error, why?


 Well, the universe is not fixed, it is in flux, forever becoming and expanding.


For this reason, not all those with intense Ophiuchus energy will experience life in the same way, it comes down to what phase of lifetimes, you are in.


Are there in the phase of lifetimes where you soaking things up like a sponge, are they in a restrictive lifetime where they are here to learn specific lessons only, so not all of their Ophiuchus energy is activated?


 So they will only experience limited aspects of their Ophiuchus Vibration.


In this lifetime I have spent 20+ years experiencing and researching the occult as well as the material – surface sides of life, I found that astrology is best used in conjunction with mythology, psychology, evaluation, numerology, symbology, creativity and tarot.


This resolves the issue of error as when we take a look at the holistic, person, not just their parts, which yes takes more time, and we have gotten so used to the quick fix of, Yano predicting fortune, careers, love etc., which are all valid aspects of astrology.


But with all quick fixes, they just tend to cover up the cracks, leading you down the garden path and other leaving you high and dry, this is why so many people criticise the modern take on astrology, tarot and other holistic arts, for the lack of application to the reality of the real world.


Is it not better to prepare yourself for all aspects of life, rather than they knock you for six, as you refuse to accept, instead deciding to numb yourself, to part of your own existence. For if each person cannot truly accept all aspects of themselves, how can they expect other people to?


Fortune always comes with change

Achievements always come with some sort of failure or sacrifice

Love, changes, some loves are seasonal, yet that doesn’t mean love itself is. Heartache will always come with love why, well we all have to die/ leave this earth at some point.


So I believe it is better to live life from a place of acceptance, for as the tao te ching says “humans fear which cannot, not be feared”, so is it not better, to embrace, the cycles of life, in this acceptance we can breathe, new life, into stagnated vessels? Accepting that love and lost, are part of the same experience?


Life is a paradox, and the force field of Ophiuchus can allow those with strong Ophiuchus energy, to grow, in ways they couldn’t if they were under the control of any other zodiac sign, in their current lifetime.

The debate in conclusion, for now


Agree to disagree, but I am from the school of thought that anything which helps individual increase awareness, helping them stand firm in their convictions, before this one must understand the past, to get over it.


So you can prevent yourself from repeating the mistakes of your past, this lifetime and beyond

An astrologers role is to help their client in their self-evolution journey, not to lock them into any one mode of expression or thinking, after all, life is a trivium, a puzzled that each individual most solve for themselves.


For some, it is simple as an inner knowing, for others, they will unlock the depth of their capacity after years, decades of self-exploration, and that’s ok.

There is no one size fits all approach, to health and healing.


Vedic, western and constellational astrology all have their place in the individual’s life and soul evolution.







A Poem for Ophi

Antiquity and beyond

You sing your song

Attracting jealousy

Are you the only hu-man?


The fallacies we fall into

The paths we never take

You Ophiuchus

The power to heal

To go down into your depths

To war, where angels fear to tread

To be bold, taken a stance

To project or to protect?



Or deal?


Fall into the pits

Or help others out of the pit?


Desires on over drive

Sex on fire

Like the Leon and his kings

It can get so tense

No time for pretence, oh dear Ophi

Where for art thou?

For you dwell here

And sometimes there


You know the battle is eternal

More internal

Than extrernal


One trail overcomed

Another obstacle takes it place


Oh the bitter sweetness

Of all life

You see the dark

So you can heal it

Walking into the abyss

Or numbing oneself too it?


What a choice

Life what a business, hey?

For are you the poison?

Or shall you be the medicine!


Aquarius bares the water,

Yet the holding of snakes

Is your fate

Expelling the light with dark

And vice versa

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