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Astrological oppositions typically take place between the following Zodiac signs:


The opposition aspect occurs at 180° Degrees,  The planets in opposition show up directly across from one another in a birth chart.

The astrological aspect indicates a fundamental conflict between duality and polarity.

Individuals involved have at least two distinct sides to their personality.

The key to overcoming this placement is merging the two distinct sides of your personality together.

Instead of seeing duality, deeming both sides of your nature as irreconcilable.

If you have this the opposition aspect, you have to polarise ( bring together), all your personality traits, training yourself to see all of your sides as one, different parts of one whole being, which is you.

The opposition aspect highlights areas in your life where you will find your self with no option but to cooperate or break with others, there is no middle ground, or so it seems!

The tension of the Astrological opposition can lead to frustration, although objectivity could lead to the delicate balancing of the opposite Planetary Energies.

The pressure caused by the opposition(s) aspect, can be resolved if you train the two Planetary Energies INVOLVE IN THE OPPOSITION to compromise.

In short, you going to have to learn to give and take and to satisfy both aspects of your innate nature, or else.

The Opposition Aspect Meaning in Astrology, continued

The planetary powers engaged in the opposition will end up bouncing back and forth, fighting one another as they equally, compete to be centre stage of your life, until you learn to take both Planets involved by the reins. To achieve a compromise in this push and pull oppositional aspect, it is required to accept the two or more parts of yourself, as one whole.

I repeat this again, as this truly is the hardest thing for us humans to do, I have found the reason for this is because we strive for perfection, falling to accept our imperfections, in doing so, we slowly disconnect from our innate nature.

Doing ourselves a great injustice, this is why many adults who hit middle age are in crisis because they have trained themselves to conform to what society or their families want of them.

Without asking their own self what they what from their life, finding they had buried parts of themselves away, hiding  in their addictions and self-destruction, the thing is we cannot hide, especially form ourselves

All we can do is numb the pain by escaping into toxic ways of life and relationships.

But as the years go on it gets harder to do so, the only way to change our problems, is to change ourselves.

Harmonisation of all sides of your personality is the only way to SUCCESSFULLY  navigate your way through life and the Astrological Oppositional Aspect.

The Opposition Aspect in Astrology is generally regarded as an inharmonious aspect.

However, all aspects if not managed, including Trines, can become inharmonious without self-management and understanding, are critical with all astrological aspects.

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*Remember to overcome this placement, you will have to learn to get the opposing energies within yourself, your shadow and your light to work together in unison.

You either deal with your shadow traits, or they will deal with you, you use your light, or it will use you.

This is why I said even the Trine and Sextile aspects in Astrology can be detrimental if they are not utilised appropriately

Opposition Aspect in Astrology continued

The Astrological Opposition is like getting two tribes with ancient rivalry, to sit down and make peace, it can be achieved.

But it’s going to involve a lot of give and take, you will have to work on eggshells.

To handle the nuances of the two opposing tribes, you will have to use kid gloves, and you may even have to suck up to them a little.


I have this aspect, so I know from first-hand experience, the only way through the Opposition is learning how to manage both distinct sides of your nature, by merging them.

You will sometimes have to use honey when you really want to use vinegar.

The Opposition aspect can be a headache, it’s like having a pop with no corn, or corn with no pop, your either hot or cold.

You are never lukewarm in the areas of your chart the opposition affects.

Oppositions can be hard to deal with and understand, the powers involved are separated and strongly opposed to each other.

A working example of the astrological opposition

i.e. when moon your Natal Moon opposes you Venus your need for nurturing is literally fighting your need for romance and flirtatious encounters.

There will be a constant battle between meeting your own needs and pleasing others needs.

You feel a push a  pull between your need to give and receive emotional nourishment and your need to have passionate and brief romantic encounters.


And when you are in a  long term relationship, you may feel that you cannot, or it does not satisfy your Venus need for flirtation and Sexual/Physical Attraction, this can be an actual or Mental Blockage.

The way to work around this is basically to accept the housewife/husband/person and the whore, that is in every one of us human beings, granted some of us have more passion and predictions than others.

Also with oppositions, it is learning to be lukewarm about some things and not to do everything in excess, the oppositional aspect within a 0-3 orb is going to be more powerful than one with say an 8-degree orb.

However, all oppositions are a wake-up call, they are more subtle than the square or conjunct, and I say the oppositional Aspect is subtle because it often goes unnoticed by the native who has them.

If any other Aspect’s, especially a conjunct or square, are involved in your Natal astrological opposition, then the effect of this placement will be more fierce.

Face the music and dance

Opposition aspects are like a delicate Waltz, you have to stay in tune with the beat of the orchestra, to make the opposition(s) aspect work, you must train yourself to know every trick, nook and cranny of each planetary and zodiac energies involved.

My best advice is to make meditation, introspection-self reflection, relaxation, patience and self-compassion (you’re going to need this one in a bucketload) your best friends, to overcome the mighty powers of the Oppositional Aspect.

The tensions and stress of the square must be controlled if your too to reconstruct and not self destruct thyself. Natal Oppositions, do not change throughout your lifetime, they will always be activated when planets transit and so forth.The only way to handle this and any other hard aspects.

Is to learn the forces involved mode of operation, find a middle ground until you create an a personalised holistic lifestyle.

In which you look after your Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial Health equally is the only way forward.

Here is a quick keyword table of the main planets involved in Opposition and their needs:


  • Sun – stress and tension
  • Moon-craving, difficulty with how you perceive yourself and the World, challenges with emotions.
  • Mercury- Indecisiveness/inquisitiveness
  • Venus- affection, nervousness, disquiet love nature, changeability in partnerships
  • Mars- violent behaviours, thoughts, words, immense conflict with the use of power
  • Jupiter- fate/abundance, tongue-tied, self-conscious
  • Saturn- responsibility/limitations, Problems with authority and restrictions- including a problem with authority over self
  • Uranus-individuality, consideration, fickleness and volatile
  • Neptune- daydreams, Inner confusion with spirituality, addiction and self-image. Distorted views of the world.
  • Pluto –the transcendence of past/ past lives, Regeneration, Power struggles, complicated to control this aspect, distorted self-perception, issues with self-control, swimming form placid to the tyrant, and back again constantly


I will conclude this article with an example using the above table above, Saturn, in opposition to Mars, means you sense of responsibility, Limitation and patience.

Are in constant conflict with your innate drive for quick action, aggression/forcefulness. You need to act VS your need to act responsibly, Strategy VS Impulsiveness.

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