Pallas in Aquarius Transit

7th of December 2020-11-30

Pallas is an asteroid in astrology, Pallas energy represents logical and spiritual reasoning, see helps provide strategic, yet creative, generative solutions to your problems. If you take the time to work with Pallas energy, as we anything in life.

Collecting information is one stage, yet taking practical action to put the information you know to hands-on day to day use. In simple terms, when applying information, taking action is how wisdom is gained. There is no other way.

Pallas can help you focus your energy on learning, personal, professional and spiritual development, Pallas energy can help with the healing of artistic and relationship wounds.

Many times people are not only afraid of their shadow and their light, but they also fear authentic self-expression out of fear of rejection or appearing different.

Which is often a fear past down to us via our parents and other members of our birth families, immediate community and societal expectations.

Pallas can help you unleash your creativity allowing your remove blocks to your expression of genius or artistic flair.

Pallas energy can help you recognise the masculine and feminine within yourself, also shedding light on the masculine/ feminine relationship on every level. ( spiritual, physical, financial, emotional and psychological) Pallas can help us accept different sexual expression in ourselves and others.

Pallas is potent in the natal chart, especially if it makes aspects with inner planets or if Pallas is part of a strong formation like at square, grand cross or yod.

When Pallas enters Aquarius, it is a perfect time to reflect on your past, to make strategic plans for your future. Pallas in Aquarius transits are asking you to focus on, future trends, not existing ones, urging you to look ahead, not lament in your past.

Pallas in Aquarius energy can help you solve the most adverse obstacles. Issues that have hindered you for years can be resolved, during the transit of Pallas in Aquarius.

Pallas hold the formula to overcome your past, by helping you recognise patterns in your life so that you heal and manage them.

You can embrace your past stagnation, with fresh, innovative ideas. Yet, practical action such as getting the help you need to control any addictions, emotional or psychologically upheaval, you are facing.

All humans need help, day today, and when Pallas is transiting Aquarius, assistance is given, in the form of logical reasoning, spiritual insight, with the longevity of execution in mind.

Change takes time, yet Pallas can infuse you with information that can show you the way out of all your intellectual, emotional and relationship entanglements.

If you open yourself up, Pallas can give you off the wall, yes, but we only see the things we feel and cannot see in this way as most of us, have been programmed, from birth to believe what we are told. And deny all else.

Yet this Pallas in Aquarius transit can provide solutions to even the most entrenched of problems.

Read this week horoscope here to see how you can use astrological energies to help you navigate your week, I give practical tips to help heal and support your mental, physical, spiritual and financial wellbeing.

If you wish to start a revolution with yourself, transiting pallas in Aquarius is the time to start.

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