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I will update this page every time I post a poem online, sometimes I will do so on this site, or on medium.com, please read the poem below, submit any business request, I have written for weddings, valentines, funerals and occasion like that, I can tailor a poem to your needs, contact me @ ancientfuturevision@gmail.


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See you got me in a fever
Your taking over my soul
I know I have to go
Yet your signals beckon me to stay
Is this all in my mind?
Ain’t it all mind?
What’s beyond conciousness
I digress
As a fall deeper into your trap

You have snared me
Nothing else matters
Its a good thing
Us humans breathe automatically

I dont forget to wash
Yet I forget to eat
Heard you like them petite
So I decided to DIE-T
And keep my appearance on fleek

I have Bill’s to pay
Fuck it
Without you
I rather kick the bucket
See how lust and obsession
Deludes us
Into throwing away our dreams

Hidding the fact
We have been trained
To freely give ourselves away
Did it start with our fathers fist

Or maybe it was our mothers diss
Taught to dress up our
Suffering and pain,
In smiles and restraint
Hiding behind
Personality disorders and shame

Calling rejection love
Seeing neglect as affection
Running to houses and homes
Which offer no protection

Waning kisses
Hit and miss fucks
Where we hide
The fact
Theres no longer
No trust
As we
In a rush

Without bounds
Then comes a drought
Then comes the bomb
The sex
The hit mess
The passionate promises
Without compassion
Hiding in between the lies we all tell

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