A ditty,


Sweep, sweep, sweep
Oh the longing
Sweet love
How could I have been so blind,
To the shrine that is contained inside.
Endowed in every human being,
Is the keys to great vision. 



Us humans struggle with truth.
Truth is some people’s.
Vision will be forever blind.
Why because they think
They already have true

Fixed thoughts like these.
Leave one
Forever stuck in time.
For they cannot be found,
As they are not lost
In their own mind.
Between the lines.

The Trivium of the
Human mind.
The only way out
Is to unlearn
What you think
You know
For certain.



You keep telling me I have turned cold
Well maybe you should not have fed me so much ice
Life is a dice; we implore to explore
Trying to put everything in a box
Not accepting that we are all
Can a natural psychologist
Also be a bit of twat
And should
One who professes to be
Whole in all she is
Even use a world like twat
We think wisdom comes with obtaining status
This is the problem why
The world can tell us lies
for we all lie to ourselves…first….
Heal your self
Know yourself
find yourself
be thyself
express all self?
And you will be able to see through the diamonds in the rough
And the lotus flower buried in mud
You will see that all that glitters
Doesn’t know its already gold
Don’t be a fool accepting a mirage
for an Image of infinity

For yes the damage has been done
But there is a way through
To dare to begin again from the beginning
To unlearn all that you think you know
To let both your light
Shine through the darkness
Seizing to judge a book by its cover
Daring to explore each and single page
Before reaching a firm conclusion
about…..what the books content are



The eyes are the window to the soul
Forever in them, we see places.
We should never go ……alas we venture
following the footsteps which bid
to keep us for incarnating…..
aimlessly on we go,
putting on horrendous shows.
Popularity doesn’t equate to loyalty.

Such are the tales of human woe
Often we say, deep down we really did know,
Not to do, the thing, that bidded to destroy us.
Still, we venture down the rabbit holes.
Even though we all been to this rodeo before.
And we more than know the drill.
How blissful it is to feel.

All your dimension’s-
Even the revelations which lurk in your shadows.
How our darkness can show us our light.
Yet we run from it, as if our human eyes have never seen the night.

How glorious to hear natures tones,
As my feet drift over the morning dew.
I know what it is to be alive
As the breath continues on.
As it always will.
We are all so dramatic,
Mankind….meaning both male and female and all those in between
Do you see what I mean…….mankind, words
Get us all hot and bothered, oh why.
A label is just a label
When you know who you are.
Tune in to your inner core
And see you’re a star.
No words can make you see that
Only you can be that
What you are.

Yes, we die,
Transform out of these bodies of ours.
But it is the time in between which is the real deal.
Yet we waste it on pondering when it will end.

Nowadays its hard to find and friend with an ear to lend.
Unless you go inside and reunite yourself with the part that often feels empty.
The void……..a black whole an old lover of mine told me to disappear too.
Did they not know…. Out of dark matter, all was created.
So in that void, I found, me, I, self, whatever
It’s only a label . and us humans are kinda all arseholes anyway.

Don’t you know that it is only you that can fill the void?
How many lovers have come and left?
How many relationships which were meant to be forever,
Didn’t even stand the test of a decade of time.
Yes we get foolish us humans, yet when we realize
It’s just one big dance,
Taking a change in self-romance, this is when our oceans open up.