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Remember we are more than one

astrological placement or aspect,

we are the entire sum of our parts,

as well as our environments.

Astrology is not our fate, for we have free will after all,

But to be able to use your personal willpower

You need to understand and heal your Obstacles,  as well as overcome your life challenges.

Astrology tells us a story, a story of how,

we can set ourselves free and achieve our highest potential.

I want to share your journey with you, as you heal from the inside out, when you’re full of doubt, don’t pout.

Accept yourself in the here and now, easy said than done, but astrology can help you reprogram your subconscious mind.

Uncovering the keys, to your soul transcendence, helping you to achieve your highest potential.

Step by step, heal yourself daily, from within.

As this is the only type of healing, that sticks with you.

You are worth it, I believe in you.

astrology readings


Read more about, astrology readings, online here


I write and record weekly forecast readings you can read more about them, here where I will post links to my videos and post page, each week, here.

I work in my own unique way, by using the moon and planet cycles and positions, to see what energy is available during that week for all zodiac signs.

Each person’s astrological chart and aspects are unique to them, and also the Families, Countries and Environments we are born into can alter many characteristics of our natal chart.

After years of practice, I found it best to state the energies available, universally at any given time.

Then it is up to you as an individual to make use of the energy, in conjunction with your astrological natal chart and transit knowledge.

As not all people with their sun in any of the 12 zodiac signs, will be experiencing the same transit at any time, but every person, regardless of zodiac sign or aspects.

Will be able to utilise, the planetary energies that are available to us all each week.

If you want an in-depth account of how your astrological natal chart, and personal transits, affect the universal planetary energies, that are available to us all.

Then it is best to get a personal transit reading done.

Transit reading options

Option 1 Weekly Computerised, Option 2 Personalised Weekly Transit, Option 3 Computerised Monthly Transits, Option 4 Personalised Monthly transit, Option 5 personalised yearly transit, Option 6 Personalised rectified Yearly Reading, Option 7 Personalised Vedic 2020 Yearly Horoscope Reading, Option 8 Computerised Yearly 2020 Vedic Horoscope reading, Option 9 Personalised Monthly Vedic Astrology Reading


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