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The 12 week intensive  package includes:

Personalised life coaching plan creation, then a plan revision at end of the 12 weeks

The first stage will involve sending you a fact-finding 16-page work/life balance questionnaire and information seeking workbook, they will be around 5-9 workbooks for you to complete over the 12 weeks.

personalised guidance

4, 45 minutes + Skype calls video or audio notes

Free *, Full  Astrological Natal Chart, Soul Lineage and division chart interpretation, visual chart wheels and other essential graphics, free in-depth computerised numerology and astrological report as an added bonus ( worth over £300 pounds within itself)
Intuitive guidance and spiritual direction (if needed)

and much more

Its not all workbooks, together we will devise a life coaching program which fits your needs, to allows flexiablity for you and me.

It not going to be all work, I believe that yes we must work in life, but we must start to enjoy this precious gift instead of it feeling like an eternal death sentence.

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The life coaching fee can be paid in full or must in 3 instalments,

I also use my intuition to offer deep insights into what would be the best direction for you and your soul to go, if you don’t believe in a soul per se that is fine- let’s just call it your highest potential.

My insight allows me to mine under the surface of words, actions and presentations and sees what lies under the surface. This helps me give you to the point, non-judgmental guidance that is suited to your innate nature, natural gifts, temperament and free will.

I can give you tips on how to use your time in life in more efficient ways, I can offer you guidance on any current life situations, relationship guidance, help with parenting (I am a mother to an 18-year boy, so I have some experience).

I can develop a personal spiritual detox schedule for – where I can recommend activities to do in any given week to give your spirituality a cleanse and refocus.

I help you with getting out of your emotional struggles, limiting beliefs, outdated ways of being, cultural strongholds, toxic or dysfunctional patterns of thoughts, relationship or behaviour.

Find a life coach

I am open to suggestions for specific coaching request if you would like to email them to me. I can provide you with practical tips, and life hacks to help you live a more balanced and constructive lifestyle.

I am not afraid to dig deep, and I have life plenty of experience and have dragged myself back to life into becoming who I am today, I can offer to heal in people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, feel like they have trapped energy-

Or who are experiencing  a cultural or another type of stronghold keeping them in negative pattern.

I have knowledge of coming from a disadvantaged background; this gives me profound insight into the inner workings of the underbelly of society so to speak.

So you won’t shock me, I am not judgmental, and I will understand and offer you compassion, support and a strategy to improve your life.

I am very aware each person has different goals, some want to master their spirituality and others would be comfortable, if they could just get the inner chatter and their toxic thought patterns to calm down. I am happy to work within your boundaries, and I will create and hold deep healing, cleansing, supportive and firm energy space for you.


Empowerment Life Coach for Women


An empowerment life coach for women can help you tap into your inner power for transforming your life.

Your empowerment life coach will teach you how you can like and believe in yourself better. Coaching has been proven to be a very effective way of improving yourself.

You will be able to support yourself with more positive thoughts and fulfil the life of your dreams. An empowerment life coach for women is also skilled at teaching you how you can nurture your own confidence and live your life to the best way possible.


What Does an Empowerment Life Coach for Women Do?

During a coaching session, an empowerment life coach for women will create a safe place for the client to be honest and explore herself.

The questions of the coach will make the client look much deeper than what she used to before.

Your strength in achieving your goals all lies inside you. An empowerment life coach for women will teach you how to grow and make changes.

Do You Need an Empowerment Life Coach for Women?

If you are now fully prepared to do better and achieve success, an empowerment life coach for women will be able to show you how you can be in full control and reach for your dreams

. It helps you create the kind of life that will focus on the things you want. Through coaching, you can stop accepting those limits that the outside world places on you. Empowerment life coaching for women helps boost motivation and self belief to make anything and everything possible.


How Can Your Empowerment Life Coach for Women Help You?

An empowerment life coach can give you all the tools for improving your behaviour. You will also learn how you can set your goals and reach for them. Your empowerment coach will also help you craft an action plan to help you stay away from worries and fears.

Your coach will also show you that there is no need for you to be limited because of the outside forces.  You will be able to think in a more positive way and stop being held back. Instead of assuming that you can never do something at all, you will start believing that you got valuable talents that you can offer to the rest of the world.

It will also teach you how you can take better care of yourself as well. You will now be able to stop letting your hectic life eat up all of your energy.

Through empowerment coaching, you can set up your own life in a more nurturing way.

An empowerment life coach for women can help you find a new job, start your own business, start a new relationship, make your relationships better, connect with your own creativity, and become a positive force in the world.

The empowerment life coach can also show you how you can become more comfortable with your own inner strength. You will learn how to be more mindful of your actions and ideas. It will then give you the power of choosing what will be best for you each and every day.


Great Reasons to Work with an Empowerment Life Coach

There is no need for you to give up on all your dreams and talents. It is now possible for you to live the kind of life that you want through mindful effort and planning.

Making decisions can also become easier for you with the help of an empowerment life coach for women. You will know precisely what you want so you can trust yourself better in a way that you never did before.

An empowerment life coach for women can also help you make actual changes based on your own terms. This is all about planning your future vision.

Your empowerment life coach will help you transform your ideas into actions.

You will also learn how you can value and take better care of yourself. You will realise the importance of time for play and rest, and this will bring more joy into your life.

You can get a stronger connection with all of your inner talents. An empowerment life coach for women can give you the permission of developing yourself. All of your dreams matter, and once you bring this into reality, it will you establish a stronger foundation for your success.

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