Introductory life coaching session


Introductory life coaching session

In this session, we will go through some fact finding questions, and i will provide you with guidance on how you could reach your goals or intentions.
This is a tatser session, to see if we can  work together, to reach your highest potentional.


I provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore yourself.

In our initial life coaching session, I will send you a fact-finder questionnaire, before our 20- 40-minute session, this will help me keep focused on your needs during our, brief meeting.


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I will then create a succinct plan of how I will help you with your issues and help you achieve your life goals.

If you decide to use my services, I will create an in-depth plan on how I will help you overcome your life challenges and achieve your life goals.

I am a compassionate, yet results driven holistic life coach.


I will help you:


  • Set or reach your life goals
  • Help you recognise your uniqueness, self-worth, innate skills and talents
  • Find your life purpose and passions, discover your dreams  and ambitions
  • Help you overcome or prepare for life challenges and obstacles
  • Help you move on and let go of the things which hinder your progress
  • Hold you accountable for your life, helping you to take responsibility for things you can control, as well as helping you to not feel responsible for the situations out of your control.
  • Build confidence
  • Help you think out the box and think of new ways to live your life and reach your highest potential.

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I will help you find and maintain your willpower to persevere and achieve your life goals, I will help you build resilience, by providing strategies that will help you heal the emotional blockages which keep you from reaching your highest potential.

I will hold you accountable for your personal development and actions, I put in 1 million per cent, and expect the same from my clients.

Do not let this scare you off after if you do decide to take up long term life coaching with me, you nat to ensure your hard-earned money is being spent wisely.

My job as an online life coach is to help you define and reach your life goals, the techniques I use to achieve this include:


  • brainstorming
  • fact-finding
  • neuro linguistic programming
  • uncovering emotional blockages- as I believe most peoples biggest obstacle to their success is their undealt with emotions.
  • Teaching you self awareness, helping you with affirmations, visualisation and becoming more mindful

What issues can I help with :


Relationship and family issues, helping you bring harmony and reduce conflict in your relationships, especially the relationship you have with yourself.

Figuring out what move to make next in your career, whether you are looking to change career, go for a promotion or enter retirement. I can also help business owners and entrepreneurs manage their lifestyle, I can help you find the best use for your innate skills and talents.

If you have financial problems, I can use my astrological knowledge to guide you, I can help you come up with strategies to pay off your debts. I can also help with money management and finding the right specialist to help you with specific financial matters.

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I can help you manage your health, wellness and spirituality needs.

I can also help those with personality disorders to manage their condition alongside any other mental health professionals you use.

I am a good listener, and I will tailor all my advice to your needs, compassion is my number one benchmark, yes, I will always want to make you accountable.

Yet I will understand the complexities of your mental health issues, I can also help with health issues such as weight management goals, nutrition and fitness.

I cannot and do not replace the qualified nutritionist, personal trainers or medical doctors. But I   can help with the psychological and emotional blockages to you reaching your optimum health.

I will help you set realistic goals to reach your goals, that can help with overeating, compulsive dieting, poor diet and other food or substance abuse problems.

I can also offer spiritual coaching, which I can help yous et up a religious or religious practice, I will help you to align your mind, body and soul. Proving advice that will help you overcome barriers to your spiritual practice.

I will help you find your highest potential, discover your intentions,   help you deal with karmic blockages, uncover past life issues, I will help you build trust with your inner voice and intuition.

I will help you build a prayer, meditation, mindfulness or any other schedule you may need. I will help you manage the different areas of your life ( Physical, emotional, psychological, financial and sexual,) so you can find equilibrium.

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