I will tailor a program to you dependent on your aims, wants and needs.

I try and make this a economical of possible as if you have the true will and are prepare to commit to change things in your life then I got the time, strategy, guidance and support to offer you.

The package includes
4, 45 minute Skype calls video or audio.
Full natal chart, soul lineage and division chart interpretation, visual chart wheels and other important graphics, free in-depth computerized numerology and astrological report as a added bonus ( worth over £300 pounds within itself)
Intuitive guidance and spiritual direction (if needed)

As a site launch I am offering this at a reduce cost- I only have 3 slots for the summer of 2018 and when they gone they are gone.

This intensive life coaching package can retail at over £1500 for this summer I will charge 550 pounds – because I have just come up with a new and exciting way of providing my life coaching, so the first 3 people will be like the first people that have received life coaching from me using my new methodology so you will be creating history so to speak, so for that i want to offer you a highly discounted price without compromising on service and deliverance.



The fee must be paid in 3 installments, the first is 150 payment and outstanding £225 will be taken in 2 other monthly payments.
I also use my intuition to offer deep insights into what would be the best direction for you and your soul to go, if you don’t believe in a soul per se that is fine- lets just call it your highest potential.

bok your intensive life coaching, session now

My insight allows me to mine under the surface of words,actions and presentations and see what lies under the surface this helps me give you to the point, non judgmental guidance that is suited to you innate nature, natural gifts, temperament and free will.

I can give you tips on how to use your time in life in more efficient ways, I can offer you guidance on any current life situations, relationship guidance, help with parenting (I am a mother to a 18 year boy so I have some experience), I can develop a personal spiritual detox schedule for – where I can recommend activities to do in any given week to give your spirituality a cleanse and refocus.

I help you with get out of your emotional struggles, limiting beliefs, outdated ways of being, cultural strongholds, toxic or dysfunctional patterns of thoughts, relationship or behavior.

I am open to suggestions for specific coaching request if you would like to email them to me. I can provide you with practical tips and life hacks to help you live a more balanced and constructive lifestyle.

you will expereicence change in your 12 week, intensive life coaching sessions.

I am not afraid to dig deep and I have life plenty experience and have dragged myself back to life to become who I am today, I can offer healing in people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, feel like they have trapped energy- feel like they have a cultural or other type of stronghold keeping them in negative pattern.

I have knowledge of coming from a disadvantage background this gives me very deep insight into the inner workings of the under belly of society so to speak.

So you won’t shock me, I am not judgmental and I will understand and offer you compassion, support and a strategy to improve your life.

I am very aware each person has different goals, some want to master their spirituality and others would be comfortable, if they could just get the inner chatter and their toxic thought patterns to calm down.

I am happy to work within your boundaries and I will create and hold a deep healing, cleansing, supportive and firm energy space for your transformation journey.


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