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The soul lineage reading, goes into the depth of your core, giving practical advice on how you can use this astrological knowledge in the real world, helping you accept, heal and move on from your life challenges , support you to reach your highest potential.

after all preparation, is half of the battle won.


I will holistically look at your natal astrology chart, using both Vedic and Western Astrology, I will leave no stone unturned, you can also ask me up to 4 questions or areas of your life to focus on, and I will help you, find the pathways to your life purpose, highlighting your obstacles and past to transcendence.

I need your time of birth, place of birth, date of birth if you do not have these details contact me first, as I do chart rectification.

This is a unique way of getting to the bottom of who you are at your core.

This astrology natal chart reading is not for the faint-hearted, the purpose of this in depth natal chart reading is to bring many issues and soul patterns to your attention.

If you really want to empower your soul and break your chains of bondage that keeps you repeating the same patterns lifetime after lifetime, then this is the reading for you.

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I look at your Natal, western harmonic charts and Vedic divisional charts, I use the magic number of 9- using the important D9 chart as a central focus in this reading and I interpret my findings of your D9 and 8 other division charts including D27,  D60, D24 And HARMONICS, H5 AND H 7.

I will also use any other tools I am called to use.

I will explain my findings in an easily digestible way, offer advice and give you practical steps that you can take to break you toxic patterns of thoughts, behaviour and ways of relating to yourself, the world and the people in it.

Imani your,  online astrologer

Please see about my book section for more details on my views on the unhealed subconscious mind and the emotional blockages.

each person has in our subconscious minds which keep us from living our truth- because we keep living our eyes through the limiting belief’s and actions of others that were often installed in us as children.

In this soul lineage astrology reading you will get clear insight into your modus operandi- ways of acting and being in this world, it will highlight your strengths and weakness and I will give you clear direction.

On how you can use the strengths of your astrological influences, your own free will and attributes of your soul lineage to set yourself free from the limited perceptions about yourself to stop you from expressing your truth.

I will also look at the planetary major aspects in your divisional charts; I take into account asteroids such as Pallas, Vesta, Kronos and Juno to name a few.

The following planets are considered Moon, Sun, Venus, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, North node, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter. You will not be disappointed as I will dissect your divisional charts and extract all of the relevant karma and soul lineage information that you need in order to better understand yourself and so that you can make the choice to truly incarnate into your life purpose.


Please give me 2- 3 weeks to get this soul lineage astrology reading to you.

I only do 9 of these readings a month once they gone they gone.

please read more about the other reading options here.


The tales of life with twist and turns

It helps to have a little

Guidance and foresight

My natal chart readings

Will open your mind

To your obstacles, challenges and plights

Giving you the keys to transcend your Karma

Leaving behind uncertainty and the drama

Imani your online astrology

Will help you with your quest

To know yourself

Love and accept yourself and more

So buy this reading

And being your new journey now

I shall give you the tools and the know-how

To move forward with your life

To know where you are going

You need to know where you come from

Get your personalised reading now with Imani, your, online astrologer


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