I will give you the guidance that you are seeking, using my holistic methods, I conduct my readings in my own way, I always cleanse before I do a reading, ambience and relaxation are essential for an accurate tarot card reading.

I have taken years developing my gift, I have a wide array of interest from psychology to history, all of my hobbies and life experience help me provide the best advice for my clients.

I will take account of your question, but in my experience, people are often led to me, when they are seeking higher spiritual guidance, I will help you get around the practicalities of your question.



I recommend this option for an introduction to me and the way I work, you won’t be disappointed with this, 1 question reading.

The way I work is I always mention anything if it comes up in the cards, my readings uplift, I will give you accurate guidance on how to move forward with your concerns.

Do you have questions about your life journey that you would like me to answer? I can answer your questions on any issues ranging from emotional blockages, addiction, relationship guidance, self-development, spiritual direction, mentoring or anything else you want to ask me?


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