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relationship counselling online uk

My career and relationship counselling services can help you:

  • Organise your time
  • gain clarity
  • find out the core of your issue and help you move forward
  • step by step guidance
  • direct you to correct resources
  • Manage pressure
  • Create a healthy lifestyle
  • Help you manage all your commitments
  • Give you insight
  • Help you manage and balance your family life with your career goals
  • Create better relationships with yourself and others
  • Save you time in research and information seeking
  • Give you the edge over your competitors
  • Declutter your life
  • Help with social media addictions
  • Pick or advance in your career
  • Help you cope with big life changes, i.e job loss, retirement, divorce
  • Create a better life for yourself

Please send me your

  • full name
    • place of birth, be very specific, town, nearest city and country
    • date of birth
  • Please read my term and conditions before booking.
  • My response time is anywhere from 24 hours- 7 days depending on my workload

I can also recorded daily inspired guidance personally for you at your request- email me with your requirements 🙂

I am open to suggestions for specific coaching request if you would like to email them to me. I can provide you with practical tips and life hacks to help you live a more balanced and constructive lifestyle.

read more about my expertise here.

You will receive I may also include some inspired poetry. 3-5 pages of life coaching per hour + up to 30 minutes of mp3 audio recording.

scroll down to read more about this service, thank you.

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relationship counselling online uk


Benefits of using my services
• Increase in vitality and inner balance
• Help you achieve your life goals
• Improve self-confidence, worth and esteem
• Increase self-awareness and self-control
• Better relationship with yourself and others
• Build yourself resilience, love and direction
• Increase motivation
• Success and satisfaction with achieving your goals.

relationship counselling online uk

What life and career counselling is not,
• Someone else doing the hard work for you- think of me as a personal strategist and cheerleader, I will give you the tools to achieve your goals
• Psychotherapy- if you have advance mental health issue I recommend counselling the right professionals; however, you can use my services alongside these.
• I can help solve your problems- I cannot solve them for you.

I don’t scrape the surface why? Well, you don’t get far in life by doing that, yes you may be able to join the crowd, but if you want to step out from the crowd and give yourself the edge you need to take time to propel yourself forward in life.

In my online counselling sessions, I will deliver a mixture of mp3, video calls, emails to help you succeed in life.

I will give you the right foundations for your success, in our initial session I will listen to your wants and needs, then I will go away, research and create a strategy tailored to your needs.

Whatever path you take in life, it’s important to note that improving life skill will make a greater sense of fulfilment in both your career advancement and life.

Take some time thinking of the ones that are most relevant to you. If you are searching for more help that concerns your life skills, it is always best to hire a life skills coach.

Online career and relationship counselling can help you develop your full potential.


read more about life skills here 

Additional information

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initial session, ongoing sessions, special package – initial session + 5 ongoing


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