more about my spiritual adviser service, Your sabian Degree Journey


I believe a time a person is born explains there life journey using my poetic and writing skills I will tell your souls journey by interpreting the sabian degrees of your natal and d9 chart .

I will let you know each degree and craft a eloquent and often poetical personalised story of your life, basically a mini book so to speak detailing open and hidden aspects of your mind, body and soul.

So that you can get a clear understanding of your hidden talents, gifts, skills that your soul ahs learnt and activate, I will reveal more layers of your life purpose- and uncovering subconscious and soul patterns of expression and issues.

This reading gets to your soul true desires that are often different to what you think your desires are, this is because we often get disconnected from our true sense of self throughout our lives.

This reading can offer you deeper clarity and direction. I also through in a lot of extra interpretation in these specially prepared / unique readings , I allow my intuition to flow and these readings can be anywhere between  30- 60 pages, personally prepared for you by myself.

I will also include a 25-45  minute audio recording with this reading. I use very ancient astrological techniques in these readings and very few astrologers are familiar with this methodology. I will also point you to resources so that you can further understand your personalised sabian journey chart.

Please give me 2- 3 weeks to get this reading to you.
I only do 4 of these readings a month, once they gone they gone.


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For all readings, I need your name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth.

I put my heart and soul into everything I do, you will not be disappointed.

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I write and record weekly forecast readings you can read more about them, here where I will post links to my videos and post page, each week, here.



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