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What Should You Expect from Spiritual Direction?

A session of spiritual direction is basically a 1-on-1 meeting or online.scroll down for a long description of my holistic, transformational spiritual direction services.

Spiritual life coaching  can help you:

  • Authenticity
  • step by step guidance on our journey self-discovery
  • balance your personality traits
  • find your spiritual and life purpose
  • self-love and compassion for self and others
  • radical honesty
  • emotional intuness- connect to your inner core
  • Owning taking Responsibility of for your *hit!
  • life planning, step by step life audit of skills you have, the skills you need and how to get the skills you need.
  • boundary setting
  • SELF- care and   Empowerment
  • Letting go of ego
  • Self-care
  • Communication and relationship guidance

your first session, will involve me gathering your requirments for your session,included 15 minutes recorded advice, 22-3 page sof key information.

and follow up points.

Please provide me with your
• full name
• place of birth, be very specific, town, nearest city and country
• date of birth
• details of your question
• Please read my term and conditions before booking.
• My response time is anywhere from 24 hours- 7 days depending on my workload

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Spiritual Director UK – What is It?

Spiritual directors are people who you’ve chosen after careful consideration to accompany you, to encourage you, to hold you accountable, to challenge you, and if necessary, engage you in a fraternal and maternal correction along your way to discipleship or self recreation.

Spiritual directors help you notice the presence of God and activities in your life.

They can encourage you to explore your personal responses and reactions to the activity and presence of the Holy Trinity and the world in general around and within you.

Usually, a spiritual director has training when it comes to the ministry of spiritual direction

However, there are spiritual directors who seem as though they are, everyday men or women. Yet they have a reputation of faith in their community for offering spiritual insights and counsels when asked to do so.

Questins such as, what is the main aim you wish to achieve from spiritual guidance?

Have you had a spiritual direction before? What is your main concern right now, your divine, physical, emotional or psychological health? Are you in a relationship/ marriage? How is it going? What information/ guidance do you need to improve your relationships? Do you have any children? If yes, how can you improve the bond between you and your child(ren).

If you believe in a god or higher power, you be asked questions like, Where did you notice God in your life?  When did you experience God’s absence from your life?

In what unique ways God comforted you in afflictions or afflicted you in your own comfort since you and your spiritual director met?

Those are just some of the things that you might encounter during a discussion in a session of spiritual direction.

Typically, each spiritual direction session is once a month for sixty minutes. There are cases that it’s necessary for different reasons to meet more regularly online or via telephone.

read more about my lifecoaching sevices here

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