I have knowledge of coming from a disadvantage background this gives me very deep insight into the inner workings of the under belly of society so to speak. So you won’t shock me.

I can develop a personal spiritual detox schedule for – where I can recommend activities to do in any given week to give your spirituality a cleanse and refocus. I help you with get out of your emotional struggles, limiting beliefs, outdated ways of being, cultural strongholds, toxic or dysfunctional patterns of thoughts, relationship or behavior.

I am not afraid to dig deep and I have life plenty experience and have dragged myself back to life to become who I am today, I can offer healing in people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, feel like they have trapped energy- feel like they have a cultural or other type of stronghold keeping them in negative pattern.

I am not judgmental, yet i am firm and direct as i wish to help you obtain real results in your life not just continue or find more elaborate ways for you to hide your self destructive behavior and its repercussions from yourself.

I will offer you understanding ,compassion, guidance, nurturing,support and a strategy to improve your life. I am very aware each person has different goals, some people may just want to ensure mental, physical and material stability in their own households . Other individuals may   want to master their own personal  spirituality and others would be comfortable, if they could just get the inner chatter and their toxic thought patterns to calm down.



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life coaching by the hour

1 hour 4-7 pages of coaching, 2 hours 9-15 pages of coaching, 3 hours 15-29 pages of coaching, The supreme package 30-50 pages + audio summary


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