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Retrograde Planets in Natal Chart – What are Natal Retrograde Planets in Astrology?

Planets are said to be Retrograde when they seem to be moving backwards in the sky.

The keyword here is “seem” since, technically speaking, no planet really moves in a backward motion, The truth is that they don’t slow down or move backwards at all.

Retrograde cycles are practically illusions resulting from the viewpoint from the earth,  mainly because the earth, as well as the planets, orbit the sun.

A planet is said to be in retrograde motion if it is perceived, astrologically to be moving at a different speed from the rest of the planets.

The planet Mercury retrogrades, more frequently than any other inner planet, although the outer planets can retrograde more often than Mercury.

Mercury is never more than   28° degrees, apart from the sun and every time it reaches the furthest distance away from the sun, its direction changes.

Mars and Venus are retrograde around 7% to 10% of the time. Jupiter and Pluto are retrograde for most of the year.

If a body or planet is retrograde in a birth chart, the energies of the planets get turned inward. These are usually felt more strongly, yet there is something about the energies of the planet that the native keeps undercover or hidden.

There can also be awkwardness, discomfort, and shyness expressing the energy of the planet overtly or directly.

Retrogrades happen more frequently as the planets move further out i.e. Jupiter,  Pluto, it becomes more common to have natal retrograde planets in Astrology.



Read on to know more about the natal retrograde planets in astrology:


Mercury Retrograde


If Mercury is retrograde during birth, processes of thinking are more accurate in general with a rather quirky sense of humour. People who have Mercury retrograde have a different way of taking in information compared with those whose natal charts have Mercury direct. Roughly around 18% of people are born with retrograde Mercury.

Some people who have this position encounter doubts regarding their learning ability or perceptions. There can also be lots of reviewing and rehashing of ideas and thoughts, double-checking, and thinking before communicating them  to others is also possible.


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Venus Retrograde

Retrograde Venus is around 7% to 8% of the time, which means that about 7% to 8% of the population is born during retrograde Venus.

For those with retrograde Venus at birth, there is often a deep feeling nature. They take socialising rather seriously and hardly ever lightly. During youth, they can be a bit shy because they feel awkward during social graces and small talks. They also turn away for superficialities, preferring deeper connection.

Love is very important for people with retrograde Venus yet they may be implicit about it for others not to know how deep they can love. This person has so much more than what meets the eye. In some manner, they can hide their love life and even their financial lives at times.

People who are born with Venus retrograde should be wary of self-sabotage during love relationships.

There could be an underlying feeling that they are not attractive enough, loveable enough, or good enough. There may even be deep insecurities present and self-love can become a problem.

Fears could make them overcompensate like serial date, overeat, in fact, those with Venus retrograde are susceptible too many other over indulgences.  They can also fool themselves, into thinking they don’t need love.

A person with retrograde Venus person can swing between both poles over and under loving in their lifetimes. Of course, a balance between both positions should be sought.

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Mars Retrograde

You might find it challenging to assert or stand up for yourself since this can lead to fears not being effective if Mars retrograde happens at birth. You can use Roundabout ways to get what you think you want or desire.

Those with Mars retrograde have deep running desires, but they sometimes misunderstand their urges, sometimes the mars retro native has poor timing and their anger can be expressed in bursts and fits. Instead of flowingly, they can also keep everything to themselves, so this makes them blow up, like a hot air balloon….. 1 ….2….3……..pop.

Sometimes, you may come on rather strong, and at times, you may come on as not enough,  your hot or your cold, your rarely lukewarm, usually thinking of something better to do or say later when you don’t feel under pressure or when you can be bothered to take an interest.

You may also be unnerved by competition and you will be better off if you set your own pace instead of working with others or according to schedule. You can create ways to express yourself physically as you become mature or guide your energy towards effective but unusual areas rather effectively.

Retrograde planets , in astrology, continued

Jupiter Retrograde

People whose natal charts have Jupiter retrograde have the tendency to have rather unusual or different perspectives, sets of morals, and belief systems. They prefer learning from their personal experiences and how they react to them instead of from other people.

Since they don’t naturally have faith in luck, they tend to become planners worrying about their actions’ consequences and their future more than other people. They might have to learn that they are deserving of things others feel entitled to by nature.

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Saturn Retrograde

There could be more than common experiences of self-doubt and guilt when the birth chart has a Saturn retrograde.

Fears remain kept inside and they may put on a brave front just so other people won’t think of them as vulnerable. There might also be the sense of strong fear of not filling their responsibilities or letting other people down so they end up making some poor choices.

There are also cases of not orderly or disciplined childhood. There are instances when the presence of Saturn retrograde in the natal chart acts like a strong Uranus in which the native feels uncomfortable with a very disciplined or orderly life.

People who have Saturn retrograde may feel somewhat nervous or anxious when they find themselves in situations that require etiquette, protocol, or specific sets of rules and standards.

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Uranus Retrograde

This retrograde points to fear of change or obvious mistrust of improvements or new technologies. These people have the tendency of hiding their eccentricities. Uranus direct natives meanwhile love flaunting them or being rather proud of them.

Having Uranus retrograde in some ways is similar to having Saturn strong in the natal chart. This position can have pent up energy. This means that while they may follow rules for a time, they may burst out at one point with a rebellious fit before they return to a more law-abiding and orderly lifestyle.


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Neptune Retrograde

People whose charts have Neptune retrograde have the tendency to hide their compassion, vulnerabilities, and spiritual side since they feel uncomfortable in expressing them.

Feelings and opinions run deep, yet natives of Neptune retrograde prefer to keep such things private. There may miss out on deep faith, making these people naturally mistrustful.

They may even expect for the worst when left filling in the blanks. They may also be afraid to dream of too big dreams because of the fear of being let down.

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Pluto Retrograde

Those whose birth charts have Pluto retrograde may feel more inclined to be afraid of being betrayed, controlled, or manipulated by other people than people with Pluto direct. There is also a tendency for them to keep their fears inside as they may feel more vulnerable if these are exposed. They never readily let other people know their innate desire for control or power and might lose touch of their desire for most of the time.


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