Saturn retrograde transit 2022– facing your karma and responsibilities

May 23rd 2021- October 10th 2021
June 4th 2022- 23rd October 2022

So it's that time of the year again, and Saturn, the ringed planet, is in retrograde this year from June 5th 2022, until October 23rd 2022, I will discuss the natal meaning of Saturn retrograde later on in this post, but now I will focus on what transiting Saturn retrograde transit 2021 means in astrology. In western astrology, this Saturn retrograde is occurring in Aquarius, whereas in Vedic and constellation astrology, it is occurring in Capricorn. Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn, so this is a time to let innovation and grounding into your life, looking at new ways to reach your personal goals and overcome obstacles.

Saturn retrograde transit 2022 keywords
  • Rebalancing karma
  • Recognition
  • productiveness
  • Long term rewards for focusing on hard work
  • Reflection- taking stock
  • Figuring out your core beliefs
  • Working through past life and present life karma
  • Creating, Revaluating -changing your future plans
  • Get honest about what is achievable in your life
  • Looking at how your traditions/ beliefs aid or stunt your personal growth
  • A time of self-discipline, creative order and routine
  • Remove any distractions blocking your much-needed progress
  • A time of grounding and increasing your personal willpower
  • Feeling of depression, isolation, anxiety, loss and lack of motivation may arise
Saturn Retrograde Meaning
What happens when Saturn is retrograde motion?
Saturn retrograde transit 2021

When a planet in astrology is said to be in retrograde, it looks like it’s moving backwards; however, it’s moving from east to west; when planets are not retrograde, they move west to east through the stars.

The planet only appears to be moving backwards due to the positions of the planet and earth and how they orbit/ move around the sun; Saturn typically stays in retrograde motion for 4.5 months; Saturn is the planet in astrology that represents karma.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, time and restrictions, as well as paying your dues and facing your karma and reaping the rewards of your past actions.

You reap what you sow, so during this Saturn retrograde transit, some of you may be blessed with the positive benefits of your actions and thoughts, and others may have to bear the consequences of their negativity.

Note that adverse consequences is not a punishment per se, it is just an occurrence of the lessons you need to learn at this time.

Responsibility, commitment and maturity  are prominent themes of this transit, and the focus will be on how you hold yourself accountable for the practical needs of your daily life.
You may decide enough is enough and choose to focus on your psychological, spiritual or emotional development; some of you may be experiencing a Saturn return or other transit during this period, so you will feel the energy of this transit more.

Transiting Saturn retrograde June- October 2022 continued
What is Saturn Retrograde in astrology?

This period can be a time of depression, inertia, anxiety, practicality,
negative consequences, patience, skeletons coming out of the closet,
working on through the storm, testing, law and order, defensiveness
and a basic all-round reality check.
Discipline, duties, obstacles regarding your home and career life will
also come into the limelight now.

Play note to what houses Saturn transits in regards to your natal chart and also the placement of your natal Saturn as the area of your chart Saturn transit will be of high importance for you during this time.

Some of you may be tested to see how much progress you have made on the things you been working on; times may get rough.
During this Saturn retrograde transit, but keep on moving forward, building your resilience, learning your lessons, and you will reap priceless insight and rewards in the long run.
If you have been holding yourself back in any way by avoiding situations, keeping yourself isolated from others out of fear of human connection or rejection.
It may now be  the time for some of you to seek out online groups, people or outdoor activities if restrictions allow so you can push yourself out of your comfort zone. For others it is a time to go within, building your inner assurance and self reliance

Saturn retrograde transit 2021
Saturn will go direct on October 23rd 2022
Saturn retrograde natal

When you have natal Saturn retrograde, it is a significant indicator that this life is about paying off karmic debts; it’s a kind of blessing and a curse aspect. But if you learn your lessons and take them on the chin, which can be tricky, so I recommend that you seek out professional help in the form of a counsellor, life coach or any other healer who can help you navigate this placement.
Especially if you have more than 3 other retrograde planets in your natal chart involving mars, venus, Neptune, Uranus, pluto or mercury.

Talking from the first-hand experience, Saturn retrograde in the natal chart plays out differently for all people, but for most, boundaries, restriction and excess are the primary themes.
You may not know your own boundaries, especially in your youth, so people may take advantage of you as you age and learn your life lessons building up your inner self-confidence.
Saying no to others and disciplining yourself to achieve your aims and goals will become more manageable; the house Natal Saturn Retrograde occupies will be the prominent area people will take advantage of you. Learning to not let others leave you high and dry as you try and offer them emotional support is a big priority this lifetime as yes, you can give people advice, but each individual must implement advice and
take practical action to solve their problems.

You must look after your health, sleep and eat well, and look after your own mental and emotional health; very early on, you will learn that you will have to provide the emotional and financial support yous eek from the outside world yourself.

Saturn retrograde transit 2021
Saturn retrograde transit 2021

This can be a burden, but once you embrace and learn this skill, you will become a genuine survivor who will carve out your own place in the world via your own ingenuity It can be tough seeing others get help while you left on your own,
but this is to build resilience; in a past life, you may have depended on others too much, hence the need for you to stand on your own two feet this lifetime.
Natal Saturn Retrograde gives the ability to create order and structure out of chaotic conditions; you have the ability to stay strong and help yourself and others through hard times.

But again, do not let other people overburden you with their woes, especially if they are not doing anything to change their behaviours. You must step up and enforce your own personal boundaries in order to protect yourself from nefarious/ deceitful people and adversity.

Make your yes, yeses, and you are no’s be no, do not let others manipulate you into going against your personal will, learn to stand up for yourself, and stand alone if need be, for its better to stand alone than to be annihilated.

Natal Saturn retrograde , continued

You may encounter the same experiences over and over again, people may continually push your boundaries, or you may find yourself in strange, out of this world or chaotic situations.
This is to push you to say enough is enough and become disciplined to take personal responsibility for your life direction. You can be good with handling other people resources and wealth, but you may be overly generous with your own.
Learn to save to provide for your earthly needs; natal Saturn retrograde gives you the aptitude the create your own success using your innate gifts and talents.
Get out of the chorus line, stand out and be firm; as a child, you may have been burdened with your family problems or had to look after an ill parent, having a sense of duty instilled in you from a young age.

You tend to take your obligations seriously, but again, make sure you are not taking responsibility for things all individuals must learn to do for themselves.
You may experience deep depression and discontent, thinking you are not good enough, take time to heal and emotional blockages and psychological wounds, and know your worth as much as anything and anyone else.
You are somebody too, as jess Jackson said, learn to cope with all aspects of your personality, as you will be able to heal and manage yourself better. The blessing of natal Saturn retrograde is that it gives you the ability to be wise beyond your years, and sagely in your execution, you will have the ability to understand your destiny and karma.
And be able to eventually laugh at your many life trials if you train yourself to see the humour. All souls must go through all phases of existence and all aspects and
stages of the zodiac wheel; I know life can be challenging, but it can be made easier my awareness and acceptance, heal, so resentment and bitterness do not set in.

The karma of Saturn retrograde in your natal chart
Saturn retrograde transit 2021

Natal Saturn retrograde indicates you are redoing a lifetime on the esoteric and karmic level; this incarnation is another chance to achieve your soul growth; this can be a very burdensome lifetime, as your typically dealing with two lifetimes in one.

You may have had issues with self-discipline in your past life, neglecting your responsibilities, including those to your wife, children, parents and the broader community on the whole.

 This could have been via a reckless act or an illness; you may have simply disrespected the need to look after your own health or responsibilities, creating this present life imbalance.

In this lifetime, it must be your utmost duty to repay this karma, as let’s face it, who wants to born with Natal Saturn retrograde, even though your soul needed it to grow.

For, as you often know in life, it’s not our past behaviours that hold us back, but our thoughts about our past acts; in order for a soul to evolve to other dimensions and realms, it must feel like it completed its soul lessons.

You must look after yourself, mind, body and soul, this lifetime to break the cycle; aspects involving Saturn and the 10th and 11th house will be important this lifetime, as well as the house your natal Saturn retrograde is in.

Will highlight the behaviours you need to modify this lifetime, self-resilience, discipline, love, compassion and dedication are needed as well as willpower and focus.

You must do all you can to build your emotional and psychological strength as, to put it bluntly, you are going to need it.

To overcome the hardships you will face and provide the security needed for yourself and your family, you also need to silence your inner critic and believe in yourself, accepting your quirks and mistakes all humans and souls make them.


If you really want to make amends, do not fall into self-pity, but work to repay your karma and past deeds.

Loneliness, isolation, depression and lack of motivation are all part of these aspects; your times of loneliness build your self-will and inner assurance.

When you feel a lack of motivation, don’t drown in your thoughts, take action; I have this aspect natally so know, you can think, rethink, and think again, beat yourself up over wasted time.

The only way to correct wasted time is to take practical action to bring your dreams into reality in the now, step by step, day by day, as Whitney houston sings.

Heal and learn to manage all your weak points to turn them into strengths, as these are what have been holding you back in your past lifetimes, now is the time to make a change; only you can change the person in the mirror.

Saturn retrograde transit will highlight the areas of life you need to work on; it will be hard work, but don’t avoid it as this will make your negative thoughts even more pessimistic, creating more depression and self-pity, you can do it, self-forgiveness and acceptance are needed.

You will keep meeting your obstacles in the form of relationships and experiences until you learn to mastery yourself; let your mantra be I came, I saw, and I conquered myself.

Overcoming your inner doubts, resistance and self-hate, you have the spiritual and psychological maturity needed to overcome your lessons.

Or else you wouldn’t have this placement, it is, just that you make the external events and people take you off your track in your past lifetimes, now is the lifetime to stand firm in your convictions.

You have successfully navigated personal struggles and sacrifices in prior incarnations; this lifetime is about bringing and working with Natal Saturn’s Retrograde needs for patience and discipline; by doing this, you will uncover your innate wisdom and intuitive guidance.

 This will help you build your heaven on earth, so to speak, you are an old soul, and it’s now time for you to advance further into your spiritual path; self-awareness is vital to growing spirituality/ higher in consciousness.

So is knowing your own mind and executing your own will, rather than letting another will be carried out onto you.

You are learning to refine your character and perfect your past life lessons; your soul is serious about getting it right this lifetime.

So put your best foot forward and tally-ho!!! Go and smash your goals and achieve your full potential; thanks for reading this; if you want a consultation, click here.


Thanks for reading this article about, Natal Saturn Retrograde


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