Saturn Square Uranus Transit Meaning

Saturn square Uranus transit

Saturn square Uranus


What does it mean when Saturn squares Uranus?


  • Restrictions in freedom and ability to be impulsive
  • Manipulations and power plays
  • Being forced to conform to rules
  • Unexpected events that trigger harsh words or actions
  • Setbacks in career, relationships or family life
  • A need to listen to the needs of others
  • Temporary obstacles in projects
  • Feelings of frustration and responsibility
  • Deception from those closet to you
  • Oppressive circumstances and people
  • Looking into inventive ways to overcome obstacles
  • How does your need to rebel stop you from reaching your life goals?

Saturn square Uranus transit


When transit Saturn squares Uranus, they may be some sort of unexpected setback, a sudden event ranging from a flat tyre or difficulties in your professional, family, social, intimate relationships or some sort of public scandal or miscommunication.

May cause sudden tension and upset in your personal life; you and others can be feeling fragile or frustrated because of this out of the blue event.

Those involved in creative, scientific, medical or technological projects can come across obstacles that slow down the advancement of your work. However, the delays serve a purpose; maybe you need to rethink and create a new strategy or undertake new experiments or surveys to advance your venture.

Your goals and objectives can be obtained if you preserver and have some patients; you or others may try to manipulate or have some sort of ulterior motives at this time.

So ask the right questions, stay alert, and keep your wits about you as Saturn square Uranus can bring a lot of underhand tactics and just general feelings of mistrust, which may or may not be accurate.

As your fiery and authoritative reactions could cost you your status or in some cases, career, friendship or intimate relationship.

Although this could be temporary for some of you, make sure your intentions have integrity and come from a good place, or any manipulative plans may backfire.

Costing you more than you planned to lose, you or others can be highly illogical, unreasonable and oppressive – tyrannical at this time, where you or others can demand that others do a task that you or they are not willing to do.

Yano, like a boss demanding you clean up toxic waste, without the right safety gear, etc., or expecting you to work hard.

 Whilst they are slacking off their duties and passing their responsibilities on to you, pulling rank or seniority to make you comply with unethical demands.

This sort of behaviour can cause verbal or physical outbursts and a breakdown in cooperation and respect; some of you may simply walk out of your job that can put your family’s ability to survive on the line.


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