Saturn Transiting the Houses - Transit Saturn In astrology

Organisation, reforming and routine is what Saturn transits are about, and this may be brought to your attention via restriction and impediments that must be overcome via perseverance

    • Saturn takes 28- 29 years to complete its transit of all the zodiac signs and the houses they represent; Saturn spends around 2 to 2.5 years in each sign and house
    • Saturn energy is all about grounding, restricting getting honest about what it really takes to make your hopes and dreams reality; typically, this takes hard work and overcoming many obstacles and adversity
    • Saturn wants us to give structure, form and order to our ideas by your practical effort, personal responsibility and discipline
    • Saturn transits are influenced by the house, element, fire, water, air or earth, mode of expression Cardinal- initiating- creating- beginning, Fixed- being stubborn- growing through-resistance- maintaining or Mutable- changing, ending- annihilating- dying to old ways.
    • Polarity, i.e. yin or yang ( feminine- subconscious, receptive –intuitive- or Masculine- conscious- giving-reasoning)
    • So houses 1,3,5,7,9,11 transits can be more consciously felt and guided by external events( yang energy) than subconscious (yin energy) changes. Houses 2, 4,6,8,10,12 changes may occur on an inner level, but the effects can be outer.
    • Saturn’s influence wants a person to take more personal accountability in their life; the houses Saturn transit in, tell you where you need to be more autonomous and responsible and the area of your life and personality the spotlight will be on.
    • Saturn transits can bring feelings of depression, self-pity, emotional and psychological turmoil. Saturn shows you that it is a mind, body and soul- higher consciousness connection that indicates if your goals will become a reality.
    • If you want to achieve, you must look after your body for it, is your body; you need to live your life on the physical plane.
    • You must also look after your emotional and psychological wellbeing as this affects your body and, therefore, your ability to bring your dreams (subconscious visions) into reality.
    • Other people can help us, but ultimately if you want success in life, you need to work for it; you need to overcome all within yourself and in the external world that stops you from living your best life.
    • Saturn transits through the 1,5 and 9th house highlight how our own actions stop us from reaching our goals- how we project ourselves-1st house, how our risk-taking, socialising, need for fun, romance, or hookups interfere with our career and personal goals(5th ) house.
    • How our lack of deeper understanding or lack of expansion- worldly knowledge (9th house) affects our ability to be efficient and advance in our career and personal life.
    • Transit Saturn in our 2nd,6th, and 10th houses deals with how our inner values and our self-esteem (2nd house) affect our ability to achieve possessions and success (10th house).
    • The tenth house brings to our attention any actions that interfere with getting recognition or achieving status.
    • 6th house focus on our relationships with our bosses and co-workers, and our own management of our health get in the way or help our career advancement.
    • Saturn transits your 4th, 8th, and 12th house looks into your family life and responsibilities 4th house increases or decreases your productivity. 8th house transit focuses on joint resources and possessions and how they stunt or help your advancement.
    • 12th house looks into your deep subconscious thought patterns that drive self-destructive habits that get in the way of your self-healing.
    • And how your past-often unhealed psychological or emotional wounds obstruct your life, 12th house transit is all about clearing the psyche and finding conviction and connection with a higher power.
    • Saturn asks you to get the skills you need via education, asking for help-seeking mentor(s), training yourself to get to your ambitions. Taking full responsibility for your lifelong learning and personal development.

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When Saturn is transiting your first house

  • Urge to let go of restrictions- Increase self-reliance
  • Heavy responsibilities can lead to recognition
  • Good for starting or finishing short term projects, not so good for creating long term ones, although good time to finish long term projects you started before.
  • Go time to reorganise your life and to evaluate your personal goals
  • Good time for self-reflection and improvement, getting in touch with who you think you are, so you can remove negative habits and thoughts and become who you really are.
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When Saturn is transiting your first house, you may get the urge to get rid of and let go of people and habits in your life that are no longer for your highest good.

 You will take drastic action for some of you, especially if you have a lot of fire or air placements in your natal chart, although you do it more strategically and not impulsively (fire) if you have a lot of air in your birth chart.

 If you have a lot of earth energy, you will take a more practical approach to letting things go.

Having a lot of water placements in your chart, especially Pisces and cancer, will mean you may resist any change due to sentimental reasons.

If Saturn is afflicted in your natal chart by square, opposition, quincunx or house position. You may be overwhelmed with a lack of confidence, worry, and negative thoughts, making people want to stay away from you.

If you are over-ambitious at this time, you could face resistance from your friends, co-workers, law enforcement or government at this time; it’s essential to cooperate and not be selfish, as you may stunt your own progress if your behaviour is overzealous –impulsive or greedy.

The lesson of this transit is learning to work with others rather than waking over them, or if you allow yourself to be walked over, you may stand up for yourself more during this habit, changing a habit of a lifetime.

Saturn transit the first house is an excellent time to start introspection, looking at how you can make life better for yourself and those you care about, ridding yourself of anything that gets in the way of your self-improvement.

Getting rid of your distractions may not be easy or possible, but you can look into ways to spend less time on anything that disrupts your overall wellbeing.

It’s crucial you look after your body, giving it foods that promote digestive health and doing exercise that looks after your joints, getting enough sleep and rest so you can effectively undertake your responsibilities.

Although it can be challenging with work commitments to stay focused on your personal life, it is best you make time to do this; you may experience many setbacks and obstacles, but if you keep on going, you will eventually reach your aims.

If you’re generally introverted, you may become more so at this time; this is an excellent time to start a wellness regime, start self-care traditional or alternative therapy. 

 Doing work to reprogram your subconscious mind is also favoured, removing your toxic self-limiting thought patterns that drive negative, self-destructive behaviours and replacing them with positive thoughts that promote optimistic ones.

 Saturn typically stays in your first house for a few years, either by general or natal transit.

So you can make steady strategic plans to make your life better.

When Saturn is transiting your second house

  • Focusing on inner values and what’s important to you
  • Letting go of material concerns to focus on your spiritual, psychological or emotional values
  • Feelings of insecurity and fear
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Improving circumstances through hard work
  • Readjustments in your possessions or financial life
  • Need to take stock of your financial life, making a plan to pay off any debts or to save more for your future
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When Saturn is transiting your second house, you may find yourself more focused on your inner values. With less concern on your material life and possessions.

You may focus more on your spiritual or psychological values, this can be a time of insecurity, but it is vital that you look beyond the superficial.

Ultimately, this is a time of increased professional, personal, and financial responsibility; you may look into how you waste your personal resources and how you can use them more effectively to reach your highest potential.

They can be a change in finances, or you may lose or increase your wealth and possessions. External events may turn your attention inward as you seek to know yourself better. 

You may do some research into psychological, emotional or spiritual matters; although you may resist this, it is essential you try and understand yourself deeper, as this will help you manage any financial upheaval or increase more productively.

This can be a very uncertain time, but crying over what has happened (split milk) won’t change things; your time is best used focusing on how to improve your life.

Remember, many a fortune is lost due to poor emotional management, and you can improve your material circumstances if you take a realistic look at your situation and take practical steps to change your life; you will, over time.

The ways your inner values help or hinder your financial progress may come to light at this time; this is a time to get honest about what really makes you happy.

Are your beliefs about money and possessions really your own, or what you have been programmed to believe? What do you really need to feel internally happen and therefore externally secure? Questions such as these may come to the forefront of your mind at this time.

When Saturn is transiting your third house

  • Reshaping your inner thoughts to reflect who you really are, so you can make changes to your external world
  • Becoming more reserved and purposeful in communication
  • May decided to study intellectual subjects such as physics, advanced maths, computer code, philosophy, history, data science, software engineering.
  • Easier to remember facts, analytical and logical information
  • cerebral focus, but take time to relax as too much thinking can cause stress.
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This is a perfect time to focus on your conscious thoughts. Still, your attention may turn to the subconscious beliefs that drive your rational or irrational behaviours.


You may not like all you uncover, and this can lead to anxious or depressive thoughts, and you may prefer to retreat into solitude and not want to socialise as much as you did before, even with your family and intimate partner(s).

It’s vital to focus on who you are now; even if you wish to change who you are, do not beat yourself up for not being who you want to be right now.

Make a plan and take daily steps to reach your highest potential, whatever that means to you, not what society says success is.

 It is futile to try to live up to other people’s expectations because yano often, others’ wishes are based on flawed misconceptions.

Some of you may decide to start or pay more attention to analytical studies or thought processes at this time, you may do this alone, or in a group, you may choose to write a book or create some other content.

Saturn transiting your third house is an excellent time to get your psychological and cognitive house’s in order; your attention will turn to how your way of thinking, speaking, and listening enhances or diminishes your relationships with yourself and others.

You may wish to improve your personal relationships with people in your immediate environment; this can be those you live with, socialise or work with.

You could decide to improve your thought patterns the way you communicate and interact with others so that you can feel more focused and relaxed within.

With the aim of making your interactions with people you come into contact with, in your everyday life more beneficial due to your mental introspection, and the external change’s that can come from self-analysis.

However, you may decide to make such drastic changes that those in your immediate environment react negatively to your self-improvement; even relationships with close family members can turn cold at this time

As you know, as it stands, people do not like change, but if you are changing for the better, continue on this path.

If you are changing for the worse, then ask yourself way and know that you can be, who you are ,as long as you are sensitive to other people’s reactions.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be who you wish to become, but just be aware of how others may take this, but on the whole, you cannot please all the people, all the time so…..

Saturn transit the houses meaning in astrology , continued

When Saturn is transiting your fourth house

  • Changes in relationships
  • Co-dependent connections
  • Disruption in professional advancement
  • Having to look after a relative
  • Personal growth
  • Home improvements or repairs
  • Change or increase responsibility in home life
  • Buying a new home- securing your future- can be good to invest or become involved in real estate or any business involving farming or food or home appliances production
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Brings home truths; this can be about yourself or about your family life; anything you have been putting off will surface at this time, so rather than bury your head in the sands of avoidance.

 Saturn transit in the fourth house is a time to deal with all you have been running away from, this may not be easy, but it is necessary.

For some of you, this can be a breakdown in essential relationships, others renewal as you and others put your cards – concerns on the table.

Others may experience unexpected spending due to unforeseen repairs on your home, business or any other property you have an interest in.

That you have been putting off, that now need to be taken care of, at this time,  emotional problems you have been burying may surface now, and you may need to seek professional help to resolve them.

An old friend or lover can come back to help, or it may be this reconciliation that triggers an inner psychological breakdown, as this may not be a healthy connection.

Someone new may come into your life that you form a quick but dependent bond with, so you must check the facts before you rush in, the connection could turn out to be stable, but its best to not isolate yourself from family and friends and get an impartial outside opinions

 A family member may get sick, causing you to take responsibility for them, and this can cause a strain on any intimate relationships you are in.

Some of you may experience a delay in your educational or career progression due to your family demands on your time; however, any feelings of desperation, anxiety, depression or loneliness this transit brings.

Can lead to a more significant relationship and love of yourself; you may seek out spiritual, philosophical or religious support or knowledge that can broaden your awareness of life and bring peace to your unstable emotions.

Many things can happen under this transit, but ultimately, it is a time that you will want to feel more secure; you may decide to buy a home or plan for your future in some other way.

You will want to do the groundwork to make yourself feel safe, and this can be by filling any inner void you feel inside, so you can feel more stable and at home within yourself.

When Saturn is transiting your fifth house

  • Increased responsibility with children or those who cannot look after themselves
  • Be careful with speculation, especially investments
  • Lifelong commitments or disappointment in love
  • Increase of energy and creativity
  • Chance to develop resilience and discipline in your social love- hook up life, the ways you take risk and seek pleasure
  • Unexpected events can change planned or hope for life direction
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If you apply yourself, this is an opportunity to express yourself in a more positive and balanced manner; the energy is given to be more vigilant, disciplined and resilient.

The fifth house is the house of romance, creativity and taking risks/ gambling, but this can still take place in your life, especially if Uranus, mars or Venus is transiting this house simultaneously.

Saturn influence will put a more realistic perspective; this can be an extensive learning and responsibility phase, as you may have to take a more active role in children or young people’s lives and take on extra accountability at home or work.

It is best to only take well thought out risks at this time, especially in business and investment opportunities; this is a time to work hard towards your goals; things may not come easy at this time.

If you’re naturally creative and procrastinate, you can be more focused than usual, and you may produce profoundly influential work under this transit.

 Whatever you wish to materialise at this time, you will have to concentrate and work hard for it; this is a good transit for all types of trading, teaching, education and performing arts work.

In the realms of romance, you could enter a relationship with someone older, or you could be the older lover, old or new

You may not be swept off your feet during Saturn transit the fifth house, but the connection is bound to be reliable and committed; Saturn is unintendedly in detriment in the 5th house, so they can be more reserved and detached in personal relationships.

This is good for focusing on business and work, may not be suitable for mind-blowing sensuality and mind-blowing adventure, but yano, duty calls.

Relationships can act as a mirror to your personality traits, good or bad, at this time, allowing you to give yourself praise for your positive traits. And bringing to your attention the parts that need improvement and how you react to this depends on your natal chart and other transits.

Some of you may retreat into solitude as external life, and people can be challenging at this time, but it’s not a good idea to withdraw entirely as the friction and restriction you experience is needed for your personal growth.

 But if you need a time out, take it as long as you’re not making excuses and escaping from your responsibilities and personal development at this time, it may be challenging, but it’s best to face your fears and stress points at this time.

Also, be careful in sexual contact as unexpected pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases can happen at this time.

Especially if Saturn is afflicted in your natal chart or by transit aspect, Such as Saturn square Uranus in the fifth house.


When Saturn is transiting your sixth house

  • Increased responsibility in work
  • Opportunity to become more focused, disciplined and organised
  • Retraining in another profession, taking further training in current profession
  • Studying for personal development
  • Pay attention to digestive and joint health
  • Unemployment can occur during this transit
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You may have increased responsibility at work, which can cause you to become overwhelmed.

You may take a more serious look at your health at this time, committing to eating better and exercising more.

You may experience difficulties with your boss or co-workers at this time, or if you are the boss, you may be the one your staff have problems with, or your team may let you down.

Overworked and underpaid or recognised can be the keywords for this transit. Still, if you keep on going, your just rewards will come, you may decide to take a professional course to further your career advancement.

Some of you could choose to study after work to change your career path; this is a good idea, but make sure you manage your lifestyle so you make time to take care of your responsibilities.

 You may decide to change to a health-related profession if you do not already work in this field, as recovery can below and personal energy.

It is crucial you look after your mind, body and soul (higher consciousness) at this time and try and preserve your energy as much as you can.

Do all you can to distress and relax, so you can handle the extra responsibilities and obstacles of this transit.

Prevention is always better than the cure, do not overwork yourself, and be careful with your movements to prevent accidents.

When Saturn is transiting your seventh house

  • Increased accountability- burden in relationship
  • Considering the needs of others- putting them first
  • Handling issues involving law, government and negotiation
  • Changing partnerships- reevaluating what they mean
  • Focus on commitment
  • Honest communications
  • Getting honest about what you need from your intimate commitments
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Things can get more disciplined and urgent in your personal, work or business relationships. Things can become more demanding.

At this time, some relationships could end, and new allegiances can be formed.

The spotlight is on what commitment means to you, and you may find yourself leaving or the one who is left behind as you or your partners decided enough is enough.

 It is not all doom and gloom, as this can just be a time of significant change and redefinition.

In which you and your close one(s) are honest with each other and decide to change the dynamics in your current relationship(s) for the better.

Where you all lay your cards on the table, detailing precisely what you expect from each other and making plans on how you can fulfil each other’s expectations.

This can be on an intimate, friendly, work  ( co-worker) or business partnership level.

Some of you can marry an older person under this transit, or you could be the more senior person someone else commits to.

A more aged person may give you vital information that can enrich your financial, work or social life.

Relationships started under this transit have a karmic flavour to them and any delays you experience in your plans.

 If Saturn makes favourable aspects (sextiles, trines and conjunctions) in your natal chart. Then this can be a time of increased stability in your relationships.

 If Saturn is afflicted in your natal chart making squares, oppositions or quincunxes.

This can be a volatile time; especially if you take selfish actions, you can receive some form of public rejection.

When Saturn is transiting your eighth house

  • Increased responsibility concerning joint resources of finances
  • If Saturn is afflicted in your natal chart either by house or aspects, family commitments may add extra pressure, or a lover’s habits may cause financial strain
  • Problems with taxes, insurance, inheritances or settlements
  • You may develop or expand your interest in psychology, the afterlife or other occult matters
  • Fear, especially of death, can surface at this time
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The spotlight will be on shared resources; issues involving possessions, other people’s values, money, taxes, insurance and inheritances can all come up for debate now. You could also experience financial staring at this time, which can cause tension in your close relationship.

At this time, you may have to compromise with other people’s demands on your time, or you may have to try and understand their point of view, which may be different to yours.

It is vital that you cooperate with others without losing who you are, respect other wishes, and assert your needs in an authoritative yet compassionate way.

This can be hard to do, especially when money or other possessions are involved; ask yourself if the amount or the possession is really worth fighting or losing energy over.

Some of you could experience trouble getting credit at this time, or others may withhold some other resource you need, even those who have helped you out before.

It may be hard not to stress, but if you look to other ways to get your financial or other needs met. The solution will come if you have been overly dependent on others to meet your needs.

 You may look at ways to become more self-reliant; this can mean working more hours or a complete career change.

 Your new job could involve insurance, taxes, research, engineering, healthcare, psychology or some occult profession or hobby.

Death could play an essential part in your life right now; you may question your own mortality.

Making a will or other preparations for your end of life, or you may look at ways your hold habits hold you back, deciding to transform yourself.

When Saturn is transiting your ninth house

  • Enlarged interest in higher education
  • Opening your mind, expanding your worldview
  • You may decide to write or have something publish
  • Difficulties in communication
  • Troubles with studies or educational institutions
  • Long-distance travel for some of you physically or mentally
  • Being extreme in your opinions or coming into closer contact with those who live this way
  • Getting practical about your belief system
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Your mind turns to the higher meanings in life; you may decide to deepen your intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, legal or religious understanding.

 You may do some long-distance travel to educate yourself and broaden your horizons. Some of you can be highly pragmatic at this time, especially when it comes to learning new things, and others may resist anything new.

But, It is essential to keep your mind open at this time, as you may believe you have nothing new to learn.

But taking this stance can stop you from learning important things that are needed for your career or personal development.

If you are too rigid in getting your own way or sticking to what you think you know, you may push away those who are trying to help you, and if you forcibly resist change, you may face trouble from authority figures

 For example, you may insist on parking in a spot you have always parked before, but the traffic enforcer tells you.

You can no longer park there; you may ignore the instructions and end up with legal issues.

Caution in all your actions is needed at this time, as well as opening your mind and expanding your consciousness.

This is not a time for lofty ideals but practical concepts.

When Saturn is transiting your tenth house

  • Increase work or social responsibilities
  • Strengthen connections with superiors
  • Recognition or disgrace for past actions
  • Focus on career progression or personal development
  • Bening focused on your career can cause tension in your relationships
  • Having to cover someone else duties in your personal or work life
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Greater responsibility may be given to you at work at this time, or you may decide to go for a promotion.

Others of you may be given public recognition for previous work, or they may be an increase in your status or public standing in some other way.

New responsibilities at work can increase your wealth. You may decide to move home or buy some other valuable possession.

Some of you may have work or community responsibilities forced upon you against your true wishes due to a co-worker going ill or another unfortunate event.

This can be a highly burdensome but ultimately dynamic time for you.

 As you may uncover innate leadership skills, you didn’t know you had.

 This can also be a time of reckoning for past actions if you have been deceptive in your job or public life.

The scandal could become public knowledge at this time, and you can experience some sort of punishment for your past actions.

It is vital you’re as honest and direct as you can be during this transit.

Issues with career transition, finding it hard to find the right job for your skillset,  or unemployment may occur. You may lose respect with those in power, or you may find it hard to get their support for your idea or work efforts.

It is vital to make sure you take care of your family life at this time as your work responsibilities. May cause tension in your relationships; this can cause separation if you’re not careful.

 So make you pay attention to the needs of your family and friends at this time, as you wouldn’t want to lose them.

When Saturn is transiting your eleventh house

  • Increased accountability in-group connections or friendships
  • Meeting likeminded people
  • Deepening your understanding
  • Hostility in groups or friends- ulterior motives
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Group responsibilities come under the spotlight; this can be via work or any organisation you belong to.

During this period, you may be asked to work closely with others to reach a goal; for some of you, this will just involve family or friends.

You may struggle to meet the demands of others at this time and manage your own personal goals and needs.

Some of you will welcome working on a group project or objective with open arms. 

Others will struggle with this demand on your time, and you may resist this, but this will make matters worse.

It may be best to grit your teeth and bear it or if the demands are too much, refuse politely and with tact, expressing your reasons why.

However, ultimately, the group’s responsibilities may be unavoidable.

Still, even though balancing all your other commitments may be hard at this time, your efforts will be rewarded in time if you keep ongoing.

Make sure you guard against joining extremist or discriminative groups, especially if Saturn is afflicted in your natal chart.

You may also attract those who are deceptive in some way.

Still, if you manipulate yourself or like to live in illusion, then you may face the repercussions of this mindset at this time.

You may be called upon by a friend to give advice.

Saturn transiting the 11th house is accidentally beneficial if you have Saturn, Uranus, Capricorn or Aquarius well aspected in your natal chart.


Then you may develop a wholehearted interest in humanitarian, scientific, legal, philosophic, spiritual research or work, and you may make new friendships with those who are older or who have a deep interest in their hobbies or work

That will help you in your educational ambitions. Meeting like-minded people can help you feel more accepted.

 Saturn transiting the 11th house may give you the curiosity to understand the interconnectedness of all human life and spiritual laws.

When Saturn is transiting your Twelfth house

  • Retreating from external activities and connections
  • Introspection –increased spirituality- going on a spiritual retreat or self-exploration
  • Psychological insight
  • Missing opportunities that cause depression
  • Deciding to change career to work in health care or alternative healing
  • Making the subconscious- conscious for those who have substantial Saturn aspects in their natal chart, you may also have profound spiritual awakenings-for some, this occurs after some sort of breakdown
  • It can be a time of deep sorrow
  • The dawn after the storm
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This can be a period of finishing up things you started unless other transits and placements in your natal chart state; otherwise.

 This is not a good time for creating new things.

Lots of squares in your natal chart, oppositions and quincunxes involving Saturn.

 Can make you subjective to devious actions in your career, or you may be the deceptive one. Using secretive or devious means to obtain an increase in status or financial worth.

This can be a time of mental confusion, as your old way of thinking or being in the world doesn’t work for you at this time, but you find it hard to pinpoint exactly what needs to be changed.

This can be a highly anxious and, for some of you, a depressive time; some of you may prefer to be alone, as you fall into introspection at this time.

Even if you are generally sociable, you may prefer to be in solitude at this time; you may decide to keep a diary or voice note your thoughts.

Feelings of failure or not being where you want to be at this time, it’s important to grieve anything you think you lost.

But dwelling in it won’t make matters better; instead, make a strategic plan to bring your highest ambitions into reality.

Saturn transiting the 12th house can be a time of loss, but it’s essential to look ahead and not back, although this can be hard.

Some of you may get vivid dreams or psychic impressions at this time, which you may try and ignore, especially if you’re rational thinking.

But these insights may be helping you find solutions to your problems.

So it may not be best to disregard them; although they can be unnerving, seeking the support of someone who works in alternative therapy or astrology may be beneficial at this time.

This is a perfect time to clear your subconscious emotional and psychological wounds that stop you from getting where you want to be in life.

 So that you can look forward to the new opportunities when Saturn moves into your 1st house.

Get help to deal with your emotional or psychological health at this time; this can be a great time of clearing. Still, as Neptune and Pisces energy influences this house, you must guard against falling into an addiction to cope with your problems.

If Saturn is weak by aspect or house in your natal chart.

You could go through a period of negative thinking, depression, changing moods- nervous breakdowns can occur that could lead to inpatient care.

This is a time of healing, where you can let go of your past and prepare for your future, clearing away what’s been blocking your way internally.

Because more often than not, your own negative thought patterns turn into the self-destructive habits that stop you from reaching your aims.

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How to deal with Saturn transiting through the houses continued

Saturn transit highlight how our actions represent how we experience the world; adversity will always happen.

So will restriction, but it’s how we cope with these facts of life, which decides our quality of life.

The house Saturn is transiting shows the area of your life that is being investigated and tested.

 Saturn is the testing planet; want to be a doctor- well, do you have the dedication to train for 10-15 years to become one.

Want to be a layer, same, want to be an artist, will how can you support yourself whilst you make your dreams a reality? Saturn is a wake-up call – Saturn makes us get real and smell the coffee.

 Regardless of your ambitions, perseverance is always needed to get to your end goal, and life will always throw obstacles your way; Saturn test how much you really want something.

The aspects to your natal chart Saturn makes and its influences with other transiting planets and whether it is exalted or in detriment in your natal chart.

Making trines, sextiles or conjuncts, squares, oppositions or quincunxes, all this as well as your numerology and environmental factors.

 Soul age etc., will all influence the experiences during the Saturn transit through the astrological houses.

Saturn is the planet of karma on the esoteric level, so a lot of what takes place through Saturn transits can seem fated.

 But to be forewarned is to be forearmed; life is not a fairytale, although we can make sure if we learn to dance in the rain and storms, shit will always happen.

Esoterically speaking, Saturn represents your higher consciousness, which is your actual teacher, Saturn’s energy is just delivering what you really want, helping you reveal who you really are.

You cannot control external events and people, but you can control how you interact and respond to them; Saturn wants you to take responsibility for your outlook, your ambitions and how you overcome the challenges of responsibility.

If you want a promotion, then it is you that must work for it, want to better your life, then it’s you that must change to bring it into reality; wishful thinking without action rarely brings change.

Saturn transits can bring shocking events that seem to come out of nowhere; however, it’s because you ignore your inner voice or dreams that these events shock you.

 Of course, you have no control over the death of people, wars and otherworldly events, but more often than not, for instance, if someone is lying to us, we can get a gut feeling.

But we ignore these feelings, and then when that person’s deceptive actions come to light by external events. We act shocked; ok, we don’t always get the heads up.

But if you’re anything like the average human and me, we all been guilty of ignoring the writing on the wall, which is also the name of a destinies child album.

Some things are karma, but if you get advice on what your karma is, an astrology reading can help with this, then you know how to be on alert for karmic events, so you can avoid them.

 Although you cannot always do this as the only way through some times is through, you can handle them more appropriately or in a timelier manner.

At times you can be out of touch with what you really want; all humans are guilty of it; we get caught up in paying bills, and yes, these must be paid.

But Saturn transits are trying to take you to where you really want to go; most of us get into a job and say we only going to do it for 2-5 years while we save so we can go back to university/ college, or get some other further education.

But then we get stuck in a routine, we get used to what was only meant to be temporary, then spend most of our lives complaining about it.

Saturn tries to shock us by external events to get us to go within to look at our real desires and hopes for our lives.

Saturn has a bad reputation in astrology as the lord of boundaries, but it is actually the great manifestor, of what you really want if you allow.

You may think you wanted that car you lost, but maybe it was what you really needed, you may think of thought you wanted that love, but perhaps they were not the best for you; what if connecting with them stop you from meeting your one.

 And often this happens anyway as we typically shut down after heartbreak; I know it’s hard, as we have been programmed to cling and wallow, which we should do for some time, but not for our entire lives.

We must grieve what is lost, but we should never long for what doesn’t want us, as we miss what will cherish us.

When we do this, we cut ourselves off from the richness of life represented in spring and summer; yes, autumn and winter destroy, but spring rejuvenates, and so can the transit of Saturn if we allow.

Whatever Saturn takes away in transit, let it go; if it comes back, then it’s meant to be yours; I know this is hard; I been there, clinging, as well, as hey we programmed to do that.

All in all, Saturn transiting through the house needs you to pay attention to the matters of that house if you’re in alignment with your highest potential.

Then Saturn will add more organisation and order; if you are not, expect great changes that will align with your real ambitions.

You may have forgotten, which may bring you upset and despair as we humans can get lost in daily routine, forgetting our real wants and ambitions, as I said before.

Don’t resist and persist, flow let whatever wants to leave go, and let what’s yours flow, into your life, in time.

Self-awareness, getting real with yourself, and the skills and mindset it takes to achieve your highest ambitions.

Saturn transit only shock, because if you’re anything like the average human,  you put up so many barriers to your own happiness. 

The biggest one is convincing yourself you want, what you really want, or getting sucked into other people’s expectations and plans for your life.

If you are genuine with yourself, the Saturn transit is authentic with you.

A poem

Saturns lessons are so deep and vast

Egging us on to release the past

Yes, even if old friends are still a blast

Sometimes, the good things

Turn into bad

There is no reason

Its just life

Progress is the name of the game

Although letting go of our old loves

Live us lame, in bed in pain, guilt-ridden

Until our sin becomes our shame

And then all we see is rain

Because we fail to understand the lesson

That life blessings can become our living hells

And our living hells our blessings

The dualities of life

We are given life

Only to lose it in death

The trick is to see

We never really lose

We always gain

When we understand the restriction of time

Is an illusion, for all is just part of the everlasting cycle

Growth is the order of the universe.




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