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What is Self Love? Why is it so important to Love yourself


These days, self-love is a famous term that gets tossed even in normal conversations.

For example, some may ask about why you can’t love yourself first, or you should love yourself for you to feel more complete.

If you loved yourself, it would not have happened to you. You cannot love another person until you love your own self completely.

Such are just some of the self-love directives that people get to experience more living fulfilment.

Loving yourself,  is essential to living and optimum well being since it influences the person(s) you pick for lovers and friends the image you project at your work and in your social life.

And how you cope with your life’s problems. It’s very important to one’s welfare that you like to know how to bring more self-love and nurturing o into your life.

SLoving yourself, isn’t just a state of feeling good, but it’s actually a state of appreciation for yourself, that grows from the actions that support your spiritual, physical, and psychological growth.

Self-love is also dynamic as it grows through actions that mature oneself.

If you act in ways, which expand self-love, you start to accept your weaknesses and your strengths better. You also don’t have to explain your shortcomings, have compassion for yourself as people struggle to personal meaning.

Loving yourself  allows you to be more focused in your life values and purpose and expect fulfilment through your efforts.


Love yourself, for it is the only true wealth, money cannot buy peace of mind, knowing yourself can and will!


Self Love,  and Its Importance


You can’t take care of some people until you learn to take care of your own self first.

You may have heard that saying before, and it’s 100% true, I tried, many times but I couldn’t truly love others, until I learned to love myself, unconditionally, no matter the weather.

If you unconditionally and truly love yourself, you may move through the world with a deeper compassion for others,  and increase self-awareness, of your actions and thoughts.

Which will not only slow down your self-destructive tendencies but will also give you a deeper connection with yourself, increasing your self-worth, helping to fill your inner void and giving you a sense of pleasure and joy.

Therefore, self-love is your foundation and fuel for a holistic and successful life.

If self-love isn’t there, your life will be uncertain and unstable.

However, if you love yourself completely, life will move forward with ease and all of the things in your life will fall into its rightful place.

You will have greater resilience to withstand any personal adversity and challenging life event.

Anxiety, depression, striving to be the best, and stress will vanish in the face of optimism that self-love makes.

You’ll always know that this situation will pass and you will just say that you are okay and you will treat yourself fairly regardless of the situation.


Prescriptions for Self Love


How to, love yourself, more


If you are just getting started or reevaluating your connection  with self-love, follow these steps:

  • Act on What You Really Need Instead of What You Want

Turn away from something that feels great and exciting, but leaves you feeling empty, instead learn to pick habits and relationships which help you stay centred, strong and able to move forward in life.

Give up the things and thoughts that keep you stuck in your past,  by staying concentrated on what you require, you turn away from the behaviour patterns that might get you into trouble, which question not only your self-love but your worth also,  keeping you stuck in your past.

  • Be Mindful

Those who have self-love tend to know what they want, feel, and think at any given moment, They’re mindful of who they really are and act on the knowledge instead of what some people want for them.

If you choose to love yourself, you will increase your self-empathy and understanding.

  • Live Intentionally


You’ll love and accept yourself more no matter what happens in your life. But, this is only possible if you live with design and purpose. Your purpose does not have to be very clear.

If your intentions are to live a healthy and meaningful life, you’ll make decisions that support your life ambitions and goals, keep doing the work daily to love yourself, getting back up each time you fall down.

Because falling down is part of the journey of stabilising your love for yourself, as you love yourself more, you will make better life choices and become more discerning about who you let into your life.  You’ll also love yourself more once you see yourself accomplishing what you want to do the first step is writing down your intentions for your better life, gathering all the resources and support you need for your inner transformation.


·       Learn How to Forgive Yourself


There are times that people can be so hard on themselves. The downside in taking responsibilities for your actions is punishing yourself too much for the mistakes you make, while you grow and learn your life lessons.

Yes you must take responsibility for your own actions and what and who you let in your life, but do not be too hard on yourself, life is a learning process and as long as your learning from your lessons.

Doing the best you can at the time to move on, setting intentions to be better than who you were yesterday, you are a success.

You need to accept yourself, for who you are in any given moment before you love yourself since you are not perfect. Try to be less hard on yourself when you’re making mistakes.

Take note that there aren’t failures if you’ve grown and learned from your mistakes. Remember that in life, your wealth is contained in the lessons you learn.

  • Protect Yourself

Know that you should bring the right people in your life. If you have “frenemies” or people who are happy to see you so down, try to get rid of them.

Do not waste your precious time on those who like to take away the shine in your life. Learn to love your life and yourself by respecting yourself and loving it more through getting rid of some useless people.


  • Self Care

Once you take care of yourself better by providing yourself with your basic needs, you will start to love yourself more.

Those who have a high level of love for themselves,  nourish themselves daily through healthy activities including healthy social interactions, intimacy, proper sleep, exercise, meditation, tai chi, walks, listening to music,  good nutrition or anything else which gives you a sense of self.

More tips on how to love yourself,


  • Set Some Boundaries

You will love yourself more once you say no to your love, work or activities that harm you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. So, set some limits or boundaries and love yourself more.

Once you choose a list of self-love activities to focus on, long walks, drives, dancing, writing, exercise, healthy eating, being mindful etc., stick to them, pick 2-3 self-love habits, stick to them, and then slowly add more.

Imagine how much you will appreciate yourself when you commit and stick to your steps to bring more love into your life.

It’s true that you can only love an individual as much as you, love yourself.

Once you exercise all of those self-love actions, you will be able to encourage and let others express themselves like the way you do.

If you have more love and belieft for yourself, you will be prepared for everything in your life. In addition to that, you’ll attract more circumstances and people to you that support your own well-being.

If you find it hard to practice self-love because of some reasons, you can hire a self-love coach UK. Having  a life coach professional in life will not only help you understand more about self-love but also you will be able to love yourself effectively.


Loving yourself , quotes


The past

The past

It holds you back


Loving yourself will fill the gap

Your inner void

That keeps you

In the ploys

Of your addiction

And toxic relationship traps,

Now is the time to

Heal your wounds

Start with self-love,

Take steps to forgive yourself

Teach yourself to nurture your inner wounds

  • Self-love is the cure to all life tribulations

If you have self love you have everything



  • Never sell yourself out, to please someone else

Self love teaches others to respect you


  • Self-love is the bridge to your future
  • Self-love is the only cure
  • Understanding yourself frees you to love yourself
  • Never ever stop loving yourself, even if you fall short of your own expectations.
  • There’s no love like self-love


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