what is a Sextile in the Astrology Natal Chart

Keywords, unity and synergy, cockiness and subconscious.


Sextile in the natal chart, The 60° sextile aspect involves planets/ zodiac signs which are two signs apart, i.e. Aries and Gemini, Leo and Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn,  the sextile can represent an easy flow of ideas or opportunities, that, when acted upon, can help realize the goals of a person.


The Sextile Aspect indicates, innate talents, It is a harmonious aspect wherein energies of planets involved work together and collaborate well. But, although it is a positive aspect of tradition, this is not dynamic.


Because the sextile aspect is somewhat passive, and it doesn’t automatically bring an impetus for doing anything.

This is why I put cockiness and subconscious as a keyword, I have a few of these aspects and from first-hand experienced, I realized that individuals with a lot of these sextile aspects in their Astrological Natal Chart,  often do not recognize their natural talents.

sextile in natal chart continued

As sextile aspects like the trine,  are hidden in their subconscious, people with sextiles do not recognise their outstanding natural abilities in specific areas,  at times if they do notice their innate skills, they can get cocky with their sex-stiles. Think of the saying all fur coat and no knickers, was probably derived from the observation of an individual with a lot of sextiles.

sextiles are good, it means the energies of the two signs or plants involve come naturally to you. The best way to characterise the sextile aspect is lack of friction and a lot of flow and unison,  The primary reason sextiles are regarded as positive is that they do not disrupt anything.

However, you must activate your sextile energy, some with sextiles also have a quincunx in their Natal Chart

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Sextiles are trying to bring in the new, maybe in a past life, or early on in this current lifetime, your Natal Sextile Energies did not bode well together.

Now is the time to activate your sextiles and learn to harness, manage and control the innate gifts they bring to you.


Like Trines, many people often miss the blessing of their natal sextiles, do not be one of them! Sextiles in a natal astrology chart,  are made up of either 2 feminine signs (Yin energy, Earth and Water signs ) or two masculine signs (Yang energy, Fire and Air signs). However, the signs do not share the same element i.e. water or earth or modality i.e. cardinal or fixed.

This is a list of the sextiles which can occur, astrological sextiles occur between two zodiac signs or two planets:

Libra: when libra sextiles Sagittarius you get the balanced or unbalanced social charmer with the Centaur gift of the gab and adventure.

Mix libra with Leo, you get the charismatic lion or lioness with a bit of panache.

Scorpio sextile Capricorn: mix the watery yet deadly scorpion with astute Capricorn, and you get ambition with clarity and direction, this energy can create a humanitarian, social magnate.

A sextile between Virgo and Scorpio brings analytic emotion when Scorpio sextiles Virgo you get information orientated individuals. Think mini inspector gadgets who can shape, mould or control minds. If theirs a loop in the hole these people will find it, quick time.

Sagittarius sextile  Aquarius bring future-orientated individuals who move forward with bravado and detached cool. Aquarius sextile Aries, well cocky, ego meet genius, you will get a rebel with a cause and planning.

List of natal sextiles aspects continued

Capricorn sextile Pisces form lovers of tradition who look back to the past with nostalgia and insight, to create the worldly and emotional security they seek. Pisces sextile Taurus, I have a joke for you, the bull meets a fish in a bar and says, nothing,they don’t have too,  for this pairing, can bring innate abundance that drawn to you as a magnet to metal,working in unison,  love and tenderness flow between this coupling if you learn to know and manage thyself.

Gemini sextile Aries, When Aries meets Gemini, you get a lot of frolicking, thought and seekers of all things fresh and communicative, its all in the play, they say.

Taurus and Cancer,  When the crab meets the bull, you get lovers of all things and people that bring a sense of comfort, proud homeowners and trinkets in abundance. When Cancer sextiles Virgo, you get mindful individuals, who will care for those they hold dear with a focus on all things that they believe bring them sanctuary.

Gemini sextile leo, What happens when yappy Gemini meets I am the best Leo, well you get the best social climbers who are highly admired and animated.

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