First things first, as a spiritual life coach:

I offer spiritual direction to all human beings, no matter what beliefs, I believe each person is allowed to have their own views on things, and it’s my job as a spiritual director to help you find inner peace and direction.

I am going to use the term God a lot in this article because I am comfortable using that term, you can replace the word GOD  with the universe or higher power.

One of the purposes of this site is to show that it is safe and a necessary requirement for a human being to express all side of their personality.

Please do not, my use of the word God, turn you away from information that can help you, we must never throw the baby out with the bathwater!!!

Each human being has roots, their own family and cultural environment, instead of letting our variations in personality traits divide us, we should celebrate our differences together.

Spiritual direction is all about helping individuals manage the Spiritual, Emotional, Psychological, Physical and Financial areas of their life.

Please note I am not a psychologist or financial advisor, but in the services, I offer I can direct you to individuals who can help you with matters out of my skill set.

However, I have experience of sussing astrology to direct individuals to manage all the above areas in their life, I also have a degree in Psychology.

Spiritual direction and the mystics and geniuses of the world

Once you study the lives of holy men and women, across all of the worlds faith from Islam, to Christianity, The Bahai faith, Jainism,  Rastafarian, Sufism and Hinduism.

You will notice some things, the holy men and women of these faiths have in common. Indeed even genius like Albert Einstein, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and Tesla shared one thing in common.

They stood out above their peers, whether in a religious, artistic, individual or scientific context, we have enough evidence that those who seem to achieve great things in life.

On the material or spiritual level, all did things differently than the mass crowd.

Spiritual direction is the process of helping you gain a deep connection with whoever or whatever you deem as a higher power in your life, this can be a God your higher self, nature or anything else you consider fit.

In terms of the disciples of the bible, what made them stand out from their peers is that  First, they have an abiding and deep relationship with Jesus Christ and their God.

Second, not only did they have submitted their life and their will to Jesus and their God,  but they also embraced the gift of baptism through being active members of the church.

Third, to grow and maintain their relationship with Jesus Christ, each of them sought out spiritual direction.

What Should You Know about Spiritual Direction and spiritual life coaching?

Spiritual direction is basically the discipline in which an individual deepens and explores their relationship with their God or Holy Spirit, In the context of ongoing confidential conversations with their higher power. A spiritual life coach is someone who has their own daily spiritual or personal development practice, who has experienced their own trials, tribulations and adversities in life and have overcome them. This qualifies them based on their intellectual knowledge, intuition and personal experience of God/ the universe/ higher power to guide others on their life long healing and realignment journeys. Spiritual direction helps people become aware of how they ignore, cooperate with, or in other cases, hinder the work of the God, Universe, Higher power or Holy Spirit, they say they believe in.


Spiritual direction and the spiritual life coach helps you practice what you preach.

Spiritual direction helps you:

So why choose me as your spiritual life coach

Spiritual direction uk , in conclusion