The meaning of the Astrological Square

The square aspect happens in general when… 2 Planets are 3, signs apart, at a 90-degree Angle, squares are nearly always in the same modality.4

For example, all signs involved in the square aspect will be either, 2 Cardinal,  2 Mutable or  2 fixed, zodiac signs.

However, in some rare cases, the square aspect can occur out of modality, i.e. a square can involve a mutable and a cardinal sign, these are called detached squares.

In the self-managing of your square,  it is crucial to consider the zodiac signs of the Planets involved in the square aspect.

Because this information will signpost what areas of the life the square aspect energies are more prominent in.

Square aspects involving personal planets, i.e. the sun are typically stronger than those involving outer planets, i.e. Pluto or Uranus.

So always pay attention to the length of time the square aspect was in the sky the year or generation you were born in.


List of the zodiac signs the square aspect typically occurs in,

  • Leo: Scorpio, Taurus
  • Virgo: Sagittarius, Gemini
  • Libra: Capricorn, Cancer
  • Scorpio: Aquarius, Leo
  • Sagittarius: Pisces, Virgo
  • Capricorn: Aries, Libra
  • Aquarius: Taurus, Scorpio
  • Pisces: Gemini, Sagittarius
  • Aries: Cancer, Capricorn
  • Taurus: Leo, Aquarius
  • Gemini: Virgo, Pisces
  • Cancer: Libra, Aries

Square aspect meaning in Astrology

The square aspect in your Astrological Natal Chart implies challenges and restrictions. This aspect is also dynamic because the challenges can pressure you into working on the problems represented by the involved planets.

The planets in a square aspect are at cross-purpose’s,  There is a conflict between them leading to irritation and delayed achievement.

Imagine two people with, different agendas, both pulling in opposite directions, yet being forced to occupy the same space, the only way forward is to compromise.

And that’s what the square aspect in Astrology is all about, give and take.

However, hard work and patience can pave way to success through the integration of two planetary energies.

The square aspect in Astrology is traditionally an inharmonious and negative one.

The houses and planets involved in the square aspect,  are indicative of areas in your life, where adjustments should be made.

Square aspects can take tremendous effort for the gifts that can be gained by overcoming and learning to manage the friction of the planetary energies that are in conflict with each other.

Yet remember we need the Sunshine and the rain to give us life on Earth, so yes squares may be a negative aspect, but if you take the time to discipline yourself, you will become an adept master of self-control.

Square aspect meaning in Astrology continued

For instance, if you have Venus in Aries yet your moon in Capricorn, you are going to integrate, Venus in Aries need to be romantically spontaneous, charming, fiery, egotistical and rampant. With Moon in Capricorn’s needs to be nurtured.

, rigid, in control, measured in romantic choices and reserved in all action.

Both energies in a square are stubborn and wilful, with each planetary energy looking to get their own way,  you will have to learn to manage the energies of your natal square(s).

It is hard work, but with determination, any obstacle in life can be defeated.

Individuals with 2 or more squares in their astrological natal chart are not always pleasant to be around.

This is because people with the square aspect have incarnated to work out  their personality defects, the energy of the Astrological square’s drives the native to look for ways to relieve their inner tension

The square aspect can deliver a sharp and long learning curve, this is necessary because the soul needs to come out of its comfort zones, the square is not a curse, it can be a great blessing.

The closer the degree orb, in the square astrological aspect the more challenging it will be, this is not a passive aspect, it is very active as it wanting you to make conscious actions to manage the inner conflict.

Square aspect meaning continued

Unlike the opposition aspect, which needs deep awareness to see the tension, the pressure of the square aspect is in your face. And noticeable by the native with this aspect in their astrological chart and all those who come into prolonged contact with them.

Many people with squares end up changing the world, or at least the environment around them, this can be for the better or worse granted, the psyche of the individual with squares has a lot of inner demons to process and work through.

All in all, the key to overcoming the square is self-healing, understanding, nurturing, love and compassion, you must learn your Natal chart inside out and find a holistic way to manage your personality traits.

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Keywords for planets involved in squares:

  • Sun – stress and tension
  • Moon- difficulty with how you perceive yourself and the World, challenges with emotions.
  • Mercury- Indecisiveness
  • Venus- nervousness, disquiet love nature, changeability in partnerships
  • Mars- immense conflict with the use of power
  • Jupiter- tongue-tied, self-conscious
  • Saturn- Problems with authority and restrictions- including a problem with authority over self
  • Uranus- fickleness and volatile
  • Neptune- Inner confusion with spirituality, addiction and self-image. Distorted views of the world.
  • Pluto – Power struggles, complicated to control this aspect, distorted self-perception, issues with self-control, swimming form placid to the tyrant, and back again constantly.

A short poem about the Square aspect in astrology

To construct

Or destruct

This is the question

Yes battles, ensure

However, overcoming them.

Means, your soul, shall forever endure.

As it would have learned the great secret

It takes all the hues of the rainbow

And human traits

To complete the soul,

Completion is found within

Not without

Clinging to the external

Trying to control it,

Or worse still, letting it control you

Shall make your life a bore.

Preserve my friend, keep on

Keeping on, on your soul –journey

Perseverance is the key

The conflict shall never truly cease

Unless  you can learn to accept

Yourself, in all your many lights

Just like a rainbow

Forever create your everlasting prism

With  the change of your actions,

Refinement, the name of the game.

Inside your beautiful soul, lies your everlasting and overflowing well, in which your unique chrism, awaits to replenish and ignite your soul.

Thank you for reading this article about the square in Astrology.