• Element: fire- action and creativity

  • Symbol: the ram

  • Modality: cardinal

  • Sign ruler: Mars and Pluto- Esoteric ruler: Mercury

  • Detriment- VENUS, Fall-SATURN, Exaltation – SUN

  • Envision- the red and orange flames, of a candle and how they fight against the wind and turmoil to stay alight.


inspiration, initiation, innovation, boldness, courage, impulsiveness, growth, PUSHING FORWARD DESPITE ODDS, POWER, FORCE, newness, forging ahead, overcoming cycles, new life, new cycles, transformation and spontaneity. Esoteric insight, Aries is seen as the first spark of creation and the ‘point of light in the mind of God’.

This section on Aries sign will expand as the year’s progress.

First, we will start with some Greek mythology of Aries, Athena represents Aries in Greek folklore, Athena is an intelligent, wise, brave, daring and bold goddess, like Athena, Aries sign energy is also bold, courageous and initiative. Soldiers and Warriors are produced by Aries energy, Athena is a goddess of battle, going the extra mile and endurance, resiliently trying again until you succeed.  Athena knows that to progress in life; you will have to show the sword ( your shadow side) at times.

However, although Athena knows battles must be won, she knows that wars corrode multitudes of life force, which must be preserved, so Athena uses various skills to advance her agenda, as she knows that no one skill or strategy will get you through life and bloodshed must be avoided at all cost.

Life is a multi-strategy game in which many skills, tools and also lessons must be learned.

Athena knows the sword must be shown but it’s not always necessary for it to be used, unlike mars who is gung ho! With the sword. Athena is a peacemaker, yet she will defend her position if and when necessary. Tradition Sayings like handle with kid gloves, or give an olive branch, stem from Athena giving the Greeks as the olive tree.


Aries sign energy creates a strong-willed, quick acting individual who often acts and speaks before they think. However, like Athena, you can redirect your Arian energy to fight for positive and constructive causes rather that addictive and destructive ones.

Aries sign kicks off the spring season in nature. It is also full of promise, creativity and newness.With the promise of reaping the rewards for your efforts in the coming Summer. Like the energies of Spring, Arian energy too can bring about rejuvenation and renewal. 

Athena, like some Arians, preferred to remain single and also independent to pursue their goals.

Aries are not easily fooled by appearances or words. They often can be blunt as they prefer to keep their words blunt and raw.  This Arian trait mirrors the Aries energy force. That can be witnessed in nature, think of seeds, also bursting through the ground for sunlight to sustain. And, maintain their life, the daffodils bulbs, the sprouting of new life.

KEYNOTE:  Aries your root power comes from the spring and creation energy which brings about new cycles and life if you want success in life you have to initiate it, stick to a routine and building focus which can be hard for you to do. You have to liberate yourself from your impulsiveness, excitability and stubbornness so that you can lead and impregnate yourself and others to new life experiences.

CURB/restrict: headstrongness and aggression

The road to wisdom: impulse control and limit scattering resources and personal energy

The sun is exalted in Aries sign giving the sun in Aries individual vitality, creativity, optimism, executive power and also boosted energy. Individual achievement bodes well as the sun is exalted in Aries. However, the Solar Arian must overcome their impulsiveness and bluntness to achieve financial, spiritual, emotional and physical success.

Arians can refuse to bow down, do favours for others and can be undiplomatic in pursuing their goals and also ideals.

Aries individual is bold and are often pioneers in their chosen careers and fields of activity. Sun in Aries can shine in fields and careers where someone else has already done the groundwork. Sun in Aries then steps in, taking the root of the idea. Aries can get people to act via the heat and intensity of their enthusiasm.  SUN IN ARIES  can be path clearers showing others a new way, a sun in Aries sign person had this effect on me.

Sun in Aries can fancy themselves to be free souls, they grow impatient with the mundane requirements of day to day life. They like the truth, but often the sun and Aries do not put the effort in to pursue the truth. Aries individual often takes the “root of an idea”, starting projects, also getting it to a certain level and then, a new idea, so the now old project is left not completed, leaving someone else to finish the job.

The old saying all fur coat and no knickers come to mind, this is not for all sun in Aries, but if you do have sun in Aries, you should watch out for flippant tendencies, especially in the completion of things.

Sun in Aries can sometimes, in order   to get themselves out of a situation can wield their sword, causing all types of shamogery and heartache. But being Aries, all about the here and now at times, they wander off to their new project, horizons and also field forgetting about the havoc they left in their wake.

Sun in Aries can steamroll ahead, mowing down and pushing away anyone or anything. That dare to stand in their way, impeding their progress

Because of this tendency at times, Sun in Aries people suffers from their lack of care, impulsiveness lack of thought, reckless and rash words and behaviour that can AT TIMES INFLICT SUFFERING ON OTHERS.

Sun in Aries people must watch out for selfishness in actions, not leaving adolescence behind in terms of their expression, yes please always be forever young at heart but be mindful of others wellbeing and more importantly your own.

Sometimes sun in areas remain oblivious to their adolescent self-centeredness.  However sun in Aries can still be endearing to others as their intentions are rarely magnificent. Sun in Aries people are honourable, yes they are also impulsive and do not think before they say things, but this is down to their innocence, not malintent 9/10. Sun in Aries forgets to factor in that they may be far-reaching implications for their actions and conduct.

The evolves solar Arian never says never, and always rises to a new occasion. They also have time will never end attitude and aura about them. You stand out from the crowd, have a will to succeed and at their best are uncomplicated, direct in the way they approach life and people. Solar sun Arians have an uncanny ability to give good advice and direction as they keep it simple and deliver their opinion with truth and rawness.

If you want to win at the game of your life solar Aries, you have to stay determined but also be mindful of others feelings, always question why you are stubborn for? Why exactly are you saying this?

Can you word things another way?

Is there a better way you approach a situation?

Stay focus, find your niche, stick to it, but constantly try something new, you must do something which you feel successful at, or you can become hard to live with and physically or psychologically sick, avoid inaction, lack of direction and purpose at all cost.


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