Cancer KEY Observations

Esoteric insight, Cancers must resist, passive-aggressiveness, stunting their growth and personal development by not processing and letting go of the past; especially emotions, being overly dependent, moody and indirect with their communications.

Sun in Cancer in astrology

Sun in Cancer, underneath your deep shell, resides your even deeper feelings; you have memories of the wrongs you did and the wrongs you felt others did. They will never fade unless you chase them away, by confronting and facing your darkest desires and demons.

Forgive Sun in Cancer, forgive others, forgive your self. So you can bring new thoughts, experiences and worlds into your reality.


You have to teach yourself not to be so receptive to the emotions of others, especially when you think they have wrong you, the resentment this causes can turn into mystery illnesses for you.

 Which all stems from your inability to let go and trust in the Constance change and thus renewal of life, its experiences and people.  


Sun In Cancer’s Exoteric ruler is THE MOON, this causes your emotions and moods to change not as quick as the wind changes, yet your moods tide to be in sync with the moon.

This is why it’s essential for you to be aware of the moon cycle or at least that external things, people and vibrations affect you consciously and subconsciously. 

With this in mind, mediation or any form of relaxation is necessary for you daily.

Neptune is the Esoteric ruler of cancer/moon, allowing for the evolved Sun in Cancer who is progressively, working through their lower self-issues to receive inspiration.

Neptune also bestows guidance on how to practically manifest your goals giving you assistance and support to bring your vision and dreams into reality.

 A highly evolved sun in Cancer will develop a vivid imagination and a deep connection with their inner worlds and intuition, in return this connection they forge with the deeper worlds will give them food not only for their soul but for their mind and body as well.

Hera sent Hercules on this 12 battle journey with the hope that he would not survive it, Hercules second battle was with a nine-headed hydra, Hercules had the support of all the animals except the crab which came from its cave trying to distract and discourage Hercules with his claw. Hercules won the battle with the Hydra, crushing the crab in the process, The crab was the first constellation to be placed in the sky, by Hera because the Goddes was bemused by the crab’s strength and loyalty. In Ancient times the constellation of Cancer was known as.

a dark and mysterious, omen because its view is obscured in the night sky.

Themes of the SUN IN cancer life: intuitive/ instinctive living, creativity, power issues,  manipulative dominance and control games, living under handily- moving sideways- against fashions, currents and tides.  Protection, devotion, helpfulness and care. 

This section on the Sun in Cancer will expand as the year’s progress, Now, we will look into the  Greek mythology of Cancer, HERCULES was sent by the Goddess Hera, to perform 12 trail.

In ancient times the 12 zodiac signs represented the 12 distinct battle of “personality trait integration” which goes on within each individual.

Shadow: the creator of illusions, hidden agendas, deceptive gains, buried suicidal intent at the core of all actions.  Depression, clinginess, seeking nurturing and assurance via deviance and pessimism.

The gift of Solar Sun in Cancer has an understanding nature and acceptance of others, on a whole cancers do not go out their way to hurt you unless you have hurt them or they are under orders!

Tenderness and kindness are traits of the Sun in Cancer in their prime, Cancerians hate to see others suffering and will do all they can to help someone less fortunate than themselves.

They are very interested in the affairs of the world and other people, they have a sense of brotherhood, respect and are humanitarian in their values and beliefs.  

Sun in Cancer can be patient; they can wait a lifetime or beyond to achieve their goals or revenge ploys. Cancerians are very good at biding their time watch out! They can also leave something that is stressing them out, for the meanwhile while they recentre their self or reevaluate their plan of attack. As a general rule, a grounded cancer is honest about their feelings, they know how to concentrate on one thing at a time and to see it through to the end.

they also are lovers of home and all those they see as family and therefore close to them.

Sun in  Cancer, including the men among you, are the most maternal of all signs and is happiest surrounded y a good lover, close friends and family too who they are very loyal and will ride or die for.

They have a strong love and penchant for tradition and are conservative in some of their beliefs and values,  because of their entanglements with the emotions and lives of others, they tend to be good at detecting the moods and hidden intentions of others.

The other side of the moon, the flip side of Cancer in-depth: Cancerians can dislike at times putting in hard work; this leads them to manipulative activities to get their emotional, spiritual and financial needs met.

However, when it comes to sot their children or those they care about the Sun in Cancer, individuals will break their backs, beyond effort.  They will work long hours at any job to provide for those they care for.

The need for security and familiarity can cause Sun in cancer individuals to seek and gain attention via devious means

Underlying any destructive, manipulative or underhand behaviours is the reality that Sun in cancer individuals can find it hard to face life due to their innate timidness, hence the hard shell!

Cancerians feel emotions deeply, and because many people seek them out to confide in, they can become enmeshed and bogged down in the realms of emotions, not dealing with their emotions and the emotional residue of those they help actively.

 Leads the Sun in Cancer to drown in the sea of emotions, to get out of this life force draining pattern you must first call yourself out on your bullshit, deal with it, learning to forgive yourself. None of us are saints; we are all here at earth school to learn.

They are not beyond setting up cultish groups under a guise of nurturing a human upliftment yet at the core of their cult is their own need to control others to meet their wants and needs.

I am not saying this is a good or bad trait; it is what it is, just know that Cancers will do what they can to get what they want.   Including appearing as if they are your dream lover or friend, remember subtle manipulation and denial of their true motives and intentions are their forte if they are ever found out. For this, they can make excellent strategist and, poker, and chess players.

TO STAY ON TRACK:  Uncover your emotional debris and heal it, try and give others space to be themselves, this is how you gain their constant love, respect and support. 

Try not to be overbearing and needy, to do this learn to nurture yourself, run yourself nice baths, have to face mask time, even if your male.

Play your favourite songs, video games, anything that gives you a sense of affection and love.

 Cancers are known to lie to others,  to keep others they care about from leaving,  this means the people they lie to will eventually leave usually by simply drifting and fading from their lives. No one likes to be lied to even if that person is yourself, I found this out the hard way, and some sun in cancer individuals will learn this lesson this way too.

To stop your need to lie to keep those close, be honest about how you feel about being abandoned, most people fear rejection and abandonment, you are not alone.

 And if you brave to be truthful about your fears, you clear the path for others to do so. You will find that your kindness and goodwill have had lifetime effects on the many lives you have touched if your willing to admit to your wrongs you will find the everlasting love and forgiveness of a friendship that cannot and will not die.

If you want to be heard, talk the truth of how you feel, learn to forgive, I know you don’t like to forget and I agree with this,  the eternal spotless mind can lead to repeating mistakes.

However, if someone shows you clear signs that they have changed by their behaviours over time, Then do not colour them with the issues and actions of their past. Learn to love the new them,   for love never changes, yet people do. 

Sun in cancer individuals tends to suffer alone, as they keep reopening old wounds because they never deal with them entirely. Imagine someone continually picking a scab, that only scabs up again, so it never goes away.

If you really wanna move on, not living in hidden fear and pain, then you have to let yourself go, although for you some of your Sun in cancers,  rock bottom is the only way out of your self-destruction and denial.

 Yes, it will not be pretty, yet if you go to your emotional depths, you will arise, refined, inspired, grounded and transformed.

Yes, the familiar is nice, yet if it only triggers your wounds, then what good is the familiar, it is best to purge your emotions so that you can enjoy the comforts of the past in new and life-affirming ways.

If you do not purge your emotions and thus your psyche, you will continually resurrect your demons and ogres of the past.

Purge your emotions; this will cure your moodiness, which is just a defence mechanism to stop others from being aware of how sensitive you are. 

This is how you stop lashing out at yourself and others, cure and heal your weighted psychological-mental,  emotional and spiritual pain.

We are saints in training, so to speak.

Sun in cancer people can be secretly pessimistic, what at first seems like deep philosophical and spiritual statements are signs of their deep pessimism and inability to cope with the world of duality.

They often say a statement like what will be will be, which is true,  what will be…eventually,  but if we want things to change, for them to be, then change needs to be the thing that will be,  if I am making sense here! The unreformed Sun in cancer individual can be a bit lazy, a trait they love to hide by appearing busy; they are often moving things from one draw or room to the next!

Some Sun in cancers individuals find it hard to overcome perceived or actual hurts; their sensitive nature leads them to believe that any slight wrong is a severe injury.

So off they pop within, cultivating ploys of revenge or reliving the experience which causes them pain.

This leads to a vicious cycle of stagnant emotions, that can lead them down very dark paths to seek penance from those they think to own them an apology.

Cancerians can find it hard to enjoy themselves outside their home environments, finding it hard to flee the nest they create for themselves; they can place constant demand on others for love and reassurance.

Out of all the Cardinal pairings, Cancer is the most multifaceted and paradoxical in many ways.

Cancers love keeping things in the home and are private, despite all experiences they like to control and seek dominance in all they do, do not be fooled by their watery exterior.

IMAGERY:  7 of cups, 5 of wands, 9 of swords and the star, tarot cards. KEYNOTE:  Psychologically and spiritually, The Sun in Cancer, is equivalent of a new moon, Sun in Cancer are preoccupied with the origins of life, this is why they are possessive and clingy to their home base.

As it was their first origin of existence once they left their mothers womb, as the Sun in Cancer grows, they extend their home base to anything or anyone they hold dear.

 The origins of life are important, but they do not need to be understood at the levels sun in Cancer delves too, for this is a bottomless pit, this only leads you too clingy to the past and familiar refusing to live in the now.

Let bygones be bygones, allow old loves, to become new loves, let old friendships fade so that new ones can take their place.

As Marcus Aurelius said,

“Observe always that everything is the result of the change and get used to thinking that there is nothing,  Nature loves so well as to change existing forms and make new ones like them.”

And he also said

“death smiles at us all, but all a man can do is smile back.”

Yes, people, we love leave us, experiences we love to end, but in the end, all we can do is let them go, or we will forever remain in a place that no longer exists.


CURB/restrict: Controlling yourself and others via deception and over smothering.

The road to wisdom:

 as a giver of life sun in Cancer, you will find your power by clearing away your emotions and forming a deep primary relationship with yourself. In which you nurture yourself, take care of yourself, and those around you will add to your sense of well being in uplifting and life-affirming ways.


 You are responsible for leading yourself to life experiences that give you a sense of renewal and vitality; when you do this, you have the gift of being an excellent caregiver to children, young people and the projects you’re involved in.


Cancer rules the gut and stomach; both these areas are linked to intuition, emotion, and spiritual knowing.

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