The sun in Astrology,  represents self-expression, individuality, desire for power and our individual creativity.   

Symbol: THE CENTAUR, half-human, half-horse

  • Modality: Mutable – good at adjusting to different environments
  • Element: Fire, intense vitality, bold action and excitement
  • Sign ruler: Jupiter The Esoteric: ruler: Planet Earth
  • Polarity: Masculine –Positive energy ( keen perception, outspoken, self-assured)
  • Detriment: Mercury
  • At home in: Jupiter
  • Envision: a horse and a human, trying to make sense of each other, by combining into one being,
  • a child is born with a need for speed and an urge for everything to happen all at once, transforming into an adult who has learned to slow down from, personal experience.

Sun in Sagittarius KEY Observations




  • Jovial
  • Open-minded
  • Optimistic
  • Adaptable
  • Good judgement
  • Keen philosopher
  • resourceful
  • freedom orientated
  • trustworthy
  • honest and blunt communicator
  • dependable
  • conscientious


  • White lies
  • Exaggeration
  • Frivolous
  • Impatient – on edge
  • Extremeness – no middle ground
  • Fanatically optimistic- ignoring the bigger picture and finer details.
  • Overexcited
  • Reckless with behaviour and thoughts
  • Unpredictable
  • Negligent
  • Immature

Esoteric insight, on the individual level, each person has at least 12 distinct. Character traits to their personality that are represented by each of the 12 zodiac signs. The vibration of Sagittarius gives the individual a chance to learn from their mistakes, more so than the other 11 zodiac signs. Sagittarius being half human and half horse (animal), allows insight into both the higher and lower aspects to your personality The Esoteric.

ruler of Sagittarius is the planet earth, for it is only via experience that the mysteries of the unknown can be revealed to us,. To be taking up into spiritual heights, we must first be grounded in knowledge, in reality.

It may seem like a paradox, but to firmly grasp higher truth, one must be profoundly grounded, how else can you tell the difference between facts and fiction?

Life experiences can open us up to our inner voice; the earth is the only place where we can learn to decipher logic form intuition.

Learning to trust your inner voice, as  this  will lead you to your highest good, to do this, we must learn to find our one authentic voice and eliminate all other voices.

The freedom-seeking energy of the sun in Sagittarius creates the perfect springboard into the unknown and deeper meaning of life

More about the centaur…..

From birth, the Sagittarius sun is in tune with their positive and negative personality traits, either from their own inner understanding or complaints about their behaviour from their parents, family and friends. Sagittarius energy can be highly erratic and careless, especially in childhood, always looking for adventure, excitement and speed, this innate need for freedom and exploration. Can lead to the higher expression of the Sagittarian nature, as the sag loves learning about the unknown. especially new languages, on the surface some people may wrongly call the younger Sagittarian a dim wit with an insatiable need for speed. Wrongly perceiving the Sagittarius is only interested in fun, frolics and sports.  however, the sag is always storing all information they come across to use at a later date. Do not mistake their disinterest for ignorance, after all, Jupiter, the bestower of higher learning, wisdom and expansion, is Sagittarius ruler.

 Sag’s can be great planners, once they learn to discipline their thinking and not overlook the finer details. sun in Sagittarius individuals, are multifaceted thinkers and look at each problem from many angles. Sometimes sags are more interested in the symptoms rather than the problem or the solution, The challenge of the problem, rather than the solution or the problem itself gets the Sagittarius going. For instance, why 1 plus 1 does equal 2, and not 3? what is the code to a 5000-year-old obsolete ancient language? Where does the inner voice come from? These are the things that get the sag’s mind going.


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The reason why Sagittarius’s are always on the go as just like the Gemini is that they have two, or maybe more self personalities to please,.

after all the symbol for the sagettarius  is half human/half horse.

And as we know, horse-like to gallop and roam, as do sag’s, they do not like feeling fenced in, this is why most sag’s find it hard to commit in relationships. Sags have inbuilt claustrophobia, this is why they are always distant, even in a group of people because if they are not physically travelling, they are 9 times out of time mentally or psychically travelling.

They are always aiming their archer’s bow, at the objective of their choice, but frequently. when the goal is in reach, the sag moves the goal post, sometimes moving on to a new project before the old one is completed.

Out of fear of completion and not having something new to explore before their current project ends.

The trick here Sagittarius is to learn a daily stillness practise, this could be meditation, tai chi, listening to music, walking, anything that trains you to slow your mind and feet down!!!

And learn the art of patience,  because training yourself to slow down will bring you great rewards in life.

It is vital in your depressed states that you try to keep your mind, body and soul active, as no action, causes you mental imbalance but so does too much work.

You need to find a middle ground.

Sometimes you need to change your career, location or belief system to find inner peace, more so than the other 11 zodiac sun signs.

You must find a way to chill and lower your restlessness, as when you are restless, it affects every area of your life.

Including your relationships and mental health.

More often than not, when you feel tired Sagittarius you are bored with whatever it is your doing and need to change direction.

Sun in Sagittarius in love

In romantic relationships, intellectual stimulation is critical to the Sagittarius, they need their partner to be on the same wavelength of them. Physical attraction will take the sag so far, for sag’s it’s all about the intellectual connection.

They also don’t respond well to signs of jealousy or possessiveness from their intimate partners and will leave a relationship if it becomes too oppressive.

The best-suited jobs for Sagittarians are teachers, lecturers, philosophers, lawyer, veterinary worker, horse trainer, explorer, travel agent, sportsperson, priest, jockey, publisher, antique dealer or writer. As I mentioned in the introduction, Sagittarian energy needs to be managed positively, or it will lead to risky behaviour that causes trouble in all areas of the Sagittarius’s life. 

Thankfully sags are naturally given plenty of opportunities to gain self-awareness via their many life experiences and influence of their ruler Jupiter who generates thoughts of higher learning into the Sagittarian Psyche. To remain in top shape, Sagittarius keep a good humour and a free spirit, be careful when choosing a life partner, but don’t procrastinate too much on that or any other decision in your life.Remember it takes two or more to tango, communicate with your special someone or someone, be truthful, but learn tact, as I have learned that yes, honesty is the best policy.

However, when it comes to human emotions they can sometimes be fragile, yes its best not to beat around the bush but it is even better to deliver truth in a compassionate way.

Sometimes right now is not the moment, to tell the truth, especially if it will cause more emotional distress, no, no one is telling you to live a lie, dear Sagittarius.

What  I am saying is, a little bit of timing and empathy will get you more rewards in life,  also when you fall down, remember to always get back up, as when you don’t you fall deeper into self-neglect and doubt.

Which is not a good look, sag, also try and be more organised, keep a journal or too, it is better to plan than to stress.

Try to keep the preaching down, remember we all have to learn from our own mistakes, yes give advice, but do not hound or nag!

Take the leap into the unknown, find your inspirations, coming to love the uncertainty of life, is how you will keep your balance, yes its good to know the facts.

But you are alive to find your purpose and learn to follow your own intuitions and trust your own heart.

Yes, your many experiences will help you find and build your self-awareness; however, your life lessons and the people you meet are not you self awareness…

Your authentic self-expression is found by learning to trust and follow your inner voice….oh yeah and stop procrastinating, and get some rest every once in a while.

And on second thought, pay attention to your surroundings as you can be accident prone especially around the thigh and hip areas, try and be less self-righteous.

Remember ,Sun in Sagittarius,  what it was like to be young, better still remember what it was before you learned your own life lessons and moral codes.

Life is about give and take dear Sagittarius.

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