Are Scorpios the most dangerous?

In short, I don’t think so what I found that people, as they age, tend to not like truth.

And Scorpios, and those with strong Pluto placements in their chart, tend to embody truth, even if they don’t always speak it. They don’t like superficial, and as most people can fall into the trap of projecting a persona, they can be adverse by the truth, natal sun in Scorpios, can just bring by their actual presence and demeanour


Natal Sun in Scorpio: What does a Sun in Scorpio mean?


manifesting and widening your understanding of the nature of people, learning to appreciate and accept that it takes all types to make up the world, not giving into revengeful tactics, but rising above the situation.

Learning to let go, and forgive, no need to forget as you will repeat and you don’t like that, choose the right people to give your effects to avoid becoming bitter.

Embracing your intensity but tempering it with chilling out from time to time, find those you can share with, rather than being overly secretive and territorial.

Sun in Scorpio, find a way to express your deep emotions in healthy ways, seek support to do this, so you can transform into your phoenix stage where you can offer a wealth of guidance to those who seek it.

Chose the right partners so you don’t become cold and detached when they cannot fulfil your passions, embrace your strong perseverance skills and know you can always draw the resources you need to you when you believe in your ability to do so.


Natal Sun in Scorpio in astrology


  • Element: Water
  • Symbol:  The Scorpion
  • Modality: Fixed/ Yin/ feminine energy
  • Sign ruler: Pluto
  • Esoteric Ruler: Mars
  • Fall: Moon
  • Detriment: Venus
  • Exhalation: Uranus
  • At home/ Domicile in: Mars
  • Envision: You accepting that all people have their own paths, handle your emotions in healthy ways, transcending your need to control, manging your intensity and passions.
  • The 2nd house- 8th house polarity


Natal Sun in Scorpio Keywords:


  • Mastery
  • Magnetism
  • Strong
  • Innate survivor
  • Stingy
  • Emotion
  • Individuality
  • Complaining
  • depth and insightful/ high intuition
  • Misunderstood
  • Powerful feelings
  • Controlling
  • Extreme
  • Empathetic
  • obsessive / fanatical
  • obsessive/ fixed in ideals and emotions/devotions
  • Excellent, typical above par in bed….bias much??? lol
  • Regeneration/ transformative
  • Intense responses to environment and others
  • High imagination
  • overbearing
  • Discerning
  • Fears being seen and understood
  • mysterious
  • Psychic
  • Self-destructive
  • Lover of the occult/ unknown
  • Fixation on death and endings
  • Charisma
  • See-through others delusions
  • Resting *****, rhymes with hitch, or pitch face
  • Subtle
  • Cunning
  • Cutting
  • Persistent
  • Determined
  • Envious/ Jealous
  • bitter
  • Can be deeply unforgiving
  • Revengeful
  • Stubborn
  • Wilful
  • Passionate lovers
  • Passionate haters
  • Secretive
  • Mistrustful
  • Plotting
  • Non-caring about social graces and opinions
  • Penetrating
  • fixed / pig-headed
  • inflexible
What does it mean to have Sun in Scorpio?

Esoteric insight:

Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, the lords of the underworld, the great revealers of the bullcrap you try to hide from yourself and others. Some say Pluto and Mars and malefic/ Demonic, you could say that about the rain which takes life in storms, yet gives life, by feeding the plants, and streams, rivers which we humans need to sustain our lives. Everything in this universe has more than one side and purpose, and the same goes for Scorpio; you can sting, but you can also reveal, obsess and possess, and regenerate yourself and others. 

Scorpios are very good at exhibiting the human shadow and revealing the darkness of others, I mean, some say I wouldn’t have been crazy if it wasn’t for my Scorpio ex; they drove me to madness, well how would you ever had known you had madness, if it was never revealed, brought of you?

 Such the twisted yet life-giving revelations of Scorpios, showing hidden anger, sexual passions, fear and rampant desire and passions of themselves and others.

We must see our darkness to rightly exhibit our light; we must know the darkness to choose the light, such the plights of humankind, hey.

Scorpios are initiated and initiate through fear, manipulation, revelation, and emotional depth, opening up and living in the underworld to find transformation/rebirth.


To the gift of Scorpio is to be the scorpion that stings, to see through the many illusions of this world and the realms. And assist others to do so, so that themselves and those they initiate have a chance to rise out of their own ashes to become the phoenix.

Soaring higher and higher, after their many years of crawling on the ground, like the scorpion, to become the all-seeing, flying phoenix, knowing the lessons of the higher and the lower, the dark and the light, balancing the two

This section on the Sun in Scorpio will expand as the year's progress.

The mythology of Natal Sun in Scorpio:


Juno ordered the Scorpio to rise from the earth and attack Orion, who was a Greek hunter who could walk on the bottom of the sea without getting wet.

He spent the night with Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn and went about bragging to others about the night he spent with her. Orion also boasted about his hunting skills as he could kill most of all of the wild beasts in the world; in one myth, it was Apollo who commanded the Scorpio to rise from the ground and kill Orion; in others, it was Juno.

Anyway, the scorpion tried to sting Orion until he was dead, but Orion escaped into the sea. Still, Artemis accidentally killed Orion after an arrow she fired to kill the Scorpio hit Orion instead. In some versions of the myth Artemis and her mother Leto, intended to kill Orion and were the ones to summon the Scorpio, so many myths so little time.

 Zeus was asked by Artemis to place the Scorpion and Orion in the skies to serve as a reminder of the perils of egotistical behaviour, bragging and excessive pride.

What does it mean to have Sun in Scorpio?
What does it mean to have Sun in Scorpio?

Natal Sun In Scorpio: What does a Sun in Scorpio mean?, continued

Themes of the Natal Sun : 

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it is a natal Sun in Scorpio; obviously, how the natal placement of the sun in Scorpio affects you depends on the aspects in your natal chart.

Power is often the name of your game, but generally, you prefer to work behind the scenes, keeping your true aims to yourself and working diligently to achieve your ends.

The truth is Scorpios see through the many facades in the world more quickly than other signs; they prefer reality rather than lies; if you play mind games with a Scorpio, expect to get played straight back, or worse still, ignored.


Typical Scorpios don’t start arguments and conflicts, but boy will they finish them; they don’t chase down their adversaries; they just sit back and wait, patiently often for years, then ambush, when least expected.

This gives them their reputation for being revengeful and unforgiving; Scorpios sun are more about defensive than offensive, but if you do rouse them, their attack will be calculated, in all matters from love relationships to business matters.

Scorpios can ignore you for a lifetime if they wish it’s how they roll, so be careful how you treat one and make sure you really want to cheat one, as it can be hard to take your bad behaviour back.

The truth trumps all

You will get further with the Scorpio with the truth than with conceit, deceit and charades, direct, truth even if it shows you in a bad light, will brighten up their day and win their affections more than misrepresentation.

Scorpios can be quite expert at waiting for the right moment to struck, typically when the iron is hot. Rather than acting impulsively regarding their ambitions and goals, as hasty action can often make even the greatest of all plans go awry. But this depends on all aspects of their natal chart and level or lack of wisdom.

But in general, these are the themes of the sun in Scorpio in your birth chart, the intensity you see it all. Still, you, in general, don’t say it all; most sun in Scorpios seem as silent rivers, that run very deep, who find it hard to forgive and handle the bullcrap.

Natal Scorpio suns can be very determined and focuses, often spending years to reach goals if need be; as they know, perseverance is the name of the game; they give 100% and more in all they do.

Once Scorpio suns make their mind up to succeed and commit to a plan, they give themselves hardheartedly. You won’t be coax, manipulated or forced to do anything, so never try and force a Scorpio sun to do anything, as they simply will resist.

Scorpios tend to be experts at what they do simply because they are tapped into the intuitive realm that literally downloads insightful information to them when they are open to receiving this.

Balance is key

It’s essential to remain in balance. When you have intense Scorpio energy, do not overindulge in too many mood-altering substances as this can make way from the other side of the Scorpio sun, which can be pretty dark. And this is how scorpions have a reputation of being people who harbour dark feelings and intentions, which must be avoided at all cost.

Scorpio suns can be extremely loyal, but hey, we all live in this world, and loyalty can be broken easily nowadays, so it’s essential not to fall into the shadow of Scorpio, which I talk about below.

To choose people who want your intense loyalty and care, not everyone seeks this in a relationship; more fool them, I guess.

Jokes Nah some people have to learn to stand on their own two feet this lifetime Scorpio.

 Respecting others paths will give you the edge and stop you from falling in the shadow of Scorpio sun; you are a good lover and friend, and you can put a lot of effort in fact.

 The exact some endeavours you put into achieving your goals, you can put into the goals of your lovers, families and friends.

But make sure they want what you offer first to stop you from getting hurt, and so you don’t in turn, burn and sting them.

Ask before giving help, to avoid disappointment, it will save you so much time on revenge plotting and execution, trust me, not all friends what you too possessive them, not all lovers want to be obsessed.

Scorpio sun, not all people can give what comes so easy and natural to you; learn to be gentle with yourself; you’re just following your inner stars and vibrations right.

What does it mean to have Sun in Scorpio?
What does it mean to have Sun in Scorpio?

What powers do Scorpios have?

Scorpios Suns can dominate any room if they wish; they don’t care for superficial things like fame and popularity; sun in Scorpios can hold their agendas close to their chest, they can desire power, but it’s for their own sake. Not to flaunt it so much, Scorpios sun can naturally just ooze authority and influence.

Deep passion and intensity, the ability to be profoundly psychic or intuitive, seeking through people’s lies and adept at reading between the lines., you typically are not afraid of the darkness in the world and shine the light on it.


So others, who like to be superficial and hide from the ark, may naturally seek to avoid you, and you are repelled by these types of people.

You can seek danger and know how to navigate the occult, unknown and hidden realms and spheres of human life; you have deep psychological insight into the human psyche.

You have intuitive knowledge of natural, spiritual and esoteric laws, and you do not fear Hades or the underworld and learn and exhibit their ways.

Your mysterious and yet subtle at times un in Scorpio, ruled by fixed water, you can be quite philosophical and complex. You need emotional closeness sun in Scorpio, but don’t worry I won’t tell anyone; after all its not in your nature to need and be vulnerable is it?

Are Scorpios the most dangerous?

Nah, I wouldn’t say that; Capricorns can be more dangerous, so can a Libra, Aries, Leo, Gemini and Taurus even, but most people fear Scorpios when they get mad.

They get enraged, and when they are enraged, they are known to see red and act, and the aftermath can be quite destructive, with a lot of damage.

When you have natal Sun in Scorpio, Your primary life lessons and experiences will centre on the correct use of intimacy and the right use of power, especially psychological, emotional and spiritual power.


Sun in Scorpio people have many levels, dimensions and modes of expression, but the main ones are silence whilst speaking volumes and witty, insightful sermons, but mostly one-liner.

To help you manage people and yourself, you need to uncover, which will be easy, the nature of life, the realities of yourself and the people in the world; once you accept the truth, you uncover you will float into the phoenix you’re meant to be.

The evolved Scorpio is not afraid of their emotions, gives to others freely, without strings and seeking revenge for rebuttal, knowing your most significant gift. Can be aiding those who are facing their personal initiation into the underworld and shadow aspects of their own personalities.

What does it mean to have Sun in Scorpio?

Are Scorpios intense in bed?
Why are Scorpios so hot?

Sexy everything about Scorpio so sexy, even when they being a misery, they don’t even know what they have got….ok Scorpios do, but hot dam love me some Scorpio, I may be a bit bias as I have intense Scorpio energy in my chart, oh well

Why are Scorpios so good in bed?

Well, the short answer is they can be very attentive, emotional and passionate lovers, sun in Scorpios and those with strong Scorpio placements in their charts or aspects can be full of desire.

, pent up all the time, Scorpio rules the reproductive and sexual organs.

If you ever hand a Scorpio in bed,  I doubt you will say anything other than it was explosive, even if it was a bit too much for you.

More about natal sun in Scorpio

You like to understand the deep psychological motivations that drive human behaviours; you confront, research, and observe your own and other people’s behaviour, giving you powerful insights into human behaviours.

Which can make the sun in Scorpios excellent musicians, poets, detectives, butchers, undertakers, psychic mediums, healers, astrologers, criminals, ceo, military personnel, sewage workers, teachers, psychologists, and any other job that requires mining deep into human nature.

Scorpio energy presides over death, transformation, intimacy, the occult, relationships, destruction and rebirth, crisis and emergency situations; Scorpio suns can be good at managing the resources of others.


Especially finances, they can be outstanding on the stock market, investments, calculated decision making, and may inherit a thing or two from family or even strangers, ranging from money to spiritual or mystical gifts and secrets.

You are not afraid of going into the murky depths of human emotions and behaviour; in fact, you can feel at home there; you don’t mind getting your mind and hands dirty.

You love diving deep, investigating and uncovering information; the occult and darkness simply fascinate you, you are afraid to go there. Where is there? Scorpios are deep and can delve where angels fear to tread to the edge of the cliff, to the bottom of the bottomless pits of the human psyche.

You are not for the faint-hearted; you don’t give up on your goals and plans, plots and devotions easily, even if it appears on the surface.

Learn to relax

Your mind is always working; beware of the silent Scorpio sun, lol; most are intimidating by you, few admire you, but all come to respect you, even if they avoid you.

You are hard to threaten; you can be quite an overwhelming scorpion; you have amazing gumption, grit and staying power/ stamina.

Sun in Scorpio, you have often been through the mill at least once in your life, bringing yourself back from many deaths and failed attempts at self-destruction; in fact, self-annihilation uncovers your regenerative power.

The transformed  Scorpio understands, first themselves and then others, learning to have compassion for all, including themselves, healing their emotional and psychological scars so they can help others to do so.

The developed Scorpios shed their skin many times until they reach their highest potential, refining themselves; the evolved Scorpio is a self-directed mystic, impenetrable healer of themselves and all that seek their services.

Avoid the dull, as it turns you off, but understand some people are here to learn the superficial; everything you dislike was maybe you in a past lifetime, or perhaps will be you in a coming lifetime.

So check yaself before you reck yaself.

Instead, be wise, understand the cycles of time, no time and rebirth; you are tuned in to use your charisma and magnetism wisely, as yano, even a cat only has 9 lives.

Become adept at knowing when one door has closed, and don’t be afraid to open the new door; you have excellent bounce-back-ability.

Shadow of the sun in Scorpio :
How do Scorpios act when hurt?

Scorpio suns can be all or nothing; people who can when in shadow state and hurt can get all emotional when hurt, taking it out on themselves, or take it out on the one who hurt them or the one closet.

Because Scorpios know that when they put their mind to it, they can work hard and do things to precision, they Become very upset when they don’t get the recognition they feel they deserve. Especially if they see others, who are less talented than they are getting more than them for less work.

Learn to forgive, and forget, ok not forget, as my late Nan, who was a sun Scorpio.

use to say to me forgive, but don’t forget, but also learn to let go, and live and let live. At times Scorpios can leave careers they spent years building, dramatically, literally burning themselves to their ashes to start over again, others who can’t understand why they will leave the stability they have built up to go into unknown territory.

You must learn to temper your passions, not only in the bedroom but in all areas of your lives; work, sports, friendships, overindulgence can be your downfall. So you must learn to control your intense desire, take time to relax, especially your mind chatter.

You can often have too much going on in your mind when you have Scorpio sun as you can constantly be analysing others intentions. Processing your often secret intensive schemes of revenge, rehashing your sexual conquest and planning your life goals, as well as your vast psychic impressions.

Watch out for resentment and possessiveness

You can have to guard against becoming overly jealous when you have natal Sun in Scorpio, protect against cruelty to others and learn to respect others values, too; you cannot have it all.

They are 11 other zodiac signs, who all have to achieve their life goals too, not just you, I know you may feel you should have what they have, and one day you might gain what you desire, but not if you keep focusing on what you do not have.


Your energy is best spent Scorpio on bringing your own goals into fruition rather than focusing on lack and others achievements; you have excellent endurance and staying power. Use it to get what you want in healthy ways, as backhanded tactics may backfire, you have been warned.

No, anything you do in this life has a consequence; the natal Sun in Scorpio must avoid stepping on, emotionally and psychologically annihilating others simply because they have what you want or because you’re merely in a bad mood.

The proper use of your personal power is a big lesson for you this lifetime, and only because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Yes, you can be the unevolved eagle that circles then snaps at its prey, or you can be the phoenix that looks at the bigger picture, understand all sides of any argument, sing your innate gifts wisely instead of destructively.

Mindfulness and self-awareness

You also have to be very mindful of how you make others feel; intensity can be scary for some, it can be for non Scorpios like a bomb, or a volcano is about to go off at any minute.

 I am not saying tone it down, yano your powerful penetrating ways, ok I am, be gentle Scorpio, as you can be masochistic. Getting your kicks for the sake of it, often at others expense, when you’re operating from your shadow.

Your energy is best used on your personal transformation and being loyal to those who want and deserve it, understanding that shutting down and repressing your emotions because of past hurts.

Will keep you from the fullness of life; you can make excellent philosophers and depth psychologists, so channel your energy if not on healing the masses, at least healing yourself and those close to you.


Accept that people will love you or hate you, a bit like marmite, which I so personally dislike, but I love your natal sun Scorpio and enjoy your transformation.

The gift of the Solar sun in Scorpio: the ability to use your strength of reasoning and perception, as well as your good analysing and observation skills to get to the bottom of any matter.

Helping yourself and others gain solutions to even the most complex problems, primarily your expertise is in psychological, spiritual and emotional issues

TO STAY ON TRACK:  Use your intuition to build people up, not to tear you or them down the..detach from your emotions, so you can see situations objectively.

You have the ability to uncover the unknown and understand the ebb and flow of human existence, thoughts and behaviour.

IMAGERY:  tarot cards, death/transformation

KEYNOTE:  temper your sexual magnetism and flaming charisma, so you can uncover the mysteries of the human psyche, helping to alleviate others from their woes, aiding their transformation.

CURB/restrict:  overthinking, overindulging and doing things simply because you can.  Use your resilience, strong purpose and everlasting self-will to navigate life obstacles.

The road to wisdom: Focus on the problem and not your reactions and feelings to the problem, curb obsession and jealousy, learn to manage your intense emotions, and learn not to take everything personally.


Scorpio rules the following body parts: reproductive system, sex organs, bowels, and excretory organs

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