Natal Sun In Virgo: What does it mean to have Sun in Virgo?


Natal sun Virgo the critical analyst Vs Practical no nonsense

  • Element: Earth
  • Symbol: the maiden carrying a shaft of wheat
  • Modality: Mutable/ Yin Energy
  • Sign ruler: Mercury: Esoteric Ruler: The Moon
  • Fall: Venus Exaltation: Mercury and Pluto
  • Detriment: Jupiter and Neptune
  • Envision: A perfect life, made from imperfection
  • The 6th house- 12h house polarity

Natal Sun in Virgo Keywords:

  • Flexible
  • Perfectionist
  • Natural researcher/observer of people and information gatherer
  • Enchantment
  • Lover of temperance/ balance
  • Working behind the scene
  • Methodical- hard to please
  • Refinement
  • Problem-solving
  • Good at editing and bring information together
  • Small/ Closed mindedness
  • Efficient
  • Shrewdness/cunning
  • Cautious
  • Discerning
  • Practical
  • Hypochondria
  • Flirtatious
  • Meticulous – Fault finding
  • Cynical
  • Oversensitive
  • Pedantic
  • Modesty
  • Moody
  • Level headed

Sun in Virgo: What does it mean when your Sun is in Virgo? continued

Esoteric insight: give in to your natural curiosity, try to get yourself dirty from time to time, get involved with human life, and uncover your helpful nature that can give a wealth of wisdom to others.

Whether that’s complex technical detail or simple life advice, guard against becoming trapped in intellect, value your research, observation and loyalty skills. Respect your willingness to make things work, no matter what, with those you care about this is an invaluable trait.

sun in virgo

Don’t be afraid to show your innate shyness; you don’t always have to seem aloof and calculated, accept compliments, as you know you like to feel appreciated, useful and respected. Allow your compassion to show through, don’t overwork and learn to relax.

This section on the Natal Sun in Virgo will expand as the year's progress.

The mythology of Virgo:  Now, we will look into the Greek mythology of Virgo, the star maiden of the starry night, Astraea, ascended to the heavens to become the Goddess constellation, Virgo.

Astraea was the daughter of Astrareus and Eos; she is closely linked to the goddess Dike, whose father was Zeus, Dike was seen as a symbol of Justice in Greek mythology.

Astraea/Virgo is connected to Pandora and her box; Pandora is said to have opened her box and let out the many forms of injustice, dishonesty and abuse of resources and power we see on planet earth today. Because of this, the Gods had to leave the earth plane; as it is said during the golden age of humanity, the gods once dwelled here.

Virgo/ Astraea is said to be the last goddess to leave planet earth to become the constellation Virgo; Virgo also has links to Persephone, the daughter of Demeter who had to live for a period time each year- winter to be with Hades.

According to legend Virgo/ Astraea is waiting for the earth to become perfect again, so she can return Virgo/ Astraea back to Purity, Innocence and Precision. Virgo is associated with the 8th Tarot card, Justice.

Themes of the Natal Sun in Virgo's life:
Is Sun weak in Virgo?

Perceptive-discerning, logical, careful, unpretentious, orderly, fussy, worrier, hypercritical, can be hyper picky,  hyper-conservative/ can be a fuddy-duddy, choosy.

Sun in Virgo people can be hardworking, practical to a fault, lovers of detail and facts; at their highest potential, Sun in Virgo people can be cautious/ alert.

Yet very eager to help others in beneficial ways, at the worse they can be picky of the company they keep on overly critical of others.

Sun in Virgo people can love continual activity, especially in analytic thought, jobs, and information gathering. You should do some form of exercise or hobby that allows you to burn off your pent-up nervous energy.



You may find it hard to relax, as your mind can always be on the go like Geminis, yet it is essential you take part in some kind of stillness/ meditation exercise or practice.

This can be actual meditation, fishing, tai chi, getting regular body massages, listening to relaxing music or anything else that helps you let loose and be still, especially in your thoughts.

When you have your natal Sun in Virgo, you must do all your best to see the bigger picture and understand other people s perspectives; after all, they are 11 other sun signs and countless aspects that can be made in a natal chart.

Your ideas can be valid, and yes, you can be often right, as a thinking sign, but Geminis also can think before they act, so can Taurus, Capricorn Aquarius and Libras in general.

More about natal Sun in Virgo

Virgos love to serve in general; again, this article is about the basics of having your natal Sun in Virgo; the Sun in astrology represents the direction you need to go to this lifetime and how you will learn your life lessons lifetime.

Virgos Suns are known to be neat freaks, naturally OCD and lovers of precision and order; Virgo’s are often linked to virginity, not meaning they are forever virgins, meaning they like to keep themselves as pure as they can in accordance with their personal standards.

The above description may apply to 10-15 % of natal Sun Virgos, but for the other 85%, in general, are hardworking, but not always workaholics, as people tend to assume.

Many Sun in Virgos and those with intense Virgo/earth energy in their chart just live by the mantra the devil makes work for idle hands.


Virgos can be highly regarded people who like information and usually have high expertise in any topic they are interested in or working in.

spend time in nature

Many Sun in Virgo people have a deep affinity with nature in some ways; they are typically adequate and self-reliant. At the first meeting, a Virgo can come across as quiet, yet once they feel comfortable, they can literally talk your ears off, just like a typical Gemini, lol.

Yet, they tend to shun the centre of attention and enjoy working behind the scenes; they like to feel valued and appreciated by those they spend their time with. Innately sun sign Virgos take personal responsibility for their actions and life directions.

However, they can dislike losing an argument; natal Sun in Virgos, in general, are good at getting to the bottom of a matter, based on the absorption of information and the deduction/ evaluation of the facts and figures.

Can Virgos be trusted?

In general, Sun in Virgos are highly trustworthy people; Sun in Virgo’s natural instincts can be to break down the details, to figure out the why, when, how and where; in fact, problem-solving can help a Virgo feel a sense of internal wellbeing and satisfaction.

You can also be self-denying, especially in your personal pleasures; this is good, but make sure you do not become repressed, as this can cause more trouble than naturally exploring your desires in healthy ways.

At times natal sun Virgos can come across as standoffish and distant due to psychological and intellectual barriers, which can be hard to break down.

If you become one of the Sun in Virgos who learns to manage all their personal traits and integrate them into a seamless whole. You can be pretty generous and helpful, making you very good friends, people can be drawn to your humbleness and reserved nature.

sun in virgo

At work, you can be good co-workers and employees as you like to do your share of the work and can enforce order and routine in your workplace; some people may dislike this, however in general, you are appreciated.

Yet some people can find you a bit of a no it all at work, in your friendships and in your family life, yet you can be counted on for your critical human and logical observations.

You can develop an interest in your health and wellbeing simply because you know a healthy body usually equates to a healthy mind.

Shadow of Sun in Virgo :

  • Critical
  • Idle
  • unfocused
  • absent-minded
  • bewildered
  • anxious

Just like Astraea, Virgo, you can be a bit of a strumpet- wanton, what is that you say? Yes, you Virgo can be a flirt, after all, you are ruled by mercury, who also rules Gemini, and as we know, Geminis can like to flirt, whether physically or intellectually.

And just like the twins, you can secretly enjoy playing the devil’s advocate and causing a bit of pandemonium- bedlam, as well as getting your kicks and having your fun.

When you have Sun in Virgo, it is crucial to not get lost in minutia and details, as typically sun sign Virgos can be small-minded, especially in their youth, seeing only what they want to see, based on their own expectations.

sun in virgo

Open your mind

And because of this, you lack breadth and depth of intellect, so although you can come across as quite logical, your expertise is usually limited to the areas of intellectual information that interest you only.

 You typically stick to what you know rather than read around and make connections between you interest.

 Again this is a general explanation of the Sun in Virgo, to get the complete picture, a whole natal chart will need to be viewed, yet if you have Sun, mercury, moon, rising in Virgo, this may apply to you, or any other configuration strong Virgo placements in your birth chart.


You can be over-worrying, which can cause nervousness, its good to love facts and figures; yes, you must not allow this to impact your psychological and physical health.

Avoid unnecessary detail, try to lock at the bigger picture, guard against overthinking, becoming volatile, overly self-conscious; yes, it is good to temper yourself.

And be watchful over how you give yourself over to your desires, but you must not restrict yourself too much, or your life will simply become too dull for you when you have your natal Sun in Virgo and eventually, your worry will take a toll on you.

You have to watch out for intestinal and stomach upsets, ulcers and skin rashes; emotions can be complicated for you to handle, but all sun signs need to express their feelings in healthy and natural ways.

Find those you feel comfortable expressing your emotions with, get help with this if need be, give up getting lost in the small stuff; this is an excellent book for you.


Don’t sweat the small stuff, by Richard Colson , you don’t always have to have a project on the go or be working to be productive.

Learn to enjoy smelling the roses and listening to the birds, make sure you find a job your really interested in our you can become discontent with life, and remember life is not about being perfect, sometimes the best perfection is imperfection.

I know it can be hard to manage your need for things to be just so the shadow side of the natal Sun in Virgo can make some of you develop an I don’t care attitude. Burying yourself in so many projects that not even a natal sun Gemini could finish, lol, just so you can say, well, I don’t have the time to complete this or that.


Accept who you are, you like things to be just so, and that’s ok, but know not everything can be finished flawlessly, just try and do your best always, and don’t go over the top, know that simplicity is the best complexity.

Find what excites you and master it!!

Yes, it is good to body aware, and take care of your health but be careful of becoming a hypochondriac, do not be afraid of the unseen and unknown; life is not about facts and details.

And you never know what you will discover if you dare to explore new and hidden/occult ideas, these may deepen your knowledge, and we all know you love you some data, natal Sun in Virgo.

sun in virgo


Let your natural curiosity lead you to adventure, yes make your plans, keep track of the facts; we all know you love to remain pure on some level or the other, and this is good. But also let yourself give in to your deeper desires, everyone once in a while with someone(s) you can trust.


Learn to let some things of natal Sun in Virgo, especially your own high expectations, try not to live your all life on autopilot. When your relaxing, switch off and do not worry about the things that need doing; allowing yourself scheduled time out will make you more productive, contrary to what you believe.

Now let’s talk about your temper and moods shall we natal Sun in Virgo, yes you know a lot but no person can know it all, don’t just prove your point for the point of it, as this can help you have better relationships with your loved ones and friends.

Resist throwing temper tantrums and all you can to manage your irritability, resist complaining all the time, especially as you age, learn to live and let live.

Keep youthful and learn to enjoy your life

Guard against becoming stagnant as you age, as over time, your critical nature can cause you to distrust your own abilities and life in general; know sometimes life doesn’t often go the way we plan it.

Natal Sun in Virgo, life is unpredictable, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot prevent yourself from this; you can not control everything, so give up trying.


Just try and manage what you can, and learn to move on when life calls for it, also guard against smugness, as this can cause you to lose those you want to keep close; it’s better to bend a little than to lose the lot. Yes, maybe you wouldn’t have fallen for the scam, Virgo, but sometimes people just need you to offer them a listening ear and reassurance, not your, I told you so, or you should have known better attitude.

Some occupations for natal Sun in Virgo:  you may be interested in: scientist, anything to do with technology, data analyst, accountant, secretary, nurse, doctor, personal trainer, nutritionist, farmer, landscape gardener, mechanic,  alternative healer, homoeopath, Carpenter/ craftsperson, anything with an order, structure and routine. That requires attention to detail and organisation skills.

The gift of Solar Sun in Virgo: the ability to pay attention to detail and detect fraudulent activity, inconsistencies and lies.

sun in virgo

TO STAY ON TRACK: learn to relax

IMAGERY:  a master hard at work, a pure-hearted child, Alice in wonderland, The tarot cards, the hermit, the page of pentacles, the 4,5,6th of pentacles.

KEYNOTE:  enjoy your gift of finding practical answers to complex problems, less of the high and mighty, more of the down to earthiness your capable of. Look after your mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

Don’t be afraid of the dark or the darkness in the world; embrace the unknown, allow yourself to love yourself and give yourself tempered self-praise from time to time.


CURB/restrict: The need to be so pernickety about your workspace and need for privacy, yes be private, and pay attention to detail, yet try and be a bit more laid back when it comes to your

workspace and work in general.

You like to keep your thought, planning and executing processes to yourself, but sometimes you need to share your methods with others.

 To make your workload less burdensome, yes, make sure who you share your tactics with can follow through and help you, but guard against overly egotistical when it comes to your occupation, routine and pastimes.

 You can be ingenious, but your ways at doing things are not always the best, contrary to what you may believe natal Sun in Virgo

 How to win at life:  learn to accept that you can not know it all and relax and guard against being overly self-critical and sacrificing.

The road to wisdom: learning not to sweat the small stuff and see the bigger picture.

 Virgo rules: digestive system, which includes the intestines and spleen. Instinctive intuition – gut feelings.

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