Sun Opposite Neptune Natal & Transit :Shapeshifting

Sun Opposite Neptune

Sun opposite Neptune

Themes of:


  • Distorted self-perception and communication
  • Inferiority VS superiority complex
  • Sensitivity vs Harshness
  • Repression of real emotions
  • Can be susceptible to abuse or be abusive/ aggressive
  • Underhand tactics, fraudulent behaviour
  • High risk of intoxicating substances abuse/ or deep awareness of these issues via primary or second-hand experience
  • Low self-esteem
  • Powerlessness and confusion
  • Routine vs habits
  • The need to see objectively – removing your biases
  • Facing reality vs avoidance
  • Self-confidence vs self disapproval
  • Anything can happen

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They are two extremes to this placement, you can remain open to life, despite any setback, setting and achieving your goals, you can be incredibly compassionate and understanding, depending on other aspects of your natal chart.

Or, because of your adverse life experiences, you may choose to withdraw since, at times, you may find it difficult to understand why you have the life experiences you do; sometimes, the best you can do is walk away and start again.

At times you can be vague in your expression; this makes it hard for others to understand you, at times you do not understand yourself, and may find yourself thinking a lot about who you are?

 But, make sure you don’t get lost in your thoughts as you may be prone to distorted perceptions.



You may struggle with the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself; you may also have a poor sense of self; on the other hand, you could become an ego manic, fuelled by a love of overindulgence, especially in intoxicating substances and relationships.

When you have sun oppose Neptune in your natal chart, you may find it hard to assert yourself, even if you project a confident attitude; because of this, you may use power plays, rebellious or fraudulent tactics to get what you want.

 You may not have the best stomach for deception, and because of this, you turn to drugs or alcohol to hide from your own conscience.

If you are affected by a poor sense of self and low confidence, do all you can in terms of self-help and getting support to build your inner confidence so that you don’t need external things, intoxicating substances or relationships to prop you up.

You should be wary when people around you try to misguide you. Misleading yourself is also something you should be aware of.

 You must ensure you have the purest of intentions in all that you do, or you can get entangled in a web of lies and revenge due to your covert actions.

Tell the truth although it can be hard

 To prevent this do all you can to stop lying, especially to yourself, or you may enjoy your web of deceit, so much so that you deceive yourself that bad things keep happening just because, instead of seeing the link between your actions and the repercussions you are handed.

The presence of the sun opposite Neptune in your natal chart also means that you can be a very caring and sensitive person. This particular placement is a ripening ground for two extreme personality types to be quickly developed; you can either have a big inferiority complex or a big superiority complex.

The superiority complex can come from meddling in intoxicating substances or the dark end of the occult and psychic realms; if this is the case, then….. you may get lost in your shadow.

The shadow side of the sun opposed Neptune

  • The ability to manifest the bad, yet you can also manifest the good
  • Can mistake intoxicated messages for divine inspiration
  • A need to restrain thoughts and to seek grounding
  • No matter how successful can have a poor sense of self- imposter syndrome
  • Spiritual and religious confusion
  • Self-sacrifice- used by closed ones
  • Find it hard to let go of past transgressions
  • Mystical experiences vs intoxicated delusions
  • Susceptibility to addiction and emotional/ psychological and spiritually overwhelming.
  • Susceptible to energy drainers or can become one
  • Can become a hypochondriac
  • Can collect too many stray animals and people

When you have sun opposite Neptune, this can go two ways you can deceive or be deceived, you sense of self can be so weak, turning you into the classic egotist, or you can be constantly gullible, wanting to always see the sunny side, refusing to see what’s right before your eyes.

You can become self-deluded, lacking self-control and being highly impulsive; your destructive behaviour can wreak havoc on all other areas of your life.

Especially your living and financial situations. As you can become the typical neighbour or friend from hell if you give in to your deluded side.

You can become lost in a web of internal lies where you play the eternal victim, or you can become a literal victim of your intoxicating substance abuse or be taken advantage of by others who see you as easy prey.


You can have flawed reasoning and decision making skills due to your hazy state of mind; this does not have to be a result of drug-taking alone. In fact, your own thought patterns or a relationship can distort your senses so much that you get lost in your often self-created suffering.

Now real events may have caused your internal suffering in the first place, yet, your refusal to not take steps to heal any psychological trauma will keep you frozen in time and destructive patterns of behaviours.

You may also be trapped in a cycle of shame or guilt for your past actions; you could actually let others or life have their way with you simply because you feel you deserve it or that you must atone for your sins.

Still, if you get help to heal any trauma, you can use your vast life experience to help yourself and others; I don’t know why really we humans have to endure heartache.

 Still, what I do know is,   It’s always best to do all you can to heal yourself so that you don’t remain stagnated or just a mere victim of your own or other peoples misdeeds to you.




Your past can serve as a starting foundation for you reaching your highest potential.

Due to negative relationship experiences, maybe your parents, school friends, or past lovers, you may get into a habit of letting other people walk over you or mistreat you in some way.

At times you can get lost in intense emotions, which leads you to create a fantasy world where everything is just bliss, where in reality, this is far from the case.

You must learn to pick your lovers wisely and do all you can to forgive and love yourself, as this will automatically help you filter out dodgy relationships.

 You must see things as they are, not with rose-tinted glasses, and as your prone to wishful thinking. You can literally choose to use white lies and double intentions to keep your dream world active.

When you have sun opposite Neptune, you can find it hard to accept your own faults, especially if you are lost in an escape world, and if you use intoxicating substances, you can find it doubly hard to be self-aware enough to see the changes you must make within, as well of the role you play in, inviting drama and destruction in your life.

Some of you with sun opposite Neptune in your natal chart may find it hard to commit on the extreme end, using duplicitous means, in all your relationship and dealings, falling deeply into your shadow self.

Past experiences can lead you to push others away out of fear of rejection or being subjugated; you can be highly guarded, which cuts you off from the richness of life.

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Again how this placement affects you depends on other placements in your natal chart; facing yourself and seeing the enemy within can be the hardest thing to do, as well as admitting your own flaws, yet from personal experience.

Although yes, it is excruciating to actually see that although many adverse things may have happened to you, that ultimately the only way you can get out of your hardship is to move forward,  or you will be fated to repeat your past mistakes.

As you age, it can be hard to start again, yet if you want the happiness you seek deep down, you must try to transform your mind, body and soul, with you have sun oppose Neptune natally.

Regaining self-clarity after not developing it or losing it can be challenging, but anything is possible, even profound personality rebalancing if you want it hard enough.

The spiritual evolution- releasing the highest potential of sun opposite Neptune

With this placement, the foundations of your life can be shaken at least once in your lifetime; Neptune energy can blur your vision and block your focus; this can give way to psychotic or mystical experiences.

The trick is to rebuild your life out of the ashes of chaos each time it is destroyed; at times, the things you onced loved can turn to things you hate, this can be a good or bad thing; Neptune is the great dissolver, forcing movement, often by addictive or intoxicating experiences.

Your many personas can be shattered with sun oppose Neptune so that you can shed the many layers of who you think you are to uncover who you authentically are at your regenerated core.

At the highest, Neptune can help you uncover and heal the motivations of your lowest self so you can develop into your well rounded highest elf, from ego to soul flow.

When you have sun oppose Neptune who you are, your roots are put into question; your professional, personal, and soul identities may be transfigured. You may choose to leave your religion, community, peers behind to become who you are.

This may involve unknown paths, and this scares you, and you may spend many years trying to escape from the changes you know you must one day make to regain clarity and your sanity.

Face your fears

The things we fear are often the things that liberate us from our self-destructive behaviours, soul and thought patterns, relationships and environments.

Some of you with this placement may devote yourself to the mystical path; for others, you may choose to be a psychologist, doctor or some other form of healer.

Whilst others may choose to work in the subtle and occult realms, focusing on healing your past traumas so that you can get closer to the divine.

When you have natal sun opposite Neptune, there is a chance that you will develop a super compassionate, sensitive and empathetic nature, or you may get lost in self-delusion.

Again in life, we often fall into traps before we realize the extent of the situation we have craved out for ourselves, but when determination you can get out of even the bleakish of holes if you accept you are powerless over your desires alone, at this current time and then get all the help you can to heal yourself.

This placement at its best makes you a natural intuitive, yet unmanaged psychic information can overwhelm; this is why it’s always better to learn to walk before you try to run, especially in the psychic realms.

First, you must be willing to accept your need to change, and it can be hard for you to get to this point behind all your smoke and mirrors, then you must commit to the painful yet liberating experience of recovery and self-transformation.

Do all you can to stay grounded and get involved in practical action, not just wishful thinking, unlocking your defence mechanism, finding clarity and understanding which will help you uncover timeless wisdom.


Sun Opposite Neptune in Transit


  • Unclear- deceptive intentions a need for clear thinking, which could be problematic during this transit.
  • Themes of escapism, drugs abuse, spiritual awakenings, personal development, life crisis, making wrong decisions, being taken in by swindlers.
  • Be careful of new things during this time, especially people, not saying avoid altogether, just saying you better think twice, like Celine Dion sings.
  • Be careful with work decisions, as a project that you been working on for a while may go awry; make sure you don’t mess up at the final hurdle, but thinking before reacting or acting.
  • You may get lost in your own feelings, omitting the bigger picture, which has a role to play also.
  • You may need to seek advice or support to deal with matters which come to the surface during this time.
  • Learning to deal with opposite personality traits in yourself, starting shadow work, or introspection will be a good use of time.
  • Even those close to you could deceive you in some way.

Transiting Sun opposite Neptune can lower your self-confidence; this transit can also make it more difficult for you to stick up for yourself. You may feel defeated or confused.

You might allow them to take advantage or run over you when you are in your weakened state. It might also be easier for you to just withdraw and become a martyr and allow them to just have their way.

The good news is that it doesn’t last that long, and it is also likely that you will feel as if your old self will be back tomorrow.

This is why you mustn’t make any decisions according to your feelings at the moment. You also need to embrace the fact that you have to spend time all by yourself and look at your life and what has happened to it.

Sun oppose Neptune transit, continued

You have low physical energy during this transit, and you might also be more prone to exhaustion or fatigue. You have to be extra careful when you sign contracts or during negotiations since there is a higher risk for deception from the other part or even from yourself.

You also prone to wasting money on things you do not need, or as a form of escapism, be careful with intoxicating substances.

It is also likely that rivalry or being around assertive people will scare you. If you find it hard to deal with life’s harsh realities, always take precautions to prevent disenchantment or loss.

There is also a possibility some of you will tap into your creativity; others of you may become more charitable, mystical and spiritual experiences can occur, deepening your understanding.

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