Sun Quincunx Neptune Natal

Sun Quincunx Neptune

Sun Quincunx Neptune natal and transit

  • Themes of Self-sacrifice, pomp and fancy, intrigue and martyrdom can be present
  • You can literally be a dark character or angelic, depend on the rest of your chart social, soul lineage and environmental factors
  • You can be the victim or the perpetrator
  • The adept initiate or the charlatan
  • You can be open-hearted or calculated in all you do
  • Proneness to self-delusion
  • Addictive tendencies, escapism, intoxicating substances can affect you more so than others.
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Innate belief in concepts such as karma, the occult, ritual and reincarnation
  • Childhood health issues – causing developmental issues
  • Some sort of personality imbalance needs to be addressed
  • Can excessively daydream; however, this is not a bad trait when tempered with practical action.
  • Need to overcome often crippling self-doubt
  • A quincunx is like an itch you cannot quite scratch; this is how you will experience this placement until you choose to deal with your inner discontent.

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When you have sun quincunx/ inconjunct Neptunes, you can have trouble reaching your goals; this plays out in many different ways.

You can have a love of drama and be a bit slippery. Or you may prefer to live a glamourous lifestyle; life may afford you to live with pomp and fancy. However, you could be the type who tries to live a champagne lifestyle on beer money.

There is a lot of scope for this placement to play out. Still, you can be given to purposely deceiving others or deceiving yourself. Because you refuse to view reality as it is, preferring to live in your own fantasy world.

You can literally believe your own hype too much, you can have a poor sense of self and need to do all you can to build yourself; at times, it can seem that other people do not get you, but typically it is you who struggles to express and define yourself. Often confusion others with your interchange of personas and changing ambitions.

Sun Quincunx Neptune continued

As a child, you may have committed behaviour that caused you shame; as an adult, you may feel you need to redeem yourself for acts committed in this life or a past life.

You may be reckless with your health; this causes you t struggle in other areas of your life, especially in your career. However, after working through your personal issues, you could make an excellent trauma healer.

A healthy mind, body and soul, is a mantra you should live by, doing all you can to balance all your needs and desires, as well as curbing self-destructive habits.


When you have natal sun inconjunct, Neptune, eating right, as well as looking after your mental/ spiritual health, will help you grow in many dimensions.

Looking at things as a whole, accepting your shadow and light is the way forward; I am not the moral police, but with this placement, you would benefit immensely by limiting intoxicating substances.

 At least until you know how to handle how you are when you are under the influence.

Meditation, dance, painting, running, yoga, tai chi are any form of practice, which helps you relax and control your energy will help you; it’s essential you do all you can to maintain your immune system.

Taking extra care to not become addictive to intoxicating substances or people.

 When you have sun quincunx Neptune, it is vital that you learn to manage your inner energy levels, as well as stay away from draining environments and people.


You can be highly mutable in your sense of self which can cause you to be erratic in your personal behaviours; it is crucial that you learn from your past mistakes, so you can cease to repeat destructive habits.

At times you can be averse to other peoples experiences and advice; however, if you train yourself to listen and take away information that can help you with your life from any guidance given, life will work out better for you.

At times you can delude yourself into believing you are more holier than thou than you are, and when you are in shadow mode, anything can literally go; however, your other natal placements may heighten or dissolved these tendencies.

You may overstretch yourself thinking you can conquer all; this may be true, but make sure your not just doing something to show off or prove a point or worse still to distract yourself from other things you should be prioritising.

Patience building is needed when your natal sun inconjunct Neptune because sometimes you may experience lightening visions. Which you may try to bring into form before their time, everything in life takes some time, especially the best things.

keep on going

Endurance and reflection are important to your overall life pattern, also accept help when you need it, but make sure the other person’s motivations for offer assistance are not sinister.

You have the ability to pick up information like a sponge and accept it without question; this is why it is essential you clarify your understanding of anything before you readily accept it as valid or true.

Developing a strong sense of self-based on authentic self-management and healing is essential with this placement, as well as taking care of the practicalities in life, like ensuring you meet all your financial needs.

As some of you with this placement can escape into the adverse psychic realms, especially if you consume drugs and alcohol. Because you can be sensitive, life can become hard to handle as you are very in tune with your environment and others pain.

This is why it is important you protect your personal energy levels when you have natal sun inconjunct/ quincunx, Neptune; yes, being at one with the universe is a great lure. It is true we are all connected, however each, individual soul have their own lessons to learn.

You have a remembrance of times when you literally were at one with all that is, and it is this state you wish to return too.

 However, nothing before its time, you are on earth to experience the growth, and you will return to source all in due time.

You often become who you keep company with; choose your friends, lovers and acquaintances wisely; it is imperative you choose your own path in life and not merely follow the leader.

Focusing on personal development and seeking out the right self-help tools to aid you in managing your personality traits will help you manage this placement of natal sun inconjunct/ quincunx Neptune.

Practising self-love and doing activities alone that enable you to feel supported and nurtured and support is important for your stability, as is training yourself too, keeping a part of yourself, just for you.

Sun Quincunx Neptune in Transit

When sun quincunx Neptune is in transit, you must see things exactly as they are and not how you wish them to be.

Neptune has the tendency to colour your perception, and adverse/ wrongly used Neptune energy can put a shroud or haze over situations. This situation is the perfect epitome of the saying about seeing through glasses in rose colour.

Under this aspect, you have the tendency to not see people for who they are; you may plague your devotions to the wrong person. Ignoring there worse traits and overemphasising their good ones.

It can become disappointing once the veil gets lifted and you finally get to see things with newfound clarity. Of course, much of this will still depend on the effects the aspect of sun inconjunct or quincunx transit Neptune has are your individual natal chart.

As well as the houses sun and Neptune are in, you may have an issue with themes of your own masculine energy or the masculine energy of others, you could also struggle with addiction or open yourself out to a spiritual, religious or mystical experience.

Check all contracts and legal agreements before signing, and look out for tricksters and shysters; also, guard against deceiving others yourself.

You could have fated or out of the blue encounters that broaden your perspectives; you may decide to change direction in life, but once again, make sure you get all the facts and not falling into sheer illusionary thinking.


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