Sun sextile Neptune : The Imagineer

Sun sextile Neptune natal – the inspired who inspires

  • Vivid imagination- psychic ability
  • Inspired visions- idealist
  • Immense creativity
  • Love of entertainment, the arts, music, poetry, dance, cosplay, fantasy-related activities
  • Sensitive to your environment- affected by subtle forces and toxic energies
  • Need for compassion, downtime, and avoidance of cut-throat individuals
  • Mystical and spiritual experiences
  • Very caring, ethical, genuine and charitable
  • Virtue VS Selfishness
  • Chameleon nature
  • In astrology, the Sun represents the conscious ego and actions, self-refinement and expression

What does Sun sextile Neptune mean?


Since you are the kind of person who smoothly flows with life, the solutions to your predicaments appear all by themselves.

 You are able to see beyond practical concerns, but make sure you are able to separate the possible visions your insight infuses you with from the impossible ones.

The opportunity to allow your imagination to roam freely, you live in a forgive and forget manner, which can help you, especially if you have harder aspects in your natal chart.

The trust you can have in the goodness of life, nature and people- makes it easier for you to take a step forward.

Being part of activities where no or little words are needed can keep you free from any concerns or worries.

 Your day will be complete even if you just spend time in your own world or all by yourself.

The presence of sun sextile Neptune in the natal chart encourages inspired creativity and vivid imagination.

You can pursue a career in the fields of dance, music or art, however, because of the natural flair and uniqueness which can be present in your character, you can infuse creativity into any profession.  You can be the bashful doctor, jolly dentist, flamboyant baker, an eccentric inventor, and so much more.

A person under sun sextile Neptune makes you extremely sensitive to your surroundings, some of you with sun sextile Neptune may be psychic or intuitive, this can play out in many ways, you can be totally gone with the fairies, or you can just be a more feeling type.

 Depending on other aspects of your natal chart, no one astrological placement or aspects, maketh the whole person.

 Most of the time, this gift is welcomed, but despite it being a positive thing, this kind of sensitivity can also make you prone to the negative energies from situations and people.

This is why you will thrive best in caring, more compassionate, and less competitive/ cut-throat environments.

Some of you with sun sextile Neptune , in your natal chart may decide to focus more on the mystical and spiritual sides of life, liking to be in tune with nature and its cycles and rhythms.

Because Neptune is influencing your sun, your ego, Neptune will affect you in your day to day life, if you keep your ego in check.

 You can be a great inspirer of others, as Neptune bestows on your intuitive words, feelings and perceptions which help enrich your life.

However, if you dabble in excess drug or alcohol use, you could become an egomaniac, giving into the illusions which Neptune can also bestow upon you when mismanaged.

You need to be careful with what you take into your body and your lifestyle choices

If you have intense earth energy in your chart, you will be naturally inclined to handle this energy in a more practical way; however, if you have substantial water, fire or air energy in your chart, you may find it hard to ground the energy of natal Sun sextile Neptune.

You have vast creative, potential, make sure you use it wisely, and remember what we tend to put out into the world and universe tends to come back to us.

You can use your innate talent for personal gain or benefit your community, or humanity as a whole.

 You have a vivid imagination. What you think typically comes true, use the mentalization of your visions to bring them into reality. Your imagination can also bring you personal enjoyment as you can transport yourself into many subtle worlds.

 When you have sun sextile Neptune, to give yourself the edge, I recommend combining logical thinking methods, research and understand the trivium methodology, which can help you navigate your rich inner life.

Sun sextile Neptune gives you vast sensitivity to the pain of others unless they are adverse aspects you will have an above-average sense of social responsibility.

Your empathic, yet make sure you take care of your own emotional blockages and traumas before you help other people.

Because you can internalize pain, literally absorbing your environment’s energies, it’s essential you get support to manage your emotional and psychological life.

As you can be an escapist you can deny even the things you ARE feeling, in your youth you may be fearful of your ability to tune into the collective suffering, so you may turn to intoxicating substances to numb yourself to the harsh realities of the world.

The world is a harsh place, yet training yourself to withstand the knocks in life, learning not to take things personally, you should invest in the four agreements.

 You may at times feel helpless, but this is just a state of mind, this is why it’s essential to control your own perceptions and not let the world and the many opinions in it influence you.

Take in the words of others, but use our own mind to figure what they mean to you, and only keep the words and philosophies which resonate with you.


Keeping a journal of your thoughts and day to day activities will benefit you, at times, you may find it hard to communicate with others. Maybe you can share your vast, unique take on the world and the solutions to the problems via books, online courses or blogs.

If you get lost in your life as we all do, you may find taking time away from your everyday routine and the people you surround yourself with,  as this will do you a world of good.

 Do not let other people rugshood you, pulling you here and there, set boundaries, for the second time!!!

 It’s important, making friends with someone who is a friend to themselves will be of great benefit to you, someone who isn’t afraid to help build you up, who doesn’t try to tear you down.

What does Sun sextile Neptune mean?, Continued

Who can help you with your tendency to be too lenient with others and indecisive at times, you a very malleable when you want to be, but make sure you don’t let others deceive you and ensure you don’t use this trait to deceive others.

 Yes it’s good to be flexible but ensure you have an inner core, a world you can retreat too, that gives you strength when you feel down, guidance when you feel lost and love when you feel hopeless.

You have an ability to dissolve your ego, as you progress on your life journey you may choose to give up the personal self, for the impersonal self, seeing that you’re connected to all, and all are related to you.

Sun Sextile Neptune in Transit

  • Enhanced intuitive and psychic abilities
  • Soul evolution- mystical happenings
  • Sudden dislike of regular routine may occur
  • Magical solutions to existing problems may take place
  • Expanded imagination – delving into fantasy worlds- need for alone time
  • Some of you may let go of emotional baggage or anything else which may have been holding you back for years or decades either- suddenly- jumping into the new- unknown
  • Good time for self-healing and care
  • Healing of relationships- ability to communicate without words
  • An inclination to join spiritual or occult groups

Transiting sun sextile Neptune stimulates your imagine and might feel inclined to contemplate your spiritual existence or to stay away from material concerns, especially those related to your career.

You want to slow down your hectic pace so you can bring more creativity into your life.

You may also write love letters or poetry or listen with a sympathetic ear to people in need.

Set aside some time in your day to escape or retreat, and you might find that it soothes your soul every time you listen to the sounds of water or listen to music.

When the sun sextile Neptune is in transit, it can heighten your sensitivity and your ability to read situations and people. This particular spiritual transit is found to enhance any psychic or intuitive abilities.

The improved levels of receptivity and empathy by you and other people alike, creates the possibility for your relationships to enjoy the perks of non-verbal shared understanding, expanding your connections with others.

You may share a very special or even mystical experience with someone close.

This is also the perfect time for you to express your side that is more sensitive and caring by serving other people and as you do so, you are going to experience a boost in your personal satisfaction and self-esteem.

Even though this transit is not specifically an energetic one, yet if you apply your will power to use the energies provide during this transit, you will feel more inclined to join spiritual work and group activities.

You may become a more vivid dreamer, delve into the inner workings of the occult, take part in meditation or anything else that was once deemed alternative.

 Self-exploration – introspection may bring some inspiring insights that will lead to an improved sense of contentment and self-understanding.

You could create a great work of art, ethereal poetry, you may delve into the sensual side of life via dance, music, mystical awareness, and some people may take physical or imagined trips that expand their world view and inner awareness.

Your ability to focus may be impaired, make sure you write things down, so you don’t forget essential insights, maybe leave in-depth decisions to after this transit, but if you get the inclination to move forward do that.

Do all you can to stay grounded and alert; you may get the calling to nurture yourself or others more.

Gentle exercises, especially breath work mediation, are favourable during this transit, as are all activities that bring a sense of serenity.

This is an excellent time to give thanks to nature, the universe or whatever higher power you believe in, gratitude will get you a long way during this transit.

When the sun sextile Neptune transit is active, romantic and ethereal vibrations are strong, you will become more aware of your own energy and inner feelings, yet make sure you don’t escape from the practicalities of life too much.

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